I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

The Long Game.

Venezuela Food Collapse approaches 1000% inflation! - (video) http://youtu.be/rVNU_AFnzbA

Ironically, Obama Signs Executive Order Declaring Venezuela a National Security Threat - http://www.infowars.com/obama-signs-executive-order-declaring-venezuela-a-national-security-threat/

When economies go south, populations fray and fracture, and status quo power, wealth, and government, crack down, violating human rights. So, it is predictable that the A of US would deem Venezuela a terriblist threat, even though that, like sanctions, is not necessarilly wise, in most respects.

Meanwhile, we are all steering backwards through decades of American progress and economic growth, all grappling and tussling to hold and take disappearing ground, like the grand olde citizens of Easter Island - with all their superstitious stuff, to boot.

Lookie here! Here we go steer back through the 1950's! Our wealth declines, flying off out an open window, and we are all staring at each other again, shouting, "Black Lives Matter!", and, "Kill a Cop!", and, "Police Matter," and whatever is the latest craze these days, I don't keep up.

And it's just like Venezuela, (before the 1000% inflation, of course). So, ironically, the crack-down is hitting us as well. Just as Rome fought off internal dissidents at the same time it was fighting off invading aliens, we are full of the very DARK SIDE WE SEEK TO DESTROY.

Dark. Like the colour of oil. Or burnt flesh. We cannot see the sunlight behind the eclipse. We cannot breath the new wave of fresh air. Or fathom the blue of the creative oceans. Or feel the love of soil beneath our feet. It is all instead a mad scramble for the status and quo we have lost. Out the window, like some old 78's, which could be worth a mint now.

But, beyond this ironic pathos, is this: Our government knows enough to predict, if not install, unstable and terriblist and tyrannical governments overseas, as soon as it sees their economies crashing - especially if they are slect commies, ripe for the plucking. They know to do this years, decades ahead of time, as they know to do it here, right here, in 1950's Amerika.

The government and all its parasitic barnacles are just plowing slowly ahead, continuing the USSR containment plans of the 1950's, still fighting off Communism - and now terriblism - which have the same thing in common, in being either Atheist or Muslim, they are both assumed to be ANTI-CHRISTIAN, ergo, anti-status-quo, ergo ANTI-MONEYED-ELITES.

We are turning our former "Containment" policy into a full collapsing around the periphery of Russia itself. Big dreams of power in the 1950's are now driving us like prions in our zombie brains, with handfuls of corrupt players wagging the entire national dog, so that we lunge headlong not into success, but into failure, to have these nightmares BITE US IN THE BUTT.

Likewise, we fight the wars of the 1940 NAZI's before us, in Ukraine, in the Middle East. The same families, the same countries, the same banks, the same mentalities...

And the army is implementing tactics derived from studies it made decades ago, identifying global warming as being a national threat, meaning we HAVE to take over Poland and Ukraine for the wheat and for the petro resources - which is pretty much why we are in Afghanistan and Iraq, for, oh, just a few more years...

This is the Long Game. This is the game mapped out by billionaires a hundred years and more ago. We are just silly little children scampering around at the all-important feet of those who somehow know better, yet act with greater depravity, officially sanctioned, or privately hidden.

This is the game of the Federal Reserve, the mob, the rogue intelligence agencies, the acts of 1947, the dance of the UFO aliens, the shooters of JFK, RKJ, MLK, Lennon, Reagan, and so many others. It continues like a cancer today. And now, it becomes such a haze - it become almost impossible to distinguish between who has been offed, for what they knew, and who has offed themselves, for what they dreaded.

But you - you don't have to lose - at least not as much. You can be in the KNOW - if not in the news...

Venezuela's food supply collapses, headed toward 1000% inflation as Health Ranger launches non-electric food grow system that produces food for pennies - http://www.naturalnews.com/048943_Venezuela_food_supply_grow_boxes.html

It's coming down fast, but don't let it break you.
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