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privacy - or tyranny

Today is the birthday of someone I met on LJ after I began the radical LJ community, "lj comm="wiki-truth">, all about WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, and related. (Madman is always cutting-edge). This fellow started a mere personal account on LJ, and yet was fanatical about reposting all the WikiLeaks stuff into it. He live in Australia, and, for all I know, he might have been Assange hmself. I think this persona was not stupid, and so the only reason I could see him posting so much, where it wouldn't be read, was that he wanted to keep a record. Which is great. He was also a member of my community, wiki_truth, which you are invited to join. I may pay to change the community name to something encompassing all noble whistleblowers.

In commemoration of this birthday, I am making this post about noble whistleblowers, and related! This is not only history, it is actually really iteresting reading, I think you will enjoy! Please feel free to follow up with your own research, links and comments.

Julian Assange was born out of discordant family situations, starting in Townsville, Australia, which looks like a nice place in which to live. (I am an Aussie). [Just an aside: I recently learnt that there are three secret USA para/ military bases in Australia. One in my beloved Tasmania; one in N.S.W., and one very near Alice Springs, which is in the centre of the continent. This latter base is possibly one of the most nefarious on Earth. Consider, please, that trillion$ of moneys have been dumped into para/ military illicit projects, including space-weapons, and underground bases. Secrecy gives rise to half-true conspiracy speculations: e.g., - see the full site and get smacked by the NSA - ]

The things that Assange, and Snowden, and Madden, etc., published were not conspiracy theories - THEY WERE REALITIES. They are highly sophisticated realities - well developed - THAT means that they have been in operation for a LONG TIME. Well, here are some groovy links -

Julian Assange - One wonders what might be the difference between Murdoch FOX Libertarianism, which supports corporatist, NAZI status quo, and Assange's, "Market Libertarianism", which seeks to undermine all that, pretty much.

[I was once, long ago, proud of compatriot, Rupert Murdoch. Hell - who doesn't love the Simpsons, and House, and Family Guy? But, we have all learnt about the the lies of Faux News by now, and we shoudl consider that a certain futile class cyncism has been promulgated by the entertainment aspects of this network. And, lest you not be aware, there was a serious scandal in the UK originating from SUN and "FOX", wherein one higher-up was clearly assassinated. It had to do with cell-phone hacking and spying. Since then, I have been studying how FOX has been influencing and interplaying with politics here in the USA - and it is a strange story. Too much for this post. But, please keep your eyes on this kind of stuff].

But - there are big differences, if we can get past the confuzzling term, "Libertarianism."

Assange is basically a small-town capitalism lose-cannon, applied to the global stage. THAT is a very good thing. I find it comforting that he was given assylum by one of the most honestly CATHOLIC countries on the planet, Ecuador, which was supported by other Latin American countries. My association with Ecuador goes way back into my boyhood listening to the renowned, "HCJB," shortwave radio station, from Quito.

Julian Assange -

The Sydney Peace Prize - - (I have decided that this is the only prize I want to live).

(The city of Townsville, Australia - )

(The Wikileaks Party - )

(Market liberalism - )

(Economic liberalism - - I am sorry - globalist corporations ARE NOT INDIVIDUALS and have no rights over me! )

Chelsea ("Bradley") Manning -

United States v. Manning -

Edward Snowden -

Some ways to maintain your privacy!!!!!!..........

- You can search via IXQUICK (aka StartPage) - - by now, they should also have privacy-secure email !!!!!

- You can make settings on Firefox, to not be followed. But. Eh. You can also use "GHOSTERY" and "No Script" - these are worth adding !!!!

- Get off your operating system and go onto (Linex) UBUNTU !!!!!!!!!!!!

- If you are on standard, then get TOR -

However - be aware that th NSA is therefore targetting TOR -

also -

or, search - 'Peeling back the layers of Tor with EgotisticalGiraffe' – read document
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