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Dang that Bang!

Posted on 2015.02.26 at 20:23
"But that's not quite true. In Einstein's formulation, the laws of physics actually break before the singularity is reached. But scientists extrapolate backward as if the physics equations still hold, said Robert Brandenberger, a theoretical cosmologist at McGill University in Montreal, who was not involved in the study.

"'So when we say that the universe begins with a big bang, we really have no right to say that,' Brandenberger told Live Science."


This is precisely why I have, for so long, been opposed to the Big Bang theory. Skirting along the edge of the beginning of a singularity, we may as well be skirting along the edge of some completely different universe - because TIME itself breaks down, as does space, and conventional laws. There are other reasons the Big Bang should remain more of a working model with limited applicability, largely replaced by a more locally relevant "PERPETUAL CREATION" theory,(which is said by many to have been refuted), (and by THE ELECTRICAL UNIVERSE THEORY, which is presently completely outside of acceptable thought), which is that the Big Bang - and "linear time" itself - is an analogue to a single "Theo-Centric reality". It's funny, how scientists wuld insist to Popes that the Big Bang was real, whether you painted it with religious terms or not, but the very assumptions made by scientists - single, linear time - were the same ones made by Judeo-Christianity when it brought us the concept of a single Creator.

I am not saying the single creator/ bang needs to be pushed aside. It can be paradoxically compatible with other thought systems or theories or religions.

This is a deep, wonderful topic that needs several theme posts, which I just don't have in me right now.

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