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Origami - versus randomness - (versus control paradigm)

Posted on 2014.11.30 at 16:12
Read on in small handfuls...

Statistical near-impossibilities. Why do they seem to happen more than expected? Meaning. Synchronicity. Chance? Choice? Stochasticity! Then, the official statistical authorities come out and explain that all near-impossibility is possible, and sometimes even likely. But why are flukes the norm? Because anything is possible, they say, pretty much.

So, what really is statistics, anyway? Is it REAL or RELEVANT. What good is it? What it is good for is making gross averages and predictions of general activities. It isn't the same thing as truth. Measurement is not reality. The experience of observation is reality. And this is based, not merely on a calculation and pursuit of ordered possibilities, (reasonable expectations), but also on the possibility of flukes, of chance, of randomness. In fact, deep down, consciousness lusts for a global womb of randomness - the psychic experience.

And, then, the experience of observation, of expectation, is very much based on SUPERSTITION, as well. The EMERGENCE of order from randomness sometimes defies statistics, partly because stats can never encompass ALL RELEVANT VARIABLES, including subatomic, emotional influence, cross-universe entanglements. We scientists naively think otherwise, putting our faith in our ability to measure what is real, externally, in our (subjective) TIME, in a world of beings, not in an experience of Being.

That the farthest flukes can be explained away by comfortably installed statisticians - this is a form of fundamentalism. I do not dismiss, on the other hand, the often proven tendency of stats to correctly explain bizarre flukes, by reference to a bigger picture, more variables. (See, "Multifactoral!").

But, arising from the world of excitable particles, along with a psychic field pattern, is sheer randomness. Somehow, from this randomness, molecules form, cells construct order, minds conjure integers, and ants fight chaotically amongst each other, while from all this randomness, a perfect ant-bridge, or mound, or tunnel, somehow EMERGES.

Even as we individually imagine ourselves to be determined and orderly and rational, convinced by deep emotions or intuition or religion, we turn out to be as predictable as tossed coins, or molecules excited by the heat of the sun. Nevertheless, amenable Order still arises from it all. Our superstition often keeps us alive, when the bigger tribe, or environment, or picture, is considered. we are vain when we conclude that our constructions of order did never involve superstition, or the psychological concepts of intermittent reinforcement, paradoxical learning, fight-flight responses, denial, and silly hunches. Most great scientific discoveries where inspired by DREAMS. This is how life works.

To seek to control this natural force, this power of the will, this universal conspiracy and intimacy, to to play a dangerous game of whack-a-mole, certain to collapse our selves, by way of our sublime environments.


Across randomness, origami reaches and builds order. Order is defined by the observer. It is the experience of observation which conveys meaning, ergo, order. Further, information - order - exists BECAUSE, not merely of measurement, but of the experience of observation. (Being). All information, therefore, is imbued with some emotion. In the same way that all particles are selflessly bounded together, across the universe, in "one" dynamic field pattern of energy, (and consciousness), all variables in the biggest of pictures are influencing every existence.


(Note: Mull over this and my idea that, "irony is an inherent property in the universe").

Further, our emotions, and expectations, and information, are influenced by this essence. This is how MEMORY can exist OUTSIDE OF THE BRAIN. (And outside local space/time). I have verified this phenomenon in dreams where true info beyond my awareness was introduced. This is also how prophesy of the FUTURE, like intuition, is possible. However, there is no one future - all futures are available, yet extant, possibilities.

On the one hand, order, and wild coincidences, are created from randomness, (or, "roughness"), on the big and the little scale, (establishing a kind of 'superconducting' highway of order between scales), through STOCHASTIC RESONANCE, through quantum entanglement, through forces like gravity, through neg-entropy systems, through SELF-ORGANISATION, through the related phenomenon of EMERGENCE - through simplicity from compexity.

On a more questioned level, reality is ordered across dimensions, through wormholes, through conscious contact from beings of some other universe or even time.

Practically speaking, there emerge gross laws of the universe, where apparent balance, or, "equation," is preferred; where cold and hot even out; where angular momentum is countered by gravitational pull; where light apparently travels at 186,000 mps; where math seems inherent in reality; where beings are born to eventually die, etc. But these are locally observed an measured, and said to be truths.

Along the horizons of this safe bubble universe of order, quantum phenomena bubble with uncertainty beyond even randomness itself, and the universe dissolves into "non-existent" dark mass and energy, comprising 95% of the entirety. These are more than horizons to local certainty, they are exceptions disproving the rule, promising ultimate death, even to our infinite, safe bubble universe.

One the other hand, it is we who observe who are responsible for extracting - or constructing - this bubble of order - this habitable holograph. Only in our experience of observation are these emergencies of order - of REALITY - created. This is the wonder of existence. Finite beings (particles) are brought into existence, able to conceptualise, but only through a conspiracy of our shared consciousness (field pattern) which is beyond finite, beyond local, beyond law, beyond existence.

Origami meaning and synchronicity, and laws of the universe, reaches across, constructing, by our very experience of observation, which is ultimately impossible. As heaven is impossible, so too is ego, in this temporal realm.

The magic is in the transcendence of this stricture.

(See also, "double paradox").

Trying to extend control over all this, which all beings attempt to do to survive, is to perpetually undo it, and ourselves. Meaningfully, when we over-control, we invite the wrath of "god" upon us. The balance we disturb reaches so much farther than the grasp of our eyes or our stats, and there is infinite energy behind every point in space.

Of COURSE there will be these coincidences and meanings and undoings bubbling up in our personal and our national lives! Handing over control and superstition to the so-called, "authorities," is only to accelerate the mass over-control, and hasten the collapse. We must dream again.


That's about enough for now.

Read until your dreams come true!

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