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I am the person who will destroy China.


I play things low-key. Yesterday, someone below was deliberately knocking on the walls below while I was in my kitchen, above. It isn't so good for my heart, but I did not retaliate. I don't do tit-for-tat. I gradually up the ambient noise level, until they are banging and banging, and I let it go once or twice, then I massively retaliate. It's a winning strategy. For various reasons I will not go into, since this is not a post about that.

The problem with low-key is that backwards or amoral people begin to think you are a chump or a woos. They imagine that they are making your testosterone levels drop in submission, when the opposite is true. These people all worship the ways of the FALSE god, DHT, rather than the true god, testosterone.

When I lived in Yee Olde City, the Village Idiot, (aka, TCGGOTC), would play his territorial games, blowing leaves, etc., and he would stop and wave at the police as they drove by. Official brown-nose. Who thinks he owns the place. The police did not wave back.

[Another thing about him was that he had this whiny nasal plaintiff voice, that maybe convinced others that he was harmless, but he was evil. I mention this because Alex Jnnes has been talking today about closet Alpha-males who hide behind soft, high-pitched, NPR voices, getting people to trust them as they turn the knife. (It's true, but there are limits to his comparisons)].

Over these last three years, I have had a few meetings with various police here, over the problem of the Nethers. In all of these meetings, I kept an eye towards the future - towards coming off well in their eyes, depsite the asininity of the situation. But, I really kept these meetings to a minimum, and I don't go out of my way to be a brown-nose to the cops. At the very least, this is anti-professional.

Once, I asked the LL to put up "NO TRESSPASSING" signs on my porch. Why? Because N-Guy kept going up there, to bang on his gf's window. When there is a "NO TRESSPASSING" sign up, then this allows one to take the trespasser to COURT. Legal. I think legal. Well, the sort of sign that the LL put up was, something like: "The POLICE can enter this place anytime the feel like it, if they get the notion." Well, that's not a sign about my ability to prosecute trespassers at all, that is a sad sign of the times, showing off how formidable the police are, supposed to be.

So, two of these signs go up, attracting attention: "POLICE! POLICE! BOOGA BOOGA!" Meanwhile, not only are the Nethers getting more and more antagonistic, but the whole country is becoming involved in the flames of race problems, where blacks are targetting the police, randomly, and everywhere. Because (only) black lives matter. So, you see, from the Nethers, and from my LL and her signs, I get pulled in further into the national bullcrap. WHAT IS SO WRONG WITH WANTING TO LIVE, AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS??????? Instead, this was perverted by the sad, sad times. As is happening EVERYWHERE - and we must stop it!

Because I am white, I am now looking like I am a brown-nose to the police, even while I detested such in TCGGOTC.

Because I am white. This was the forgone conclusion that the Nethers played up from day one. I move from Yee Olde City, where I warned neighbour blacks to beware of TCGGOTC, who is a great white Satan, and suddenly I am being regarded, by trouble-stirring psychos in this town, that I am the great white Satan.

I detest garbage in either direction.

So - everybody is running out of money and opportunities, because they voted in Clinton and Bush and Obama to send their jobs overseas, and their lives into Afghanistan, and their security endangered by ElQiaida/ ISIS OVER HERE and amongst our allies. Yet, everybody wants to uphold their impossible mega-egos, fed by the Reagan shitology, and now by DEPRESSED oil prices. LET THERE BE NO BOUNDS TO THE VORACIOUS DEMANDS OF ME-GO! And this gets all the worse, the more cult-like the population becomes.

How easy for these pompous dupes to be played off against each other.

The ways of this town are weird. People wave or honk at each other as they drive by. It's a mini-solidarity, chummy chummy thing. And nothing beyond seems to get done, except for quaint, Green-Acres incompetence. It looks kinda ridiculous to me. I play it low-key, and try to steer clear of this hokey-pokey riff-raff, although I am nice and respectful to people who walk by.

Today, a police guy drove by in the big Sheriff's police pick-up truck. I was with dog. I somewhat looked over. And the police guy WAVED at me! It was probably one of the cops I have met in the past. Signalling to me that the state of the neighbourhood was good, what with me, and with him, and all the police, and all. Actually, the police here didn't do much other than being prodded to help, which they were slow to do. (This is partly understandable). But, it was great to be waved at by a policia, and I waved back, but probably too late for him to see me.

See - being low-key - I figure it is best for me to make no friends either with riffraff or with police - just walk my own individual way through all the noise. But, it seems necessary. The whole, "safety in numbers," BS. Again, I am drawn in, and some black guy driving by sees me wave, and looks at me like I am in league with the devil. SEE? See how it happens. It's ALL a bunch of nonsense.

It would help if the new neighbours downstairs saw me exchanging waves, though. The new neighbours are impressionable.

In general, I don't now when to wave, etc. Basically, it is important to wave a lot here. I don't know what it means. It says we are good friends when maybe we ran into each other once or twice. I think this whole society has borderline personality disorder. The minute I moved in here, three years ago, the Nethers assumed we were in some kind of relationship, and proceeded to attack me surreptitiously. No matter how hard I tried to maintain a detached civility, by the end,N-Girl was SPITTING at me. I THINK THIS IS A PROBLEM. It is a giant sucking sound. It is a desperate mass narcissism forcing you to spend money on bad relationships, booze and sports.

I don't know who we are or what this is all about. I know I have to get out of this state, and hopefully of the status-quo. Everyone will all go down all as one - despite each imagining themselves to be independent bad-asses.

On the other hand, I am convivial with everyone, (unless I decide to scorn someone). I believe in humanity and civility and free potato chips and as much sex as is viable. I believe in stepping forth and being a man and waving at a cop, because we are all in this together.

Yesterday, the big tall black lush came by, which I may have posted about. He shouted at people to give him cigarettes. He shouted at me, and I just lowered my paw and pointed at him, "I know YOU!"

Meanwhile, the girl across the way saw this, and was apparently impressed, and actually looked over at me. More on her later.

"I know, how ya doin, buddy?!" He responded, "Got any cigarettes?..." Etc. Blah blah.

So, at least I had some riffraff to wave at, to balance off waving at the hated copper.

Also, the newer rolly-polly bad-ass black guy next door is suddenly liking me, after I almost screamed at him for being on our property. He showed me his new hat, and gave me some stupid gang signal - twice. Like, get a repertoire.

It's nice to learn local ways, but I have got to get out of here. I've learnt enough. Sad to leave humans behind, when I am some sort of rising, silent, pathetic pillar of strength in this godforsaken hood. Everyone is human. But I have things to see, people to do!

I need to squeeze out at least 5 social-commentary, ironic, funny, deep novels.

btw - we are the last gasp of a crashing world depression, and it rankles me to hear liberals parading about as if the low price of gas is some sort of proof that Obama is a great success. I saw this coming way back when the Baltic Dry Index was freakishly low. There is so much going on. Yemen. The Saudi King is dead. SO many people are getting knocked off by the global national insecurity state. I honestly don't know where to begin - but this is too much trouble, saying we are nothing less than close to the end.

Then - we've got all the geological weirdness going on.

Yo - movie on David Foster Wallace, ("Infinite Jest"), and Wallace would have hated it!

btw - OK - good things in my life, despite finding out that Bee-Girl is married: Cop waves at me. Married female friend from HS sends card to me. She is a quality person, but chained to my family. Good dreams. Squeeking through this month's finances while still able to buy wine. Heard from best friend in Philly.
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