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I am the person who will destroy China.


Most hate crimes, (by percentage of group population), are committed against gays (LGBT), Jews and Muslims. Do you know what that says to me? "Religion" is behind them - specifically, some perversion of Christianity. Racism may be a subset of that. Differentness.

As things get worse here, in this house, the people below become bolder and bolder, and bizarrely exhibiting the exact same patterns as the Nethers. The same types of attacks - down to the tee.

There is a reason for this. It is because the people downstairs have been in communication with the Nethers from the very beginning!

That's right.

This is tragic, sad and dangerous. Conspiracy; harrassment, abuse, hate crimes.

Now, it makes sense why the new people put their drawers directly below my back bedroom, sometimes slamming them for hours, at all hours at the night, and taking 3-6 showers a day, making loud crashing noises while they do so.

I scoop water out of my tub, and use it to flush my toilet. When I do this, the toilet doesn't stop with a loudish bang sound in the pipes. Yet, they knock on the walls when I do this - and they knock on the walls when I simply flush the toilet normally - bang. And, maybe they are ridiculing/ defying my effort to save water, as well. This is really stupid. The Nethers sometimes flushed their toilet 10x in a row, or banged their toilet seat, in spite over whatever. As if it is a crime to dump, or to eat, or to walk, or to breath.

How could they be so easilly suckered by N-Girl, the Psychopath, and her lies? They came in, convinced that I was evil, and it has never stopped. And the female wants to be a NURSE. Maybe the kind that strangles babies when nobody is looking.

Today, the new guy SLAMMED their front door, in reaction to me flushing the toilet, and being up early, (9:30am). Around noon, I sat in my bedroom and clipped my fingernails. The girl heard this and stomped around and also slammed the door. They have blamed me for squirrels in MY roof, and so on.

Now, whatever they think they see from me, they are gossipping about it, later, and lying. I now have good evidence to prove their collusion. At least it makes more sense than all blacks being insane and evil. However, this IS racism.

People were shifting around last night, while I was out. Possibly including Wavy Girl, and probably including N-Girl in her car. The climate is changing. My life will be endangered - but moreso, the life of my dog. They already secretly threw some bread thing nearby for him to eat.

The astonishing similarities - and the proofs of their CONSPIRACY - I must write about later. I was trying to concentrate on post. TOO DIFFICULT. Heart still painful. I was wanting to write an email to the LL but she is strangely gone until Febr 23! Before THAT, she strangely too a 10-day vacation. Yet, before that, she said the latter was only going to be 3-4 days. So - is she seriously avoiding this real trouble?? Maybe her father died. IDK. My present email is no longer accessible, anyway - possibly hacked or spoofed

Tags: harrassment, hate crimes, nether people, racism

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