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CFS - (and Hyper-Stupidism) - Part 2

(Part 1 HERE - http://madman101.livejournal.com/1659440.html - "What is CFS?")

I was happy to see, for the first time ever, it being officially stated, (see Part 1), that mental and physical exertion can worsen CFS symptoms! I have been saying this for YEARS, but nobody would believe me - including lots of PWC* zombies following the official script. (In fact, have learnt that it is the very same brain "circuits" which one exerts, which are the one to be besieged by relapse 1-2 days later. And, this is very true of sexual thoughts, exertion, AND especially, orgasm).

CFS has many difficulties to be suffered by the victim. (CFS has one of the highest suicide rates). Beyond the physical and physiological-emotional, is the attitude of people who don't believe one has any illness, since the person is not in a wheelchair, etc. Then, when they do see real symptoms, they, in their great doctoral wisdom, only ramp up their blind bias, and assume that the victim is ACTING in order to get attention or welfare. This aspect of human beings, in America, has become completely repulsive to me!

Paradoxically, the more some people see real symptoms, the MORE they will attempt to harass, berate, discredit, and HANDICAP the real victim.

So... I have seen a LOT of this, for years. It is disgusting how people assume I am needy, dependent or weak, when I am a very strong, independent person - but I am ill. (I BECAME ill by forging over a polluted creek on my way to a JOB INTERVIEW. And yet I get blamed, instead of the makers of those pollutants. See how people so readilly fight amongst themselves, rather than identify the real problems. See how we blame each other for the corporate-ENABLED rise of income and wealth inequality - or - say, THE WEATHER. Superstitious dunderheads)!

Occasionally, some doubter may venture to believe that the victim is truly sick and disabled, only to predictably become disappointed, because the victim does not whimper and gush, or does not cough and sputter on cue, but instead may appear strong at the moment - WHATEVER - SOMETHING will be selected to ultimately blame the victim ALL THE MORE VEHEMENTLY.

Finally, even if and when such closet bullies might come around to rationally accepting that the victim IS sick and disabled - like, "Oh, that means he has to sleep all the time!" - pffffft!!! - these closet bullies may see the chance to feed on vulnerable prey, and do the herd a favour, by parading around as strong, while silently, passive-aggressively attacking, perhaps even killing, the victim. These people are psychopath wanna-be's - sociopaths. Animals, with underdeveloped frontal cortexes and pyramidal neurons, hopped up on adrenalin, caffeine or crack. They attack all the more, because they wish to deny all the more - deny their own possibility of being wrong, bad, weak - or mortal. This is where fascism comes from.

Fear. Desire. Hate. Status Quo on steroids. Groupism. War.

Then there's the existential envy, where people just naturally envy the apparent comfort of the ill - or even of the DEAD. It is very paradoxical. (See in upcoming post: "Paradoxism"). So, people such as the Neo-Nethers will slam doors and bang on walls because - why? - because they are convincing themselves that they are better than me, because they DO things, they may WORK or go to school, or so on, even though they don't get up until 11:am sometimes - or later. So, they project their faults onto me: I am a lazy bum, doing nothing important, just cooking good food and having fun with my dog and supposedly in an endless petty war against THEM, since I am white and they are black.

Once upon a time, people had pride in their work, because it was a positive contribution to society. NOW, so many people prop themselves up as gods, because they do, "work", which feeds their greed, and pollutes the Earth, and creates poverty, even though their "work" may be nothing more than making money off of money, or exploiting the wealth of their parents, or others. Same hubris in virtually every group - academics, religious, hillbilly, Republican, and so on.**

NPR's, "All Things Considered" (w/ audio) - People With 'Invisible Disabilities' Fight For Understanding

"The term invisible disabilities refers to symptoms such as debilitating pain, fatigue, dizziness, cognitive dysfunctions, brain injuries, learning differences and mental health disorders, as well as hearing and vision impairments. These are not always obvious to the onlooker, but can sometimes or always limit daily activities, range from mild challenges to severe limitations and vary from person to person." - The Invisible Disabilities Association.

Same dif = being a, "Witch!" - a wut???? A, "Jew!" A, "Anything but me!"

* - PWC = "People with CFS***"

** - These paragraphs about crappy people are a good lead into an upcoming post about crappy people.

*** - CFS = CFidS, aka M.E., closely related to FMS, Gulf War Syndrome, Post-Polio Fatigue Syndrome, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, (EI). Note in the Wiki article about Ciguatera illness, where environmental factors, like the smell of bleach, or ingested proteins, etc., can trigger reemergence of symptoms. This is fascinatingly similar to CFS, (and the other illness listed here)! what makes this so interesting is that Ciguatera illness involves a pathogen, (which is also neurotoxic). That says that (some of) the illnesses listed above - maybe even autism, schizophrenia, diabetes, or others - MIGHT involve some pathogen, which is neurotoxic, (either directly or by depriving mitochondria/ cells of oxygen, glucose, B12, glutathione, or other factors. The decline in the powerful anti-oxidant, glutathione, is possibly how chromosomes in people w/ CFS become damaged. Also: The deprivation of oxygen, say by some fungal-yeast, or micoplasm, (as possibly in Alzheimers), appears to be a potentiator of cancer development, as is inflammation, as through chronic immune activation, which occurs in CFS and related illnesses. A hidden pathogen MAY cause chronic immune activation).
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