I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Spite Makes Right(?) - part 1

All selfish behaviour is ultimately self-destructive.

Predators always fall the first.

And children always eat their parents in one way or another.

Non-selfish behaviour may kill you, but the family is preserved.

And you may be lauded as a saint, whereas you were merely culled.

That the children may eat.

Have you not walked the right path and always been preyed upon?

Have you not pounced on prey only to become a meal for its crazy uncle?

The conclusion is this: There is ultimately no telling the difference.

Selfish, or unselfish, they'll always bring you down.

It is strange how DNA prevails through chance, and selfishness.

What DNA would call you to sacrifice your body to altruism?

Are we then to say that all DNA is merely dead knobs in a mathematical crap-shoot?

That may be said - and it may be said that DNA, through kindness,

Is talking to DNA throughout the family, and tells a son to die,

That you may live.

Death comes to everyone - all else is a toggling of combinations.

All life is a toggling of combinations. However.

Have you ever seen two ants, in a swarming family of ants,

Pulling and tussling and fighting over where to place one leaf?

And, yet, through this selfish, myopic madness, a great ant-bridge is built.

According to you, when you are selfish, you are particulate - a pawn.

Which you do not see.

According to you, when you are altruistic, you may die,

Which you may not see,

But it is YOU who rises as the bridge, the PATTERN.

Which you may.

And may your DNA.

Progress is the same way.

They say: Do not invest in progress, because it is all additional expense.

Each person wants to flee, and even raid the Commons.

Away from progress. But words, thoughts, silent dreams of progress.

These will be the pattern. Of the prey.

Saving and making money as progress rolls forth.

DIgging us out from Entropy's eternal onslaught.

That. Is. Why. It. Is. Called.


Look at those who smite your nose to spite your face.

And say, "You're absolutely right."

Then. Go into the night, while they dismantle their burning effigies of you...

And then later agree, in committee, a kind of freedom, to do the right thing.

Let them pray.
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