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Posted on 2015.02.01 at 18:23
I have a lot of area to snow-shovel. It's more than just my large walk, and porch/steps, or the 2 long sidewalks around my house, but there is an additional sidewalk jutting away quite a way. Then, I shovel a path from the street, through the snow bank from the plows. I have other path I shovel to the other street, which is not sidewalk - it i grass - but people walk there. After I clear away the banks, and a lot of snow ON the streets, then the plows come by and dam them back up again. I shovelled at around 6:am, which was enough. Then I had to shovel it all again around 1:pm. Soon, I will have to do it all over again. This comes right after several days of heart pain. I will be hit by some serious health problems in about 2 days. Meanwhile, the girl downstairs will get her bf to produce some severely loud bangs, spiralling my heart further. Yesterday, I fully retaliated by pounding on the wall in my back bedroom, many times. They bang around or take showers or etc. directly below, 1-2-3 o:clock in the morning. This has been tragic for me. The girl finally got the message and is being quieter. But, as time goes on, she ups the noise a little bit at a time. Because. Nobody in this country is ever wrong.


small_handfuls at 2015-02-02 21:10 (UTC) (Lien)
My upstairs neighbours do weird things at 2-3 am, and I can't figure out what's going on. I hear what sounds like high-heels, and a squeaky bed frame, and marbles, and moving furniture, and throwing things, and vacuuming. I can only conclude that they have some sort of interesting sex that is not familiar to me.
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