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If you ever plan on holding a garage sale, what you got to do is this: Advertise specific items. Advertise sale items, esp. if you can do clothes for "a dollar a bag". Don't overprice. Almost NOTHING should be sold for over $5. Clothes (unless REALLY NICE) should be $2 a piece at the max, as should shoes and boots. Place colourful things out near the sidewalk - the sale should not be hidden away back in the garage. Make it look fun and free. Lines of flags really help. Place signs everywhere - esp.. colourful signs. And, very important, place signs SHOWING ADDRESS and/or DIRECTION at least one block ahead of the turn off, and two or three blocks ahead if it's on a major street, like Forest Hills or Alpine. Finally, be friendly to your CUSTOMERS, and allow them to bargain for price, because, you know, what the fuck?! There are two things that draw interest: men's hardware and fashionable women's and girl's clothes.
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