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where hypotheses come to die

Terrestrial solar storm.

Worst Megadroughts in 1,000 Years Threaten US

Megadroughts On The Way For Western United States | Video

Brazil: Mega-city of 20 million to run out of water in one month

City of 20 million people to cut water service to just 2 days per week; humanity plunging towards ecological disaster

Three minutes and counting

It's Raining Milk! Odd Weather Puzzles Scientists

Gimme Shelter: A Blueprint for Living in Extreme Environments (Op-Ed)

Off-grid cooking: How to make a Fresnel solar cooker

Make this natural antibiotic formula at home to treat any infection

Yo - I had a great idea for a product(s) to cater to this market! Sadly, I never post such ideas. Need to research if its been done before.

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