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Look, Mommy! 36 Vapourised Banksters are falling from the sky!

I loved, "War of the Worlds." Movie. Book. Radio broadcast. You all know this. How prophetic it was. Big cellphone towers, drinking our blood, and such. Well,

I have posted about the continuing, drawn-out coincidence of suddenly-suicided bankers and banksters. I have been convinced that the vast majority of these have not been suicides, (although some were). Most have been covert offings and disappearances. One reason for coming to this conclusion is not simply the internal coincidences, but the fact that these deaths so resembled many other clear offings which have occurred in recent years, not involving the banks. This general subject needs more posting - (and the closest book about it is by the former head star of, "L.A. Law" - I forget his name).

These offings most likely are attempts to squash leaks concerning some giant, overwhelming secret, (over which other bankers have actually chosen to quit their positions). My best guess is that this secret concerns the plans for impoverishing the world through the deliberate, impending implosion of the insane DERIVATIVES BUBBLE. This implosion would favour CEOs at Goldman-Sachs, and select others, and would necessitate widescale military force against the millions of newly impoverished. That's my best guess.

This sudden impoverishment coincides with other real trends, the nature of capitalism, and some prophesies I have been open-minded to. This tragedy is to be of unprecedented scale and destruction. This is my guess. It does not mean it cannot be stopped, if people become aware and make fast changes through WDC. Otherwise, the carnage will be great, and it will be convenient to hide it behind the innocent crimson of a Race War and Ebola. Hopefully not.

So - Here's yet another instance of a fallen banker. - ''Riddles'' Surround 36th Dead Banker Of The Year - by Zero Hedge | December 8, 2014
52-year-old Belgian Geert Tack – a private banker for ING who managed portfolios for wealthy individuals – was described as ‘impeccable’, ‘sporty’, ‘cared-for’, and ‘successful’ and so as Vermist reports, after disappearing a month ago, the appearance of his body off the coast of Ostend is surrounded by riddles… - (Read more via link above).

(The writing is very odd, like a rough translation or scan. But)... There is, included, a list of the other known terminated bankers and banksters. It includes several bankers from JP Morgan (Chase/ IMF), a Rockefeller, and a managing director of Goldman-Sachs. This list appears to be chronological. If fully so, then the knock-offs show a pattern of deliberate planning. And, the list begins with a journalist from the Wall Street Journal, (owned by Murdoch's corps), and then a communications director for Swiss Bank. This suggests a leak of giant proportions. Then the list goes to Deutsche Bank, and several from JP Morgan.

There are a few IT people. It is speculation about what the big secret is, which is being defended - whether it is about something that happened, or something that will happen. But, it may involve trading and or currency involving Europe, JP Morgan and/or IMF, and Goldman-Sachs.

If in the past, it may have been that Goldman-Sachs deliberately set up various countries in Europe to fail on their loans and currencies, running them into austerity programmes for the Central Banks. What would make this even more egregious would be that it may have been done as a deliberate strategy of the USA (shadow) "government", (lead around by the nose by G-S).

If in the FUTURE, then it is most likely about the coming derivatives bubble, which is currently being attempted to be Trojan-Horsed through Congress, to hold taxpayers holding the bag, for the likes of Goldman-Sachs. Such vast, expert offings suggest that USA intelligence agencies and/or rogues were behind it. And that suggests that Obamma was behind them, much as I would like to think otherwise. However...

Recall that Obamma continues to stack his Cabinet and the Fed with Banksters and covert militants; has been secretly working to pass the illegal corporate TPP for 6 years, (see upcoming post); and was secretive and controlling from the very beginning, when seeking White House job applicants online, or when being massively surrounded by overbearing militants along his inaugural motorcade route. So. This is where the real action is, folks. Note, also, that Obamma oversaw a slew of firings of military generals and higher-ups, following Benghazi, and the secret transfer of Nuqe warheads from Texas to South Carolina, followed by Lindsay Graham's open claim that Iran was about to Nuqe Charleston harbour - (wut?!) Who knows what offings may be attributable to Obbama. We have all read that he has an ongoing list of viable prospects, including drone candidates overseas.

And, note that all the stuff in the Middle East and Africa is about oil, the petro-dollar, BANKS, and grabbing resources away from (BRIIC) China and Russia. Not so much for national interest, but for love of money by a handful of errant puppetmasters.

(Perhaps a year ago, I posted a list of many bank CEOs and managers who had also quit their lucrative jobs. Also posted in o_c_c_u_p_y I will later see if I can link you to such posts. Also, my recent post on the Trojan Horse derivatives legislation, immediately below, has new links added to it).

BTW - do you know what is (also) strange? Well, first of all, at least Obbama has been trying to shrink away Guantanamo, the only way the GOP leaves available to him, by emptying it of prisoners. That was why he wanted to trade 5 prisoners for one (or was it 2?) American hostages, (not foreseeing the public outcry about this). That is now why a number of other Guantanamo prisoners are being sent away to... Uruguay. Uruguay?? What's in Uruguay? Well, that little country, (which is well situated to weather some global catastrophe), is where GW Bush bought a bunch of land for himself - as an emergency retreat, presumably. Isn't that odd?

(Remember all those NAZIs who fled to nearby Argentina - another place where NeoCon, Chicago School, Vulture Capitalism RAPE was perpetrated on the economy, reducing that rich nation into poverty? The Bush family has had long association with past and present NAZIs).

Meanwhile, GW Bush is on Hannity, lauding his father, and Clinton, (NAFTA), and his, "sister-in-law," Hillary, with his wife chiming in with her own press presentations. If any of you think I have been selectively attacking Obamma in this post - nope - I am talking about a systemic infection.

Also, Uruguay has a history of being ruled by a feudal oligarch. (See Wiki).

The question is: Do we have a training camp now established down there?

And, you can do your own contemplations about all the UFO-type weaponry standing ready, built by the shadow-rogue governments from our own pilfered tax moneys. Events like this - including global depression - will not unfold without the cover of war, when the rich can rush off to their underworld retreats, with their wealth intact, before the violence...

Not to mention whatever real ALIEN UFOs may have been involved in their designs, and/or may have been watching over us to save us from our own Earthly impulses towards destruction, so perfectly embodied in the corrupt lives of these misguided elites. Perhaps the next 9/11 will involve UFOs coming out of Uruguay, dropping CARE packages full of Ebola. That would be a nice symbolic homage to the Smallpox-laced blankets and Whiskey that some white marauders gifted to the Native Americans. The War of the Worlds has always been now.

(Note: Doug Hagman just now briefly spoke on Coast-to-Coast on this very subject, saying the total of suspicious banker deaths is actually at about 55. Facts are being twisted and covered up, and media accounts conflict with autopsy reports).
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