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debtors prison

All over a $2 bottle of beer. I love that the ACLU is getting involved in this issue. I have contacted the ACLU before, and they turned me down, because they want to focus on injustices relevant to broad groups of people. Unfortunately, they have failed to see how certain injustices DO affect certain broad groups. The problem is that they do in fact make their choices based on a mainly liberal agenda. This is great, but it ignores other injustices. Also, there is a limit to how much they can do. Anyway, I am glad they are focusing on this issue, which will apply to ALL the poor, rather than just to blacks, or to women, etc.

Back in the high days of the British Empire, people were sent to Australia simply for stealing a loaf of bread. People forget that the American Revolution was not so much against King George, as it was against CORPORATE EXPLOITATION, i.e., by the British East India Company. King George merely signed on to this exploitation, in order to benefit the power of the monarchy, rather stupidly, presaging the selfish stupidity of today's politicians, puppets to corporatism.

While these injustices occur today, there rises a countervailing spite amongst the poor, and especially amongst the disempowered blacks, who amplify their grievances towards practicing their own habits of injustice. And so, many urban blacks walk down the middle of the street, or steal cigars or beers. It is animal logic. These injustices are not just examples by the rich, illustrating their obvious, illicit privileges or abuses, they are impositions of police abuse and of poverty. Its the way the economic system rolls, and HAS rolled, for recent centuries. I think there is no question that the system must change. It SHALL change, somehow. Since the planet is in a mass extinction, et al, then who knows if this change will be progressive?

"Criminals" were sent to Australia - to penal colonies there. Luckilly, many prisoners managed to get out, eventually, and begin some kind of life there. Better than the industrialised squalour they knew in Britain. The fact is, there is only so much prison space to contain a burgeoning class of people ejected, en masse, by rising injustice. Even today's privatising prisons will fill up, and want less and less to do with extra prisoners, as the racket becomes easier and easier, thanks to economically desperate governments. What company wants to spend on more (prison) construction, when it is more and more profitting from simple games of money and corruption?

Big problem: Unconstitutional. Or do we forget?

Thousands of Americans are being sent to modern-day debtors' prisons every month - http://www.naturalnews.com/048526_debtors_prisons_justice_system_14th_Amendment.html

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