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I have a huge amount of prescription glasses - and also sunglasses. I lost one beautiful blue pair of little glasses when I moved here. They once made Cafe-Saga Kris stop and say, "I like your glasses!" I said, "Nice ass." (Not really I am not like that, see, that's why it's funny). Those glasses were so hip, that I want to eventually go back with the same prescript/descript in hand, and have the same shop craft a duplicate pair so I can at least be buried in them. However, my favourite glasses, (see icon), have survived intact through a lot of adversity. Anyway, I was looking for ANOTHER small pair which have been too FEMI to wear around here, but which I could use if I decide to go trick-or-treating as a 15 year old white trash brat. I don't think I'll do that even though I have the whole costume together. It's too cold and I can't find my black stockings. HOWEVER, I did find a pair of cool sunglasses - large brown frame, narrow/wide. I thought they'd look great on the gay guy who keeps saying HI as he passes, fearing for his life. Today, he walked by, fearing my dog, and I told him to wait, so I went and got the glasses, and gave them to him. He liked them.

I was slightly irked that he kept dwelling on the fact that he was afraid of my dog - all dogs. There was zero way the dog could reach him. People here are entirely motivated by fear, which they then blame on other people, like me. The gay guy doesn't blame me. But, yesterday, I was walking out w/ my dog, and some guy was approaching on the street, from far away, and he yells, "You got no command on that dog!" He had no idea what he was talking about, and no moral right to blame me for something that wasn't at all true. In a perfect world, I would have run out, intercepted him, pushed him off his bike, and beat the crap out of him. He was wearing a weird hat, so I just said, amiably, "You wear a hat like this and he'll probably bite you!" Then, what did he do? He did what everyone does around here. He didn't register what I said, or move forward, he just REPEATED WHAT HE HAD JUST SAID, and rode away, as a rude, cowardly zombie. My dog said, "What's HIS problem?"

So - another thing I found was the following paragraphs. I don't know if this was a full post or a fragment, and/or if it was or not posted. So, I am posting it now, as it deserves to be read (again). It is from the time during the BP oil spill, whenever that was....

It is extremely interesting how natural Earth events, such as droughts, hurricanes, etc., are associated with subsequent economic and/or social trends. There is a physical, cyclical connection between the two, which most historians do not fully recognise. And sometimes, the connection seems completely symbolic or coincidental - but who can say? A lot of things happened in 1980, including th biggest socio-economic shift in this country in the last since the 1930's, which was the trickle-down, supply-side, bankster Class REAGAN REVOLUTION, (which has subsequently destroyed this country). Ronald Wilson Reagan (666) was elected that year. On May 18th of that year, Mount Saint Helen's erupted, as a kind of forewarning of the coming Empire of Doom. Also on May 18th, in the year 1804, Napoleon Bones-apart became the Emperor of France. And we all know how that little hopey-changey thing turned out...

But there are more significant, less symbolic Earth changes that correlate with social changes. For instance, the destruction of so many homes by hurricane Katrina and the Western wildfires had a LOT to do with the bursting of the real estate bubble, around 2007, which expressed itself to us in financial and investment mechanisms of failure. We are fools to not see the natural connections, yet our egoistical, positivistic, always linear Into-The-Future economics requires that we discount the natural. The profits of corporations, the artificial Wealth of Nations, REQUIRES that secondary expenses such as pollution, deaths, alcoholism, accidents, poor planning, etc., - that these costs NOT be accounted for. Instead, government, the commons, and lawyers, are expected to pay these costs should they be discovered. Corporations are, by definition, welfare mothers. Parasites that do selective good for selected groups. Banksters lend out capital selectively to them. The majority of debtors never catch up, because INTEREST due expands at a faster rate than the REAL MONEY available in the broader economy. Only selective groups - elites - can catch up, and subsequently buy the government off.

There is this oscillating tussle between the Bankster Class, (including financiers, large corporations, Imperial Governments, Imperial Churches, and mercenaries), and the Commons, (including debtors, socialist-libertarians, small business and labour, indebted or currency-issuing states, democratic churches and environmentalist-communitarians). These tussles swing to the right for 40 years, and back to the left for 40 years, thus encapsulating the natural effective lifespan of a healthy human being in a position of power and comfort. Likewise, natural Earth changes, and presumably Maya calendar cycle/increments, are correlated with these 80 year cycles, either concurrently, or via perversion into the social synchrony.
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