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semi-theme-post - MANKATO vs IOWA CITY, etc.

I want to go back to the days when I could not see behind every bit of news. I wanted the big picture and I got it. Moron later.

One reason I am disappointed in humanity is: the behaviour of the new people downstairs. With some allowance for deviation, their behaviour is exactly the same as the Nethers. My brain is learning too much about today's society - more than my heart can stomach.

Today, I traversed great distances, and trapsed along to a so-called liquor store, just to stock up on wine, because the downtown store closed. It turned out to be a bar. I don't understand this town. The paucity of Irish ancestors is glaringly obvious. But - so many things are closing - even the Taco Shoppe, even when this towne is filling up with illegal Mexicans. But - you think THIS is bad - NOBODY has a clue abut what is coming. And I GOTTA GET OUT SOON.

How lamentable, that, first N-Guy, and now the new bf, is stuck on playing these games of jealousy and spite and passive-aggressive dominance and racism. It's disgusting. The world will have bigger fish to fry.

Regarding the Obama address... Hopefully, I will post on this. Basically, it's all worthless "messaging", which means nothing. REAL MEN DO NOT "MESSAGE". Conveniently, WDC keeps getting plugged up like a toilet, and everything that is done is meant to play for political BLAME. It actually makes me naseous just to think about what is going on. Before you new liberals drop me, at least wait until you read my upcoming "political" posts. Everybody seems urgent to DROP THE REAL MIDDLE.

The main thing about the address is that nothing in it is substantial in the real world - nothing can be accomplished - it is all FLUFF and WORDS and BS MESSAGING. The only thing where progress can be made is in the infrastructure topic. Oh wait - that s the only REAL, MEANINGFUL thing...


This is one reason why I am disgusted by Americans. THEY ARE LETTING THIS FUCKING CRAP HAPPEN. TO THEM!!!!

So - I guess there are two modica of progress lately. First of all, I am gathering my psyche back towards being a long-term writer of fiction. I am a dazzling poet, and a pretty good story-teller, and so I have no fears about being successful. These last years, I have been barraged and consumed by the pathos and trivialities of human pointlessness. I took shelter in seeking to know the mysteries of the Origami Universe, and yet none of you seem to care about this - about the context of your own existence. Everybody talks about the GOD, but nobody every does anything to SEE him. NOW. HERE AND NOW. Like men with embarrassing small penises, everything is a front - compensatory bullshitting: "MY god if bigger than YOUR god!"

I had an idea for a TV sitcom. (But my approach is to write novels, and then move towards other media. I mean - I've chosen not to write screenplays and story-boards. The novel is the best vehicle for truth. Yet... I hate fiction. I don't read fiction anymore. I am too sick and foggy, and don't have the time in my overwrought life. But the best way to reach people is through a fiction that can be easilly and successfully adapted into a movie or TV series). I just need to get away from this constant trouncing upon my creative spirit!

My idea for the sitcom would be a fair success. When I think about writing it as a novel, it has issues. These issues can be worked out. Of course, I have a tonne of other ideas from the past, which are still waiting to be released from imagination. Unfortunately, I don't discuss these ideas in LJ. But, I do feel the need to write coming back.

Maybe it's just because I have numbed my mind so much to the GALACTIC issues, that it is an easy step back for me. Sometimes I think that fiction is CHEATING.

Well, the other movement I have made is in studying wither I might move, to which, hither-to-hence. Minnesota has been a state that has been on my list, from some earlier comparative study. I have problems with Minnesota, including the possibility that it might sink under water one day. (It is wrong to dismiss all these recent EARTH CHANGES. At least it isn't too much closer to YELLOWSTONE. CBS "60 Minutes" did a little bit on Yellowstone super-volcano).

I am interested in Mankato, Minn. A fairly progressive college town, with a Mayo clinic, and etc. Rents are not too high. Minnesota also has commendable "Medicaid". Good on LGBT scores. But - I noticed some scary things. One is that the town is high on the RELIGION index. That can mean a lot of dogma, stigma, and games. In fact, the history of the town shows that there was once a large massacre of Native Americans, which was widely covered up. I also saw a comment stream, where someone from Mankato was commenting that it was normal for people in the Midwest to be PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE - nooooo!!!!!!

While I wouldn't find any passive aggressive blacks there, maybe a lot of passive-aggressive whites - which are as bad or worse. I also found that, while there was a healthy 9% of Irish ancestry, there was like 30-35 percent German. Well, I don't mind living with Norwegians and Swedes, but in towns which are so German, I have seen problems. One problem is that, in Wisconsin, they can swing far right to far left, yet always be fundamentalist. I know this from living in Wisconsin.

The town wherein I presently live has a high percentage of German ancestry, (which is very Wisconsin), and a high percentage of blacks, (which is very Illinois). NEVER THE TWAIN SHALL MEET HERE. I have never seen as much racism and stultification as I have, here in this town, from both blacks and from whites. It seems to me that Germans and blacks don't mix well.

On the other hand, Irish and blacks mix fairly well, despite the rogue drag-out wars, at a local scale. I think this is because Irish are Catholic, (and also have a history of being downtrodden in America). You don't see as much racial division in Catholic countries, e.g., Brazil, although there will always be stratification along degree of skin colour. In fact, I have a hypothesis that large USA cities with high Irish-Catholic populations, and also large black populations, have shown a history of libral mismanagement, and have ended up, paradoxically, with an overabundance of racial problems, in addition to corruption.

Milwaukee has high German ancestry, and a large black population. But, the weird thing about Milwaukee is that the majority of the population is Catholic. Well, this sort of lay-out is the same in Mankato - high German ancestry, but mostly Catholic. I find this interesting. The difference about Mankato is that is has almost no blacks. But I am not ust concerned about racialised blacks - I am also concerned about racialised whites...

When you go west or north of Illinois, which is a really screwed up state, you get a drop of black population, and a correlated rise of white racism. I read in a comment stream that there are "two Minnesota's" - Minneapolis/ Saint Paul, and all the area outside. All the area outside is backwards-thinking, including racist. Now, I have walked into such societies before, where I have felt more like a black person, defending black people. I have black feelings in my heritage.

Apparently, though, Mankato is not as bad as Saint Cloud. But - you gotta wonder how permanent is the anti-racism in a progressive town, where students are simply getting away, and rebelling against their parents... Might not these same studets eventually grow up to be racist conservatives, as well?

On the other hand, many of the blacks in Illinois, who may emigrate there, are just assholes - racists themselves, as documented in the Nether posts, etc. So, it would be natural that whites would react to THEM in a racist way. ACTUALLY, it is not so much RACE that is the problem, as it is URBAN ECONOMICS. The whole mentality of people WHO RENT rather than own. Of people suckled on government help, versus no other opportunities. Opportunities are promised profusellly in the media, as is violence-as-a-solution. Yet, in mainly Democratically-held cities, blacks are prevented from owning guns, quiet in contradiction to urban whites. Therefore, there is a lot of BULLSHIT violence - passive aggressive games - while the real players go out and get guns illegally. (So, the authority who is respected is the MEAN-WORLD "authority").

It is a whole flip-side of the rural mentality - it is not necessarilly a racial flip-side. THAT BEING SAID, denied CLASSISM in America has shunned the poor, IDENTIFYING THE POOR AS BLACK. A weird side-effect of this mentality has been an even greater ignorance of the growing numbers of white poor.

Speaking of urban economics... It was when MLK went from a justice campaign based on race to a campaign based on CLASS, that, (eh-hem, LBJ), the Fed, et al, shot him down. But, now, a lot of blacks are claiming MLK Day not based on class justice, and not even on race justice, but on the colour of their skin - not on the content of anyone's character. This is the absurd logical extension of, "identity politics". And, these seem like a few blithe words - but there is a whole lot of travesty behind them.

But look at how the whole ground-swell supporting Trevon Martin revolted against OCCUPY as being, "inherently racist." Somehow, it is racist to see that the capitalist economic structure supercedes regional race contests, and even proliferates them. It is as blind as denying entropy itself. Get locked in that mindset, and all that we are left with is squabbling personal issues, while we all get slammed by some cosmic cataclysm. There is no thinking going on behind it. This is so superficial, and yet it takes lives, ultimately.

I really laud MLK, who was low enough to plagerise, as rising enough to see that it was economics, a structure of human greeds and dogmas, which created the plight of the poor, including blacks, and others. If we do not want to be judged by the colour of our sin, he may have pondered, then we must not judge that the plight of blacks is mainly caused by skin-racism - but possibly by something BEYOND.

BTW - A little while ago, I was out with my dog. Gladly, apparently, the downstairs peeps were gone. Two me-so-tough black guys went by. Then, some loud gigantic black guy in a hoodie sort-of overpowered them, talking. Then, he walked my way, and started shouting, asking if I had some cigarettes. I just pointed at him and said, "I know YOU!" I did. I knew him from various "conversations" at the food trucks. He called me buddy, and I said, no, no more cigs here.

But - I have a friend out there who is gigantic and loud and black, and will make any other black guy cave. In fact, I don't care about the latter stuff. I just care about people being real. Well, the girl-across-the-way, happened to drive home and see this. Normally, she does not bat an eye towards me anymore. This time, however, she acknowledged me. Despite all their showing-offs, and their gigantic dog, I think they do have some trepidation about moving into this mainly black neighbourhood. So, they see me, a white guy, who is not showing off, but who seems to be able to associate with blacks, and they look my way.

That's too bad because I have no interest in them.

I know this. Patience. Do right, and it will be rewarded. In small, "insignificant", ways. And sometimes, in major, powerful ways.

Patience for what?

The justice in the heart.

The people downstairs are a plague - but they are not as bad as the people they replaced.

OK - back to the REAL post...

Another town I am interested in is Iowa City, Iowa. Rents aren't bad. Yes, they have had a tornado and floods, but they have a fair respect for WRITERS. It is a college town, famous for its writing culture. There is also a town 2-3 counties away, where they will pay $2500 to help you move you mobile home there. What is this town? Newton, Iowa. This is where MAYTAG established, and became renowned. It apparently has a decent arts culture, but not as much as Iowa City.

(The downstairs neighbours have returned and are now banging below. And stomping. I am tempted to bang. They have NO IDEA WHAT I CAN DO UP HERE ha ha. I need to keep to my longer, non-reactionary plan).

This is crappy wine. It tastes like INDUSTRY, with added alcohol. Avoid it: "Domino". All I want is resveratrol and a little alcohol to dull my senses against shapr noises from downsatirs.


Maybe you can tell me which town you think would work best for my poisonality!?!?!?!!!!Pleeeeeeese!!!!!.....


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