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I am the person who will destroy China.

my own little 10%

I get Social Security (Disability). While I wouldn't be able to survive without it now, I only applied for it, back in the day, to get out of a legal problem. In fact, I asked for less than was available. I've always been like this. When I was asked to pay a monthly fine of $25, (for something else), I asked if I could pay $50 a month instead. Believe it or not, these were good choices.

I've been getting by without resorting to, "food stamps". However, this means I have had no life beyond shopping for groceries. Well, when I went to the pantry, late last year, I was told that I could only receive foodage there if I had applied for, and received, food stamps - as proof that I need food. This sensible logic is actually twisted, in reality. Because the people who get to use the pantry are already getting food from the government. The ones who REALLY need it are being shut out, and that includes people who are too destitute to apply, but also people with a record of arrest for drrgggs and all that.

(That's the sense that this country makes... Like: Disabled people are the ones who most need a car, and yet they are rendered the least able to afford one).

Anyway, so, after Bee Girl told me to apply, I eventually got around to applying for, "food stamps." Last week, I was approved, for over $100 a month, which is part food assistance, and part cash, (or something). Well, that puts me one step closer to being able to afford to rent a house, although my application would probably be rejected just the same - this is where my charming personality is needed... Cuz, I always knew I might be poor, etc., but not so bad that my personality could not pull me out of it.

This is not just personality, though, it is a belief in humanity being transcendent of money, which is one reason I ended up poor, paradoxically - because selfish people don't believe in this until they see people completely destitute. But, alors, much to my chagrin, I never expected that my BRAIN would be disabled, along with my positive energy, making my persuasive PERSONALITY something of a rare commodity for me.

Interestingly, my very family, and my very friends who actually work to fight poverty and homelessness, ended up being the most disbelieving, that I should fall disabled, and poor, seeing as they were always, I guess, naturally, superstitiously in awe of my seemingly invincible powers, which they begrudged me, and decimated.

To decimate is to ruin something by 10%. That's kinda what the Church practiced, back in the day, when it was the main superpower. If you want to be a Mormon, though, you owe 10% of your income to that church. Taxes. Indulgences. Sound like good ideas, on the way up, not so good for civilisation when things are tumbling down, all to hell, in hand-baskets. And collection baskets.

Good for the top 10%, though. Always.

So, since I now had, "food stamps", I sallied down to the pantry, where Bee Girl was, applauding me for applying, and for handing over my virginity and my privacy to the government. I was led in, and allowed to select the cans, etc., that I wanted. I believe this new "choice" policy was something I had inspired the pantry to institute, after I had written about my own needs - gluten-free, sugar-free, etc. - for the Christmas boxes, (which went out to anyone, on or off food stamps).

I stumble through this world and the main thing I do is make people THINK. This does me very little good, except keep me treading water, and on my toes, fighting to continue to be able to think, myself. If I lose this one gift, what else is there, but a haze of heroin and prostitution?

Two nice old ladies assisted in my choices. One reached over, after giving me one can, and said, "How about this one?... and she grabbed another, and I said, "Are you drunk?"

Sounds like a nonsequitor, but really, I had them rolling in the aisles, laughing.

I had to refuse almost everything they offered, and so they offered more, and I ended up over-laden with cans of food and a rump-roast, which I had to carry all the way home. But, now I'm stocked up, and I haven't even used my food stamps. Food is not a problem, now - but I feel there is a big need for us all to stock up on food for an uncertain future, and you can take that to the bank, and tell the banksters to eat cake.

Notice how, once again, I write about gluten and Mormons in the very same post?

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