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another notch in my coffin

Posted on 2015.02.13 at 22:01
The downstairs neighbours are crap, and some of their noises are more heart-rendering, (as in rendering meat), than were those of the Nethers. But, there are some good things about them, like, they haven't yet come out every time I am out with my dog. They don't pump an insanely loud stereo. They don't have a crazy-deluded dog. And the GIRL is not necessarilly a controllaholic psychpath*. No, the people downstairs have merely been SWAYED by the lies of that former controllaholic PSYCHOPATH.

Another good thing is that they don't somehow pump mammoth amounts of cigarette and/or poterama smoke directly into my bedroom #1. I almost never smell smoke from these folks/ ghouls below. I am already dealing with air pollution from the highway next to the house - cig/pot smoke is nothing I need. I am already dealing with highway NOISE, so why must I deal with all this downstairs noise? People are reactionary soulless ants. Their stress level is raised by snow plows, and so they attack the white guy upstairs.

The interesting thing is, though, that I smoked in highschool and college. Then I quit. Then I started again. Then I quit for good. So. I have no moral attacks on anyone who smokes, except that it now makes me ill.

However, when I was a kid, my father smoked bothersomely. I learnt that smoking causes cancer. Eventually, I came up with the concept of describing cigarettes not by the fact that smoke comes out of your mouth, DUH, but....

Have you ever heard of the term, "cancer sticks"?

I invented that term. Me. madman101. I remember thinking it up, way back in Madison, and telling people, "Because, that's what they are - cancer - in a stick..."

I did that. In addition to "coinkidink". And, "so many condoms you could shake a stick at..." I was in advertising, but I was also in spreading NEW THOUGHTS. Some of these went nationwide. I heard some guest say, "cancer sticks," on the Stephanie Miller Show the other day, and this is what reminded me.

See - I have contributed to the progress of people, and even of litigation, but I have received no better compensation than the respect of a few LJ friends.

My family looks at me askance when I say I was proud of the contribution I made to the Madison protests and to OCCUPY. They think I am just advertising myself. No. I am proud because what is right is what is right. And they, and all they, continue to project their own narcissism onto me, when all they fucking do is make status quo money.

I want another planet.

No more fucking primates, ok?

* - I think of these people more as true fascist NAZIs, in the sense that they have been goaded into toeing the party line, and playing in with the persecution of whatever, stupidly not realising that they will be next. That is the true fascist. POWER!


Ninja Nick
nick_101 at 2015-02-14 07:07 (UTC) (Lien)
I don't like it when people smoke near me, too. I'd go tell them to go suck a tailpipe.
(Deleted comment)
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2015-02-14 19:57 (UTC) (Lien)
To both of yous...

I have also learnt to hate smoking. There were times when I was a crazy anti-smoking jagass. I got weary of that. The anti-smoking laws are actually very interesting when it comes to rights and environmental rights. Really. Similar to property ownership.

These days, all I want it to mind my own business. When the Nethers were here, they apparently somehow pumped intense smoke into my bedroom, which was like TWILIGHT ZONE. They would walk around with fags sticking out the middle of their mouths, thinking they were cool.

How fucking lame, because, even when I was smoking, I learnt that you look like an IDIOT when you have a fag out the middle of your face. And yet these people were thinking that they were intimidating, and so they continued to bang on my walls. They have made me very distraught over human beings in general. Seriously.

And, of course, they passed on their gossip, and thie playbook, to the new neighbours.

Nothing racist, but real... You want to survive without smoke in your life - do not move to the black community. Maybe most blacks vote Democrat - and we all know how fucktarded has become that party - but they are conservative and fundamentalist in their ways. This is a fact I have learnt. In the black community, smoking is awesome. Throw PROGRESSIVE out the window. Throw health and future out the window.
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