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* - galaxy

another notch in my coffin

Posted on 2015.02.13 at 22:01


where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2015-02-14 19:57 (UTC) (Lien)
To both of yous...

I have also learnt to hate smoking. There were times when I was a crazy anti-smoking jagass. I got weary of that. The anti-smoking laws are actually very interesting when it comes to rights and environmental rights. Really. Similar to property ownership.

These days, all I want it to mind my own business. When the Nethers were here, they apparently somehow pumped intense smoke into my bedroom, which was like TWILIGHT ZONE. They would walk around with fags sticking out the middle of their mouths, thinking they were cool.

How fucking lame, because, even when I was smoking, I learnt that you look like an IDIOT when you have a fag out the middle of your face. And yet these people were thinking that they were intimidating, and so they continued to bang on my walls. They have made me very distraught over human beings in general. Seriously.

And, of course, they passed on their gossip, and thie playbook, to the new neighbours.

Nothing racist, but real... You want to survive without smoke in your life - do not move to the black community. Maybe most blacks vote Democrat - and we all know how fucktarded has become that party - but they are conservative and fundamentalist in their ways. This is a fact I have learnt. In the black community, smoking is awesome. Throw PROGRESSIVE out the window. Throw health and future out the window.
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