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Nimoy; Captain Obama; Jewish, etc...

Leonard Nimoy was awesome. Star Trek would be nothing without him. However, let us not forget the good soul who sold Doctor Spock to us, for a mere pittance: Gene Roddenberry. Writers labour away against all odds, just to eventually change our minds, which is THE most important thing we need.

Alms to both.

I always loved Star Trek, in most series, movies, etc. (I hated two cable spin-offs). Captain Kirk kinda bothered me, cuz he was rather a narcissistic dunderhead, it seemed. But I loved William Shatner's comic stylings and productions, and I feel that Captain Kirk's ego was a bit campy, tongue-in-cheek. Ashley hated William Shatner, but Alex Jones thinks he was one of the greatest comics ever, (since he looked just like his dad. Kind-ness always prevails in moral arguments).

I heard some clips from Star Trek today. They included Captain Kirk. is voice finally reminded me of what it was in OBAMA's voice I couldn't put my finger on.

When Obama first came into office, he had all of these, "euhhhhhhhh..."s, and, "eahhhhhhhhhh......."s....

These indicated an uncertainty - but a bullshitting need to try to stop off any intervening voices before they ever even got a chance to get through. Now, many people on the East Coast, (including Rochester), who already have this annoying asshole problem, are taking Obama's lead, and amping it up: "eUmmmmmmmmm........", "I-uh-Emmmmmmmmmmm....." I hear this in Stephanie Miller and in Jeff Cantos, and it is so annoying that I turn them off! Isn't that a great advance for progressive causes?

They expect only religious lock-steppers to continue listening, I guess.

Well, about 6 months into his reign, Obama learnt to tone this problem down. And then he brought out the main tool in his programme, which I am sure he learnt over many years, the CAPTAIN KIRK style. In this style, you drop off at the end of almost every word, as if, you just MAY be uncertain, and you get people on the edge of their seats), and then you come in with a POwerful next word, sounding ALL THE MORE authoritative. I am DAMN sure that Obama was instructed through Captain Kirk tapes. Sounds ridiculous, unless you learn and know what I have, over these years. There is more to this than just fanciful associations.

Remember Batman and the Aurora shootings? How about old Sandy Hook? That's just introductory bait, not explanation.

Back to Nimoy... He was a Jew. I love Jews, mostly. I hate Zionists, and Jewish institutions gone insane.

America has had a weird relationship with Jews, expecting them to proffer strict, unemotional REAL information, as if that were even possible, without all the political and religious garbage. Americans expected Jews to play the capitalism game, not expecting them to take it over. Nor the banks. Nor elements of the government. (Lest we forget, I blame the Saudis for taking over elements of the government, as well, usually in cahoots with greedy and/or Zionist Jews, paradoxically).

Well, in the popular mind - how do you digest a Jew - esp. in Sci Fi? You do it by making the character super-human, (as we did to Whoopi Goldberg in the same series), and yet alien enough to be untouchable.

We gave Nimoy pointy ears, and a scientific aloofness. This is kinda what we did to the professional Jews in that time in history. Something alien - something greater than us, to idolize, to live up to - but to fail safely nevertheless, if needs be.

Unfortunately, the caricature of Jews would find a new civilisation on Star Trek, in the form of the, "Farengees"(sp?). This is a highly debatable statement, but I am comfortable with it by now. This is a comparison which deserves much greater discussion in the future. Never got around to it.

As I said, I have loved and learnt from Star Trek. What was the name of one of the original guys - Tokay? As in TEkkie??? "Oh MY!" - I can say this Perrrfectly!!!" OH MY!!! Gays and blacks and RUSSIANS and Jews and women - this was UNBELIEVABLE PROGRESSIVE STUFF, not to mention the scientific ideas, most of which are coming to be.

God bless them all and throw them in to some holy black hole.

Some small dent they made in our progression into extinction but that is the point.


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Trek - (Needs to be WAY expanded).
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