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N-Girl finally left today, but not for too long. I cleaned toilet, and also continued my project of cleaning stove. Yesterday, I started making my giant batch of doggie food, by boiling split peas, as usual. 1/2 pound in about a gallon of water. However, this time, I added baking soda, and no salt. I went away to do stuff. Meanwhile, it all boiled over - and most of it left the pot, flooding my stove, and the sheet below the elements, with pea soup! It was a LOT. I think the cell walls broke and what was left was a lot of Irish-green chlorophyll! It was a striking colour!

So, I definitely had to deal with that ASAP. (Luckilly, no cockroaches have been evident lately, due to my precautionary measures, such as allowing cool air in here). I used this as an opportunity to clean the stove well. I also cleaned the giant wooden cutting board which covers half the stove, including two burners. It seems N-Girl is retaliating against this, in various petty ways. She also left - while I was out w/ my dog, of course - and someone was apparently downstairs, goading their dog to run about and bark, the latter which he didn't do. I wonder who that might have been? PS - I am suddenly very tired - so I don't know if I will be able to post two posts I had "planned." I shall rest and see.

Edit: See comment stream below, for info on how I make wet dog food! - (and also for more nether nonsense).
Tags: animals - dog food, food - baking soda, food - dog food - (& see animals), food - peas, nether people
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