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Harrison Forbes

It's taking LJ so long to load, here, I forgot what this post was ... oh yeah...

At first, when I heard the muffled news about this "crash", I thought it was about Steve Forbes. About 75% of the time - or more - whenever there is some famous person going down in an airplane, it has been rigged by one aspect or 'nuther of the nefarious conspiracy of greed and envy. So, I thought Steve Forbes had been downed by some political faction, or the whole NWO in general. (Believe it or not, Steve Forbes actually has said a few out-there things).

But it was only the mere Earthling, Harrison Ford, from Indiana - oh, wait, from WISCONSIN!!!! In case you don't know, Wisconsin kicks all ass.

What crash? Harrison Ford saved his own life and demonstrates why good pilots make small aircraft remarkably safe to fly - http://www.naturalnews.com/048893_Harrison_Ford_airplane_crash_pilot_training.html

If it weren't for Crocodile Dundee, Harrison Ford would have been my boyhood man-crush. I love him in everything, except for that boring Amish movie he did, which is comparable to that damn stupid, "The Postman", movie, with the, "Dances With Wolves," guy. I tell you, for all their resources, it is amazing to me what crap Hollywood puts out.

Anyway, I want to give thanks out to all my adoring universes for the fact that some guy who stars in fast-action amazing hero-rescues, actually lands a plane like an American hero - partly in the sense that WHO GIVES THE FUCK IF ANYONE IS LOOKING. Right? Strong. Silent. Get the job done.

But - JFK Jr., Paul Wellstone, the Governor of Missouri, rock musicians - these people are all being felled by nefarious assholes, and it never gets through the evening news.

Remember, recently, I posted about how I need to write to Harrison Ford, and Clarissa Lockhart, his normative wife, regarding my absurd hell-on-Earth predicament?? I really should do that. These two just keep getting more true-blue, real American everyday and if I don't do it soon, I won't be able to, because everyone else will, because they will be running for President, and then, woops, there goes that song again...

edit - new link... Video: Harrison Ford’s Plane Crash Survival Secret Revealed - http://www.infowars.com/harrison-fords-plane-crash-survival-secret-revealed/
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