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I am the person who will destroy China.

happy? happy? happy?

I am hearing a rather funny NPR piece about some important guy in India with a special suit, which Obama commented on. Catch that one.

I awoke with a big black hole in my brain... It is a good thing, because it means something wants to heal - maybe some pathogen has been pushed back. Painful. It means I need sleep, but I am sticking to my schedule and drinking wine instead. That will pretty much freeze all brain pain and migraine. The people below are slamming doors, etc., so I may run into big problems.

It's been very cold, of course. Decently, the neo-nethers below keep their thermostat high, so I am fine. My back bedroom has an oil radiator. The people below are antsy and insane due to prolonged winter.

I walked to one house advertised in CL, and then to Walgreens, (where I again bought wine and supplements), and then to another house advertised on CL. Both of these houses are great - for $400 - which I cannot afford at all. So, I have to swing some deal somehow, if I want one of these.

There are some mobile homes for $5000, in IL and Wisconsin. One has a very large kitchen with enough room for a disco dance floor, with vast windows. But I would use it as a main, writing room. But this one is here in this nowhere town, and it really doesn't have the room and sheds and outside space as another mobile home in a Wisonsin town. Mind you, I cannot presently afford either of these. I have been waiting for a switch in the economy, which hasn't yet happened, which I am sure the republicans in my family are proud to distane me over, even though it may be attributable to BARACK OBAMA. (Actually, to unregulated oil companies and frackers).

There was a list of the HAPPIEST STATES in the USA again. One state, West Virginia, was at the bottom of the list. Ironically, I had considered moving to WV because it was one of the FRIENDLIEST states! Are people in WV now unhappy because they have been overly friendly? Or could it have something to do with the ingrained fundamentalist mentality, which ushered in the John Birch Society, and ended up having all its mountain tops exploded away and its creeks filled with uber toxic toxins? Thank you, Mr, Rockerfeller.

Near the bottom of the list - so, the unhappiest states - are, not just southern states, but, NOW, states in the central USA. The same states that have been under attack by the Kochs, (affiliated with the John Birch Society, btw). Illinois is pretty low down the list, not surprisingly. Iowa and Minnesota are my nearest hopes. Montana is happy, and the most progressives there live around college town MISSOULA. This is a possible place for me, close to my favourite part of the country, and Glacier National Park, where there will be water for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, if the Yellowstone supervolcano erupts, it will supposedly blow a lot NW, and so I will be dead sooner than ever desired.

Wisconsin is voting on becoming a retard "RIGHT TO WORK" state. Where are my believers in <"madison_fights">?


So, the HAPPIEST STATE IN THE UNION was ... Alaska! Because, everyone gets, like, $2000 dollars from oil revenue, which is a bribe by companies to continue to exploit the resources, spewing out dead animals, like the tripods in, "War of the Worlds".

Y'all know that Sarah Palin was from Wassilla - as in SILLY - Alaska???? So, I am looking over the Juneau CL ads, which are all too expensive, and then I find this one ad for a woman to move in for free, if, basically, she is nice and pro-active. Weirdly, they accept pro-LGBT people. So, this is one of the most confusing things I have ever seen. They only want a woman to join their community, for free, if she was bubbly and kissed ass. Let me tell you, I am thinking of telling them that I would become a woman for this, with all its estrogenic support.

Wassilla is one weird place.

But, free, and all I have to do is CARE. If only I had boobatronics!

Can you see Russia?

What the frroook are they doing advertising in JUNEAU??? Is this some Jim Jones KOOLAID cult??? Look at this... The ad goes on to say you get every fucking perk on the planet if you, um, join the community to help - like - uh - wut - profit sharing???!! WTF is wrong with this ad?!?!?.....


My downstairs neighbours - so-called - are continuing to act up, since I am white and breathing. (Sorry - but it is they whp are the reductionists). Meanwhile, I go outside and some big black guy is approaching and I yell at him, "YOU DON'T need to SPIT! YOU'RE FINE. You don't need to spit!" And he is yabbing about how he see my dog and so.... And I am like YOU ARE FINE YOU DON'T NEED TO SPIT!!!!!!!!!!!


On the other hand, some other black guy is coming from the other direction, hearing all this, and hailing me, like, yo, bro.

Please - I don't want the bullshit THIS way and I don't want it THAT way. I do not want to be respected for telling off some guy for something he should already know. But hell - it impresses the young retards downstairs, right?


Illinois is the center of all global bullcrap.*

* - This statement is grounded in fact. See also, "Chicago School of Economics."
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