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I am the person who will destroy China.

Nelson Mandela? - reformulated for your digestion!!

The new girl downstairs came over and asked if she could use my snow shovel. I said sure. Then I confirmed identity and told her she was cute. This does not mean that all is hunky-dory here. For example: There are THREE people living downstairs when the lease only allows one. I just hope they don't get a dog - a reactionary dog.

I was wearing my funky brown striped terry-cloth robe from Turkey, and my bedecked black pajama pants, and..... my girly black fuzzy slippers with two toggle-balls on each. She stared at them when she came over. And then she tried to catch a glimpse when she returned the shovel. Ha ha.

I really have sexy designs on the infamous Bee-Girl, (a completely different person), and I don't know when I will confront her again. But this is the girl I want, for some unknown reason. Actually, there are reasons, which I could post about later. I am SO attracted to her! Basically, the last time I saw her, I told her I was no good for her. But this was not such a bad thing. Because I think she is conservative. Why do I think this? She hides her sexy hooters behind floppy sweaters. And etc. So, maybe she will admire my moralistic constraint, and want me even more! Ha ha.

No. Seriously. I am no good for her. But - I leave it up to her to decide otherwise. I am all about empowering people. Seriously. This is my game. Which I have been losing all my life - waiting for the right one, race unimportant. As long as she doesn't have antennae.

I have never told you that I once made a "mandala" which meant to combine all the basic religious symbols, from all the main religions, into one. When I can deal with my camera again, I will take a pic, and post for yee. I will make it into an icon, as well.

Anyway, I placed this mandala in my front door window, right when the Nethers left, but I slightly "hid" it behind a Christmas decoration - a hanging xmas sock. A few days ago, I removed the sock, and now the whole mandala is visible - from far away(!) Part of the mandala seems to say that blacks and whites should be together. But, really what it says is that Yin is also in Yang, and vice versa.

Also - a weird thing about this mandala: I chose to contrast colours on the spectrum wheel. So, a prominent blue opposes a prominent orange, (which I recently replenished). The weird thing about this is that the prominent colours are blue and orange. These same colours are rumoured to be the same colours promoted by the NWO, and the U.N.

(When I was high on mushrooms, I saw the awesomeness of pink on azure-blue, and I later made on online identity name out of this).

Anyway, so, this new girl knocked on my door, and obviously saw my mandala. And she also saw my girly cat-like boots, (saying I meant no thumpety-thump), and so who knows what she thinks in her secret brain?!

While I am making this post, I will be responsible to the title, and say more on Nelson Mandela!

Nelson Mandela - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nelson_Mandela - is a King among Kings, in my book, such as it is. I marched for him even as a boy. This last year, he died. I placed a candle in my window that night, which did not deter the stupid racism from the Nether People.

But. Did you know that the USA See-Eye-Aye were involved in the original imprisonment of Nelson Mandela, which lasted well over 20 years?

Then, the whole involvement of the Mandela family is highly suspect... TIMING and so forth... More at some later post...

Well, it concerned me, when See-Eye-Aye-culled Obama rushed into visit him, and then he died.

There is a WHOLE LOT OF CRAP going on in the world that most normal sheeple will not sign onto, I don't know where to start anymore.

Let me just cue you on on the latest crap in France. It is clearly, once again contrived to move our allies into a war against Muslim states. Same thing in Australia - and in liberal USA cities. Why do we must war against a mass of people of another religion??? Because fucktard banksters, etc., want to divert our attention away from te DEPRESSION ECONOMY, and not send the richest 1% TO FUCKING JAIL WHERE THEY FUCKING BELONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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