I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

a day in the life - (i.e., why i never got married)

Any new email account I set up through my server becomes hacked. It's clear in the URL, my email account gets redirected into someone else's, (in addition). Today, it was conclusive, after the insane things that went on when I tried to email my LL. I need to get some secure new email, but STARTMAIL costs $60/year.

I have been so laid-over, w/ illness in the past few days. I was determined to get things done today, but it cost me a lot. I am drinking wine, as is the custom in these rooms, but I have no intention of getting drunk. I'm losing it. My heart has been super-painful. These neighbours have been scurrilous. My LL is once again on some extended vacation until the 23'rd.

I caught a bus to finally go look at that house, after being stood up 2 weeks ago. It went well, but I still don't remember seeing one closet. I then waited for a bus to WalMart, but remembered that I had left my alarm clock at Walgreens. (I don't have a watch right now). So I started back to get it, and then see the bus go by, so I had to run back and catch the bus. The bus driver was nice enough to stop by Walgreens to allow me to run in and get the clock, which I did.

Went to WalMart. My own timing was well planned. But I get outside on time, to wait for the bus, an it never showed up - until, wait, 10 minutes AFTER their 1/2 hour LEEWAY. That's right - you set an appointment to be picked up by a bus in this town, and they have the perogative to languish for 40 minutes, pretty much. (BTW - my brain really sucked today. Yet, I saw so much garbage and mistakes and human callous stupidity going on here, I NEED TO GET OUT!!!!!!!)

So, this one bus shows up, way late, and swings around, and then kinda drives away, so I hale him, and he STILL doesn't get it. I walk up to him w/ my madman-accutrimounts-ladened cart, and he has no idea who I am. Instead, there is now another bus way behind him, looking for me. And I hear THAT driver on the radio, calling in, to BASE, "Can you tell me why madman isn't here yet?"

Are you KIDDING ME? There are two buses, both way late, and they are acting like I am the problem?!! So, I go, as instructed, rushing back to the INTENDED bus, and I am half-way there, and the UNINTENDED bus-driver starts yelling to me that he will take me.

(One bus driver is on the radio, saying, "Why are you here?" And the other bus driver is saying, "Why are YOU here? If I knew you would be here...").

OK - so I double back, full of CFS. The UNINTENDED guy does NOT help me with my stuff, except for one bag containing a roasted chicken. I ask if we now have all the groceries, and he is like, "Of course..." (Rolls eyes). Then, when we get to my place, he does not pull up, he sits where I have to lug stuff forever, to my door - and he does not help. He does not help, after I clearly tell him that I am disabled, and have had a bad day, and he has heard me out of breath.

The unemployment rate so high, and this is the crap that is allowed to work? However, I must say, the earlier drivers were fine, even though one of them once gave me similar insanity once before.

Will I get this house? Very maybe not. We'll see. It has a basement. Hey - it turns out that the office manager of the rental place is also the office manager of the garden empire, to which I may be applying for some extra tiny income. So, that was a good coincidence. I also expect to make extra income as a prostitute because there is a hillbilly bar across the street and you all know how I crave hillbillys. FYI -

Dear LL -

Yes, I have an additional tenant here, named King Akita Bear Dog.

This $25 annual fee is wrong - another money-maker,just like quotas for kops, which brought us Fergusson, et al. I wish I could be more active - I would be a good advocate for you, fighting this nonsense.

Alas, I feel sad to think that one day, I must move from here, and will no longer feel close to you. When I move, please continue sending turkeys.

So - I am not feeling so great, but I must go out and do stuff. I have had not had time to write an email w/ evidence and argument. HERE is just a brief list of a few things you should/oughtta be aware of. No action requested just now.

1 - Afternoons and eves have been good until lately. Girl has been spending time elsewhere. Other two peeps have continued to be over at various times, & night.

2 - Two days ago, there was incessant stomp-walking, drawer banging, and such. After evidence and thought, I came to the conclusion that this was laundry PLUS moving someone back in.

3 - During this activity, my electricity was turned off, and back on after 3 seconds. Open to other explanations, but did not show signs of an accident. {My hot water heater was once (allegedly) turned down for a little while as well}.

4 - I also came to the conclusion that the two girls get drunk, and their stomping, (etc.), gradually gets worse and worse.

5 - (Walking is often normal, then exceedingly loud. Demonstrates stomp-walking is deliberate, or emotionally charged).

6 - Large girl is now spending day time here, apparently in addition to nights. Today she left in the morning, in TENANT's car, then came back, carrying a bag of groceries, or clothes. This supports #2.

7 - I have only retaliated 4x - on a Saturday or Friday, showing restraint. Not severe retaliation. Not working.

8 - Most passive-aggressive activities have clearly been learned from the previous tenants. That includes knocking on the walls, (which began 1 moth after they moved in), outside nonsense, etc. After much observation, this is the only explanation.

Can't remember more for now. I am really sustaining difficulty here. But these points are for informational purposes. (I have been wanting to go over my notes and check how many nights the GUY has been here, etc.)

OK - gotta send this, rest, and get going. Hope all if well enough. btw - I got an xmas card from an old friend who reminds me of you. She lives in Boulder, and has a barn. Awesome person - too bad you can't somehow meet. That would not swing in the real world. And similar personalities are sometimes like oil and water.

I am sooooooooo tired..... bye......

Madman McDoogle

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