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I was dreaming that a beautiful blue whale lived downstairs, swimming around. I forget the first part of the dream, but it was meaningful. Then, I tried to make things as quiet and nice as I could for the whale downstairs, so it could live a long, natural life. I do remember somehow seeing its tail swooping underwater. (I guess I got this dream from a radio report of some museum wanting to hang a whale skeleton up in its main room, to emphasize sustainability and such. With dead whale bones).

After I had made things more comfortable for said whale, I listened to hear the environment. I was somehow out in the crisp brown woods. I heard some odd sound, which I didn't know was an animal or what. Then it came:

"Bang Bang Bang Bang" below my bedroom, waking me up. That's right - the Neo-Nethers had somehow honed in on my dream and destroyed it, 3:45 am. My heart went into an anxiety spiral. I had to spend the next two hours fighting to settle it down. But now I know that my heart can go into overdrive even if the shck occurs during sleep, which is quite interesting.

There was no reason for that attack, btw. I have been quiet all day - and - unlike the past two Saturdays - I have not deliberately retaliated. Their behaviour is shameful to the human race. Here we are on the cusp of a serious economic crash - and then eventual extinction - and they are dutifully playing along into the bankster-class' games of divide-and-conquer, fighting between races. Because, their interpretation is, MLK gives them that entitlement, to take revenge against someone who isn't even a USA citizen, for 5 million years of racism.

But everything we do in life, every freaking minute, has meaning behind it, if we so should perceive. So, I after I take out my dog at 5:30 am, I end up staying awake, drinking wine, eating chips, and listening to my old friend, NPR's, "Living on Earth." I am somehow brought back to the spirit of my whale dream. The programme was talking about Boston - snow. Remind me not to move there. I wish Boston was better, but not only is it becoming a glacier, it is not a friendly place, and everybody annoying pauses in their speech with prolonged, "ehhhhhhhhh....", or, "eummmmmmm....".

Which is too bad, because my favourite girls are from Massachusetts, home of, "Living on Earth." More on this intriguing topic some other time. Presently, "LoE" is discussing fracking, and the Keystone Pipeline, and American Natives. The Keystone bill is on Obama's desk, and he will probably veto it. This is one good thing. But I believe he (and his ilk) has decided that the corporatist benefits are outweighed by the importance of this issue to Democrats. Even while either party kisses corporatist ass, they all know that they must also continue on with the left-vs-right political charade, for us stupid folk.

Because votes are sometimes as good as money.

But, with the other hand, Obama taketh. The whole SONY hacking ordeal was clearly contrived, and I can map that out, except that I have become wearied of all the crap. But, it was contrived in order to allow Obama to then launch into supporting policies and legislation of internet-tampering by the government - in cahoots with corporations, once again. Because, it is somehow extremely important to control everything and to know every bit of dirt on everyone's DNA. Sure enough, that is what is unfolding - while Obama gives speeches on how important it is to catch hackers. It's bullcrap. It's CISPA once again returned from the grave.

Back on the theme of environmentalism... One of my heroes is Robert Kennedy Jr., who strangely has not yet been knocked-off. He probably made a deal that he would never run for president - although, he is doing a LOT in spite of that. He litigates against polluters, and much more. He also has a radio programme with Mike Papantonio and Sam Sedar(sp?), called, "Ring Of Fire". "Ring Of Fire", is probably my favourite progressive talk show, although I have not listened lately.

Well, Robert Kennedy, Jr., has a new book out, supporting what the "far right wing" has been saying for years, and also validating that, yes, I am right once again. It is about Thimerosal, the mercury additive to vaccines - it is a serious problem. And, to posit that it, plus a ramping of of the immune response, may cause AUTISM is not insane. I remember people coming out of nowhere, on LJ and in real life, to patiently explain to me that scientifically, the mercury goes right through the body as if it were harmless water. I really want to puke when people set themselves up as authorities only because they hear what authorities are paid to tell them, and somehow know everything and every interaction and every factor that goes on in the biological human body. These people are glaringly ignorant, and this is made more appalling by their NAZI-like bedside manner.

Check it out - The site - http://www.ringoffireradio.com/ - Age of Autism - http://www.ageofautism.com/2014/07/robert-kennedy-is-right-slate-out-to-lunch.html - YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfWCk5C3KyY

btw - we have recently seen a flurry of pro-vaccine claims in the news and on talk shows. Why did this happen? Partly to stave the influence of Kennedy's book. I have seen such campaigns many times before, and have concluded that, yes, these MONEYED conspiracies do happen. And they will happen more and more, the less and less money can buy. The crash is coming, and we already have banana-republic politics going on...

Now, "LoE", is interviewing a guy regarding Keystone, and this guy is saying that the SYSTEM is the intrinsic problem. SO TRUE. I LOVE when this message gets out, as much as I love the truth.

Look at this. Irish Potato Famine. Forced millions of Irish to emigrate, and to build railroads, pan for gold, and fight each other in the American Civil War. From serfs to canon fodder. What was the Potato Famine? It was where the English Empire sucked no one more dry than their own kin, the Irish, taking away their wealth and food, forcing them to eat only potatoes, basically. Potatoes are great, and even have vitamin C. Except, growing nothing but potatoes, as IS NOT FOUND IN NATURE, predisposes for disaster. (um - MULTIFACTORAL!). What happened was that the potatoes were all wiped out by BLIGHT, and the whole population of Ireland went into starvation mode.

What I want to say to you is that the same thing is unfolding here, and in much of the globe. It is in the SYSTEM of unregulated capitalism that allows growing monopolies, (like the British East-India Company), to squeeze for every drop of profit (blood) they can get - to squeeze out the competitor - and to eventually use the government to squeeze their exhausted, jobless "consumers" to pay more and more taxes, or else be sent to (debtors) prison, or to Australia, (see earlier post). This is the logical extension of the game of greed, venerated here since 1980, and planned here since before 1947.

You do not think the USA can become a starving third world country? I am sorry, you are wrong. You have no idea what is going on in global economics and politics. The drop in oil prices is not a GOOD thing, allowing us to drive to the Superbowl. It is a bad thing, sending all other commodities into a global depression. And that means a war. I think that Obama stupidly draws us closer, and then tries to pull us away once the reality is brought to his attention, and put on the agenda. I have concluded that, for the most part, he really doesn't know what he is doing. He might mean well, at the last minute, after deferring to the judgement and lies of scores of corporatists, but that is not what presidents are for.

Virtual scarcity. That is what capitalism, and its horde of corporation piranhas, forces upon competitors, and upon workers, then upon customers, then upon taxpayers, then upon bodies. The logical extension of badly regulated capitalism is GENOCIDE. And here are the Neo-Nethers, banging on the walls. I tell you, I am at wits end.

Saving the whales? Forget about it. Not going to happen. Our efforts are paltry compared to the slow, growing explosion of entropic destruction, foisted off upon the globe by a rising conspiracy of corporate rapists. Whom we laud as if they are bullies. Grand, awesome godlike bullies. Tattoed on our necks.
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