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Greece - and beyond... - UPDATED !

You should know that the Greeks held an election bringing in a Socialist. You should also know that Greece recently went through quite a serious tussle with the European Union/ Central Banks regarding it's debt, whereupon the Greek government agreed to pay off that debt by foisting it upon taxpayers - which is called AUSTERITY.

Austerity forces the people to eat shit for the greed and mistakes of corporations and banks. This is not to say that the people did not also go into debt, themselves, goaded by the aforementioned. Because of these austerity measures, (by corrupted politicians), then, the Greek people, with a little historical sense of justice, voted NOT to continue austerity - NOT to pay those debts - by voting in someone who opposed them.

This person happened to be a Socialist, or a Commie, which is NOT unusual for Greece. Greece has voting in Socialists many times in the past. Corporations and banks who did extend easy loans to the Greek government, businesses and people, were rather deluded in doing so, with no sense of this history, and so these risks.

Let us just say, in addition, most banksters have a major blind spot to anything beyond the status quo, namely, the psychology of human beings - and of mobs. Most certainly: of a free people.

Oh boy. I was listening to a regular radio programme of mine, "Financial Survival", and the GUY, whom I once hated but have come to respect, was again infuriating me. What he was saying was that the Greeks were simply being irresponsible, by not paying back their loans. And, oh of course, here they are voting in a COMMIE, and therefore NOTHING GOOD can come of that.

See - that is one problem I have with the USA RIGHT. The ("libertarian") Constitutionalists, (e.g., Ron Paul), have been forever decrying fiat money, and the Central Banks, (mainly the USA "Fed"), extending crap loans, among other things - AS WELL THEY SHOULD. THEN, when someone actually OPPOSES this in the most popular way POSSIBLE, i.e., via a Socialist party, then they start acting like the voters are irresponsible. The right plays both sides for their own self-aggrandizement.

But the fact has always been that the Euro Central Bankers, centered in GERMANY, have been stuck in a status-quo moralism where they have been irresponsible to its borrowers, despite real economic conditions. This MORALISM is an economic fundamentalism, and is a problem. It denies changing times. In the real world, loans only fly when times are predictable - stable.

Things have changed. While the German government and population have been progressive in adopting solar energy and socialistic policies, its central banks remain in a mentality of OLD OIL economics, and old schedules of economic activity based on high employment and manufacturing, not necessarilly on robots, and information economics.

Please understand, also, the the economic collapse of Greece - forsaging that of Spain, Portugal, Ireland, etc. - was not only goaded by central banks, fixated on Thatcher-Reagan STATUS QUO risk assessments - but was actively accelerated by criminal hedge-fund groups, most significantly, GOLDMAN-SACHS. This group should be in prison, but instead runs our government, and so global politics, with a money-Zionist agenda, which is not too proud to be associated with the Saudi Royal Family and BANKS.

Well, on, "Financial Survival", the female host chimed in and exclaimed that the election of a Socialist Party in Greece, spawned by public sentiment opposing (immoral) AUSTERITY, was, "Just like when Hitler was elected!"

Let me tell you something about Hitler and all that - from someone who has studied that era both in and out of college:

The German National Socialist Party, (NAZI's), opposed austerity imposed by "Western" banks, and was left-wing, with some affiliations with Russian communists. OK? Understand that?

THEN - right-wing Hitler came in and INFILTRATED that left wing party. Hitlers programme was SUPPORTED by the Western Banks, who were imposing the austerity in the first place. They saw a trend, in anti-austerity, in German racialism, and they invested in it. That's how fucking power PLAYS.

The only danger in Greece electing a Commie, is if that get's hijacked by Central Banks, who know they can't win by opposing the anti-austerity.

So - I was hoping to make this a lead in to a post on how the USA, at the center of the world economy, is reaping the benefits of such, but will fall faster and harder than anyone else, precisely because it is at the center. But I will write this little post later. Title: "The Bigger They Are: The Harder They Fall". Bullies, right? That's how bullies are. Well - it is also true in global economics! Stay tuned.

(We already have the highest infant death rate of any industrialized country, and so forth. We will be a third-world country soon enough).

EDIT- Oh, I also meant to say this:

When people, or entire countries, or blocks of countries, take out a loan(s), even though they may use that loan to invest in some completely new technology, they are investing in the creditor's STATUS QUO mindset, mentality, or morality, ("neither a borrower, nor a lender, be"). What does this mean? It means that the lender is being reinforced - usually 10x over - for the lender's expectations of how the future will turn out. The lender has certain risk and prediction scenarios about the so-called future. When people borrow from them, that loan, in today's economics, becomes AN ASSET to the lender, which the lender further invests into it's expectation of the future. You may take out a loan to develop a cheap solar car, (if someone doesn't knock you off first), (despite big banks being on the record for avoiding giving out loans for such!), but guess what the bank does? The bank now parlays that, say, 1 million dollar debt, into the ability to now make 10 million ollars of loans out to the controlling, status quo OIL INDUSTRY, who shall CRUSH YOU.

See how it works? Capital accumulation into centralised planning by a few BANKS is not too much different than centralised planning in so-called Communist countries, (STATIST countries - as in STATUS quo). So, when everybody has no choice but to borrow from status-quo, "too-big-to-fail" centralised banks, then everybody ends up INVESTING IN AN EXPECTATION OF THE FUTURE WHICH BECOMES MORE AND MORE UNREAL.. That involves all of society in a hustling-and-bustling about which becomes of no ultimate gain - in a dance of FAILURE - of ultimate DOOM. BECAUSE: When you bet on a future which does not exist, you LOSE. And, furthermore, it is the nature of human greed, riding waves of profit from anti-entropic TECHNOLOGY, to invest in failure, once success has been bled! Banks keep to the status quo, and therefore, SUCCESS SHALL BE BLED!!

It is in our human nature as social creatures who defer to "authorities", (banks), to repetatively support ultimate failure, because we want to hew to OUR status quo comfort, and to the status quo dictates and predictions of the so-called authorities, (who once were religious priests, as well as money-changers). CONSEQUENTLY, we keep forcing ourselves into FAMINES. Just look at economic bubbles - triggered by the slightest dip in commodities - these BALLOON beyond reality, and then they POP, sending society into a drastic plunge of SCARCITY. This only happens because we give richer people the power to play these gambling games, WHICH BENEFIT THEM, AND NOT THE WHOLE OF SOCIETY.

Therefore, one of the greatest wisdoms in religions is, e.g., the Judaic rule of group survival, which demads that fields be left fallow every 7 years, as is needed by soil fungi. This also included a forgiving of debts! WHY?

Because debt is always made to someone more wealthy, and these wealthy people and banks have plans for a future which belongs to THEM, and not so much to reality. The whole idea of JUBILEE is grandly organic and realistic, and is as preservative to civilisation as is borrowing into the status quo!!! THINGS MUST CHANGE!!!

Everybody knows this - but it is the ELITES who contradict it! To them, change is only good if it PRESERVES THEM! Yet, the preservation of a select, tiny class is as artficial as fuck, and so support of this status quo - this greedy future - INEVITABLY brings down the entire society. This truth is amplified when societies confront major challlenges, such as the Mayas did during DROUGHT, when everyone becomes so needy and afraid, that the only thing they do, in mob psychology, is either support the status-quo, religious elites taking them to hell, or violently rebel and fail.

Instead of PROGRESSING, stupid fucking primate humans resort to gossip and blame and siding with bullies, and all goes to hell. As I said before, the way of bullies, to fall because of their weakness, is also the way of bully bullshit global economies. Such is the display of MORALISTIC German central banks who did not forgive, and now we see the Euopean Union falling apart, despite all the WELFARE WARFARE from USA NATO.

You want to know why there has been a NAZI revival invading Ukraine? You want to know why the West has also supported both the rise of ISIS and the WESTERN ALLIES' opposition to it, via STAGED TERRIBLIST EVENTS IN CANADA, AUSTRALIA, FRANCE, ENGLAND, JAPAN, AND ETC.?

It is because these fatted elites will stop at nothing to preserve their STATUS quo wealth and power and RELIGIOUS influence, even if it stupidly means the mass extinction of most species on the planet, including we dumb-ass primates.
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