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Yay - a fundamentalist took the gumption and willfully removed me from her flist! She was making derogatory posts about people who eat meat, and then one of her pets died. So I asked her if there might be some kind of correlation between her vegan fundamentalism and the death of her pet, ha ha, cuz, you know, that's often how it goes with people.

I wanted to give her time to think about this, and was ready to make her co-mod of my anti-meat LJ community, but she stupidly dropped me instead. So. Listen. I don't care what flag you wave. LEFT OR RIGHT. Nothing gives you the right to call people names and act like you are better than everybody else.

It doesn't give you the right to shut out science - e.g., on climate change, or on nutrition, or on illnesses like CFS where certain nutrients are needed, and so forth. It doesn't give you the right to sit up on a rich, hoity-toity soapbox and sling arrows at people, when you have no awareness of how your wealth has exploited and killed both people and animals.

I am pro-veggie. But I also feel that some meat nutrition is necessary, especially to many people with chronic illnesses. To not give dogs meat is both artificial and cruel. GROW UP.

If anybody who has an open mind would like to co-mod my anti-meat community, you are welcomed to let me know here.

PS - She never allowed comments on her derogatory posts... And mostly what she posts about is fantasy-land fan-fic or gaming, idk wtf.
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