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The Counter-Conspiracy: A Left-Right Alliance?

I spent a lot of time finding these articles for you, most of which are very good, and important.

Yesterday, I was besieged by internet-squashers, or bullies, or hackers - whatever they may be called. It began when I went to articles at www.infowars.com & www.prisonplanet.com , (the two fantastically popular "right-wing" sites of Alxx Jnnes, rivalled only by the Drudge Report). When I went to www.wn.com, my computer froze permanently. I tried this about four times, after a lot of time and etc., trying desperately not to crash my Firefox. I checked my firewall, and there, again, was injected ICMP traffic, which always precedes a crash, (and/or tampering, possibly including a keylogger).

This same freezing-up had also been happening whenever I went to http://www.thepowerhour.com/news a few months ago, but that has stopped.

(Interestingly, I had been pondering the safety of the wonderful host of that show, Joyce Riley. A week ago, a, "bolt of lightning," came through her window and destroyed one of her computers. I would have no reason to doubt this as being a natural phenomenon and coincidence, in these apocalyptic days, except for 3 things:

(1 - I know there are advanced assault techniques resembling what occurred. 2 - I am quiet certain that many, many people have been offed in various, seemingly natural ways, such as via cancer. The correlations are just too strong. 3 - As I mentioned, Joyce Riley is a very influential person whom certain people would consider undesirable, or in the way).

[BTW - Thanks to William Shakespeare for the ability to clarify the last line above, by editing "not desirable" into "undesirable", which clears up any ambiguity re: "or in the way". Why do I give credits to Willy the Shake? He invented the "un" prefix! We take so much for granted, don't we?]

I have the most strict firewall defenses, and yet privileged spies can still get through - through Microsoft back-doors, and such. I'm just a pathetic little laptop on 56k dial-up. That is like a drunken fly on the wall to Black Lotus or 'En-Ess-Aye' hackers, who not only have massive, fast computing power, and secret "warrants," and a make-work obsession to find problems where problems don't exist, they also have essentially infinite de-encryption abilities, and the ability to target individual computer locations by using the internet grid LIKE A GOGGLE MAP! Seriously. They are able to trace everything on a 3D MAP of the active internet! Haaaa - I just thought I'd mention all that, because it needs to be in our awareness.

Oh - another possible leak.. I am using XP, which is not being patch-updated, meaning new trojans, or methods, can evolve and not be blocked by Microsoft. Possibly, I had a leak through lsass.exe, where Kerberos protocol may have let in Verizon - and we all know that Verizon has not been protective of privacy, to say the least. As a trusted third party, it can be allowed in by lasass.exe, and yet do clandestine things, as requested by certain agencies, who also employ Amazon, Goggle, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I don't know if I want to BLOCK Kerberos, since this is also a valid protocol.

(Well, what this all means to you is that, if you aren't wearing an internet condom, then you may consider not going to the links to www.wn.com, but instead use IXQUICK PROXY to go there! It won't let creeps in, and it is virtually 100% private. Just go to the search engine: http://www.ixquick.com or to http://www.startpage.com - use that search engine, (enter title or link), and then follow to the article via the link, "Use Ixquick Proxy". I urge you to add these as your primary search engines, as well !)

OK - on to the articles. These are far from comprehensive, but I was prompted to create this post about a potential political left-right alliance. (It was the first article below which inspired this*). For many years, I have seen a (far) left-right alliance as something needed and as something inevitable, to some degree. I was well ahead of the curve on that one, folks. Kudos to me - even though all the wisdom got me was just more endless alienation in conventional society. Blame from both sides. (BTW - I hope to write a post about some things which help perpetuation a dysfunctionalising STATUS QUO. One of the ways is the dynamic by which people on the left view and blame people on the right, and vice versa, when in fact they are mostly blaming each other for the sins of the faux MIDDLE, which is a great mound over which they cannot see). Well, to continue, along came Ralph Nader with his book about such a possible alliance of the right and left, called, "UNSTOPPABLE!" That's good. This will be linked to below.

Urgent: Right-Left Alliance Needed to Stop This War! - by David Swanson | Ron Paul Institute | October 9, 2014
"Last year, public pressure played a big role in stopping US missile strikes on Syria. The biggest difference between then and now was that televisions weren’t telling people that ISIS might be coming to their neighborhood to behead them...."
Read more: http://www.ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/featured-articles/2014/october/08/urgent-right-left-alliance-needed-to-stop-this-war!.aspx

* - (First, this note: The first article above is fairly recent. When I went to find it the other day, I found a new article at the same original source, http://www.infowars.com . This new article was an extensive political blame piece about how the LEFT has, "really been pro-war all along." That includes the evil Progressives. The title was something like, "Both Left and Right Agree: War is Popular!" Essentially, the message of the piece was that a left-right alliance WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE - so don't even try! And I wondered how and why this article showed up. You see, a left-right alliance is precisely what the powers-that-be DO NOT WANT. I refer to the bankster class, and such.

There is also a lot of political hay for some miscreants to make by perpetuating the left-right blame game, and its associated elections and campaign$. So, naturally, there are hired people who actively blog and comment against such an alliance, all over the internet.

That got me wondering if the person who wrote THIS article might actually be a plant within the hallowed http://www.infowars.com .

God knows, on the other hand, there is plenty of blame-the-left rhetoric spilling out over there anyway, despite claims of being above partisan politics, or of actually being Jeffersonian Liberal in philosophy - or of working towards a real left-right alliance. I will say that Alxx Jnnes does, nevertheless, have a LOT of "left-wing", or "progressive", guests on his show, including Max Kaiser, Gerald Cilente, Ed Asner, Hal Sparks, Jesse Ventura, and others.

OK - the articles, etc......

Dennis Kucinich and Lawrence Wilkerson Expose US Role in Creating Ukraine Crisis - by Adam Dick | Ron Paul Institute | March 6, 2014
"Breaking through the mainstream media’s suppression of contrary voices regarding the Ukraine crisis, RPI advisors Dennis Kucinich and Lawrence Wilkerson this week expose, on Fox News and MSNBC respectively, the United States government’s role in creating the crisis.

"Kucinich, who served eight terms in the United States House of Representatives and ran for president as a Democrat, pushes past host Bill O’Reilly’s interruptions to state a few sentences of analysis. Asked what he would have done differently as president regarding Ukraine, Kucinich explains:

"'What I’d do is not have USAID and the National Endowment for Democracy working with US taxpayers’ money to knock off an elected government in Ukraine, which is what they did. I wouldn’t try to force the people of Ukraine into a deal with NATO against their interests or into a deal with the European Union which is against their economic interests.'

"Kucinich adds that the Cntral Intlligence Agenncy also took part in US government efforts 'to stir up trouble in Ukraine.'"
Read more - (and Watch complete Kucinich interview): http://ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/peace-and-prosperity/2014/march/06/dennis-kucinich-and-lawrence-wilkerson-expose-us-role-in-creating-ukraine-crisis.aspx

Dennis Kucinich: 'US Lying and Manipulating Fear to Justify War on ISIS' - by Adam Dick | Ron Paul Institute | September 10, 2014
"RPI Advisory Board Member Dennis Kucinich, interviewed this week on the Alan Colmes Show, emphatically argues against the United States military attacking ISIS. In particular, Kucinich explains that the US government is lying and manipulating fear to justify war on ISIS.

"A big part of the US government’s trickery, Kucinich notes at the beginning of the interview, is that US 'ally' Qatar is funding ISIS while the US government is bombing ISIS. Asked by Colmes what Kucinich, a two-time presidential candidate, would do regarding ISIS if Kucinich were 'in power,' Kucinich responds:

"'Well, I’d start with having Qatar stop funding them. I mean, to me it’s not even credible that Qatar could be providing money to ISIS and the US spending $80 billion a year on so-called intelligence doesn’t know that.'"

Read more: http://ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/peace-and-prosperity/2014/september/10/dennis-kucinich-us-lying-and-manipulating-fear-to-justify-war-on-isis.aspx - (CONSIDER USING IXQUICK) -

FORUM: Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich: Allies Against War - By RonPaul.com on September 13, 2010
"Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich appeared on Judge Andrew Napolitano’s Freedom Watch to discuss their alliance against war. - Date: 09/11/2010 - Transcript:"

Judge Napolitano: Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, a lover of big government, recently stated, 'You know what I worry about most: an unholy alliance between the right and the left. That there are some Republicans who are not going to take a, you know, do-or-die attitude for Obama’s war. There are some Republicans that want to make this Obama’s war.'

Judge Napolitano: 'Joining me now are two members of that so-called “unholy alliance”: Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul and Ohio Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich. Gentleman, thank you both for joining me. Congressman Kucinich, to you first. Is there a permanent war mentality in the Congress in Washington, D.C. or is it likely that sensible people in both parties, like you and Congressman Paul, will say, “Enough is enough. It’s too costly in blood, in lives and in money that we don’t have.”'

Dennis Kucinich: 'The answer to your two questions is yes on both counts. There is a permanent war economy and there is a permanent war mentality. And, we’re so much a part of what we do except that it’s counter-productive, it’s costly, it’s killing our ability to take care of things here at home. So, I’m glad to work with Mr. Paul on so many issues relating to what we can do to be secure as a nation and at the same time stop this colossal waste of money and lives which has been involved in, not just the war in Iraq, but also, the ongoing effort to clear the surge into putting even deeper footings into Afghanistan.'

Read more : http://www.ronpaul.com/2010-09-13/ron-paul-and-dennis-kucinich-allies-against-war/ - (CONSIDER USING IXQUICK) -

The Beginning of the Realignment of American Politics - by John V. Walsh | LewRockwell.com | September 12, 2008

FORUM: Author Topic: Points of agreement = massive grassroots coalition...
"No significant political movement takes place without breaking down old alliances and establishing new ones. And so it is with the press conference sponsored today by Ron Paul at the National Press Club. There he was joined by Ralph Nader (Independent), Chuck Baldwin (Constitutionalist) and Cynthia McKinney (Green), to take on the War Party Duopoly.

"To this observer the importance of the event cannot be exaggerated. As Ralph Nader put it, "This is the beginning of the realignment of American politics." It is in fact the realignment that the end of the Cold War demanded but has been so long in coming."

Read more: http://forum.prisonplanet.com/index.php?topic=198869.0 - (CONSIDER USING IXQUICK) -

Jesse Ventura:

"In 2011, Ventura expressed interest in running with Ron Paul for the 2012 presidential elections if the latter decided to run as an independent.[73]

"In September 2012, Ventura announced on several shows, including Piers Morgan Tonight,[78] The View,[79] The Alxx Jnnes Show, and The Howard Stern Show that if a grassroots movement gets him national ballot access in all fifty states and Puerto Rico, as well as access to participate in the presidential candidate debates, he will "seriously consider" running for president in 2016, as an Independent.[80]"

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura
In August 2009, it was announced that Ventura would host TruTV's new show Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura.[103] "Ventura will hunt down answers, plunging viewers into a world of secret meetings, midnight surveillance, shifty characters and dark forces," truTV said in a statement. On the program, which debuted on December 2, 2009, Ventura travels the country, investigating cases and getting input from believers and skeptics before passing judgment on a theory's validity.[104] According to TruTV, the first episode drew 1.6 million viewers, a record for a new series on the network.[105]

The first season was followed by a second season that aired in 2010, and a third season that aired in 2012.[106] After three seasons, the show was discontinued in 2013.[107]

Read more - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesse_Ventura

Here's one you can view: "FEMA camps" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKsAKVePGUw&feature=recentf

Books by Jesse Ventura:
Don't Start the Revolution Without Me - 2008
American Conspiracies - (with Dick Russell) - 2010
63 Documents the Government Doesn't Want You to Read - (with Dick Russell) - 2011
DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans: No More Gangs in Government - 2012
They Killed Our President: 63 Reasons to Believe There Was a Conspiracy to Assassinate JFK - 2014

Note: Jesse Ventura avows that he was screwed, and one of his episodes was never aired, and possibly removed. Perhaps it was about 9.11 - I forget. But, I do believe him, for the most part, because people are always screwing with him, due to his independent personality. This is what happens. To the sane people.

Well, lately, I have not heard Venture on radio. He was scheduled for one show, and never showed up. He has been telling of some serous problems he has been having, and I think he said that his website was destroyed. Today, I discovered that his main site, http://www.weaintgottimetobleed.com no longer exists. So, it is very possible that he is being squelched, prior to the next election. If you don't believe these viscous attacks can occur, well, look at another website I found, attacking Ron Paul - pretending to be Ron Paul's own site! - http://www.ronpaulinstitute.net

A site which I do remember Jesse Ventura being closely associated with, in the past, is http://wearechange.org/ This is a good libertarian site, but I didn't immediately see Ventura on it anymore. - ? idk

However, this "We Are Change" site does have a recent article about an important topic, (which I was reminded of again, last night, listening to, "Handel on the Law," describing a horrendous abuse by a polllice guy of a motorist, wherein his probable objective was to seize any property, within the car, for himself). This is called, "Civil Forfeiture," which is more an more being used to fleece cppps, and gang networks...

Civil Asset Forfeiture: They fought the law. Who won? - WeAreChange: Via: Washington Post, September 8, 2014
"Mandrel Stuart and his girlfriend were on a date driving on Interstate 66 toward the District when a Fairfax County police cruiser pulled out of the median and raced after them. The cruiser kept pace alongside Stuart’s old blue Yukon for a while, then followed behind for several miles before turning on its flashing lights.

"The traffic stop on that balmy afternoon in August 2012 was the beginning of a dizzying encounter that would leave Stuart shaken and wondering whether he had been singled out because he was black and had a police record.

"Over the next two hours, he would be detained without charges, handcuffed and taken to a nearby police station. He also would be stripped of $17,550 in cash — money that he had earned through the Smoking Roosters, a small barbecue restaurant he owned in Staunton, Va. Stuart said he was going to use the money that night for supplies and equipment."
Read more - http://www.washingtonpost.com/sf/investigative/2014/09/08/they-fought-the-law-who-won/http://

And, here's another one from the Washington Post:
Asset seizures fuel police spending: Hundreds of millions of dollars taken from Americans under federal civil forfeiture law... - by Robert O'Harrow Jr., Steven Rich | Washington Post | October 12, 2014

Police agencies have used hundreds of millions of dollars taken from Americans under federal civil forfeiture law in recent years to buy guns, armored cars and electronic surveillance gear. They have also spent money on luxury vehicles, travel and a clown named Sparkles.
Read more: http://www.washingtonpost.com/sf/investigative/2014/10/11/cash-seizures-fuel-police-spending/

mm101 Note: Being alternative, or left+right, doesn't necessarilly mean one will become consumed by information about conspiracies. However, when you step out of the moribund middle, once will inevitably be attracted to knowing more truths, seeing more realities, weighing different explanations and alternatives. There is a gossamer web of presumptions and hidden family secrets - and simple working "truisms" which all conspire to keep middle-maniacs from seeing outside of the theoretically comfortable STATUS QUO, which is the mega-conspiracy.

Just look at the riches dangled on TV before the millions of poor, luring them, who are soon flocking to mega-cities like Rio - in masses so great that wages and employment plummet. These dangling products imply that life will be wonderful, once one works forever, breaking one's back, and purchases these icons of modernistic progress. But, it's mainly a ruinous scam, making the controlling banks, and their associates, rich. This is one way that the STATUS QUO presents lies which the lured populations willingly believe.

I can talk later about how capitalism, (in that it discounts infinite "external" costs, while it puts the alienated consumer at a relative political disadvantage, which can corrupt over time, and be abused), is rife with double standards that populations sign-on to and support, even to the detriment of their own communities and families.

So, when one breaks free of these convenient assumptions and habits and wants, one is inevitably introduced to those forces or trends or costs which naturally stand in opposition to the STATUS QUO norms - these are the counter-conspiracies and the radicals.

Talk show host, Joyce Riley, does not discuss a left-right alliance much. However, she is, "all about the truth", as she can see it, and therefore, she is naturally conducive to such an alliance. (For example, she has changed her mind on supporting Israel, based on what she could learn about the facts and the suffering). She covers a lot of topics, many of which are normally regarded as, "conspiracy theories," (which is a derogatory term created by the See Eye Aye, btw). She is more palatable than other right-wing or "Liberty" or libertarian talk shows. I urge everyone to listen to her occasionally! She does not push a right-left alliance - she rather embodies it, in its nascence. Also, her site's "news" link is an excellent source of alternative info. Start at http://www.thepowerhour.com . - (CONSIDER USING IXQUICK) -

Of course, the renowned Ralph Nader has written his book, attempting to define the emerging left-right alliance. At least these people are trying. But, I have seen them all skewered profanely in articles by self-appointed sycophants. Let's be real, and admit that the people who try to wade into such an alliance will continue to hold some polarised or partisan views, etc. And they won't be perfect in how they work, or what they say. But, they are better that what else is offered. Or forced.

"Unstoppable: The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State." - by Ralph Nader 2014

Amy Goodman Interview!: Ralph Nader discusses this topic, the TPP, GM Recall, Nuclear Power...
"Former presidential candidate and longtime consumer advocate Ralph Nader joins us to discuss his latest book, 'Unstoppable: The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State.' Nader highlights the common concerns shared by a wide swath of the American public, regardless of political orientation, including mass government surveillance, opposing nebulous free trade agreements, reforming the criminal justice system, and punishing criminal behavior on Wall Street. Nader also discusses the U.S. push for the sweeping Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact, General Motors’ new bid to escape liability for its deadly ignition defect, the revived nuclear era under President Obama, and challenging U.S. militarism through the defense budget."
Read Transcript! - http://www.democracynow.org/2014/4/28/ralph_nader_on_tpp_gm_recall

"We are at one of the most pivotal moments in our country’s political history: Americans are more disillusioned with their political leaders than ever before and large majorities of citizens tell pollsters that big corporations have too much political power. The ever-tightening influence of big business on the mainstream media, elections and our local, state, and federal governments, have caused many Americans to believe they have no political voice."
See & purchase this and other books by Ralph Nader! - https://nader.org/books/unstoppable - such as these:

The Seventeen Solutions - by Ralph Nader - October 02, 2012
"More than ever, America needs fresh ideas—and bold solutions. Now, Ralph Nader—perhaps our last great civic idealist—offers seventeen ideas to rescue our country from corruption, complacency, and corporate domination."

Getting Steamed to Overcome Corporatism - by Ralph Nader
"As Occupy Wall Street protests spread across the country and the world, Ralph Nader’s Getting Steamed to Overcome Corporatism: Build It Together To Win shows why Americans have steam coming out their ears."

Did I hear OCCUPY? Let's not forget the LJ communities, o_c_c_u_p_y, and, madison_fights. You can take it from there, and learn about, and maybe help, these and other madman communities!

See also my tags - there will be more tags added to this here post later.

This has been just a sampling of left-right alliances in politics, especially against illegal wars, and abuses of powers - and against all the lies that buttress them. There have been a few important Congressional votes in recent years, by a left-right alliance, which have succeeded, despite the contrived, institutionalised stalemate-as-usual. Of all people, John McCain once worked with Russ Feingold to create important campaign finance reform legislation - although, this was later rendered important by the corporatist, activist Supreme Court. Of course, Bernie Sanders of VT has not only worked with Democrats, but also with republicans in producing very important legislation.

However, the main sway of the day is either partisan gridlock, or else a few instances of, "bi-partisan cooperation," such as when the issues concern going to war, fighting terriblism, bailing out the banks, serving the pharmaceutical industry, or grotesquely extending the reach of the National in-Security State. After all, most Congress persons are not just lazy or fearful, or two-faced, they also tend to go after the money, as when they later get multi-million dollar jobs with the very corporations which bought their votes.

So, when right and left do in fact conspire in WDC, it is almost always a conspiracy of the "moderate" Faux Middle representatives - or RINO's and Blue-Dogs - or NeoCons and NeoLibs - servicing BIG MONEY, such as banks, and the Military Conglomerate, and foreign investors, and the Saudi Family, and the Zionist lobby, or the whole NAZI and crISIS conspiracies - which are real countries, and real monies, and real crooks, not mere theories.

Thus, the real conspiracy is, in general terms, a corruptive collusion of various money-driven interests and influences, which all have a tendency to congeal together in trying to preserve the STATUS QUO, which happens to be failing. The very fact that the STATUS QUO is failing is precisely what invites selfish men to move away from legitimate business and careers, and into graft, and deceit, and even threats and murder.

That is also to say that the very fact that the STATUS QUO is becoming dysfunctional means that certain people higher up, who have political or technical access, are able to take advantage of already-learnt ways of exploiting the system, and thus accelerating the dysfunctionlisation of the STATUS QUO, which then accelerates the widening gap between the rich and the not-so-rich.

Or, another way of seeing this is by imagining greedy dogs all scrambling to kiss the asses of the top dogs, biting and stepping on heads all along the way. But they are just living pieces in a growing house of cards.

Meanwhile, the poor become resentful and mean, and passive-aggressive, until some mass eruption is triggered, in which case they proceed to imitate the crimes of these bastard "authorities," to the obvious, real destruction of the status quo, but exactly in the wrong direction. Such spontaneous revollutions really are little more than accelerations of the destructions already inflicted, by the very people whom the revolutionaries feel they are rebelling against. Yes, heads may roll. But in the bigger picture: Meet the new boss - same as the old boss.

This is not cynical of me, but real. I continue to call myself a PROGRESSive, from both right and left, and feel that productive phase shifts are possible in declining societies. But, more on this subject later.

Some changes do come from good people in WDC, as from Bernie Sanders, etc. Here is a bold article from Democrat, Elizabeth Warren:

Elizabeth Warren on Barack Obama: “They protected Wall Street, not families who were losing their homes, jobs"
"That’s the question that lies at the heart of whether our democracy will survive. The system is rigged. And now that I’ve been in Washington and seen it up close and personal, I just see new ways in which that happens. But we have to stop and back up ... "
Read more: http://www.salon.com/2014/10/12/exclusive_elizabeth_warren_on_barack_obama_they_protected_wall_street_not_families_who_were_losing_their_homes_not_people_who_lost_their_jobs_and_it_happened_over_and_over_and_over/
FORUM: http://www.democraticunderground.com/10025655398

There continue to be many other examples of right+left going on - and these often occur at the local level - NOT in the standard political model. The local level is where real, associated people, understand real, local consequences of bad policies by larger governments. This is happening all across the country, with a little, but not enough, linking-up. That will happen when it is given the name of right+left - but that is a misnomer, ultimately.

The real alliance is not left-right. It is the disenfranchised versus the corporatists. It is the down-and-out versus the uppity counter-capitalists - those who have been hoarding capital for themselves, at the expense of the rational functioning of free enterprise amongst the people, who are the source, after all, of the rights of all government. Nevertheless, a mean world view is being sought to be introduced and mass-propagated, where fear and need instead would dictate the powers of government, and the few in control.

This is an endangered world, facing real problems. Increased radiation and heat and stress is setting up populations for vulnerability to emerging viruses. At the same time, as oil becomes another rarified commodity, (by whatever means), then there will be groups and conspiracies emerging seeking to grab its power, or to fight it. This is a complicated landscape.

However, though things like EBOLA, and crISIS, are wont to emerge "naturally", understand that our "nature" is constantly employing PEOPLE to do its work. Human beings, as opportunists, and survivalists, will always be around to grease the wheels of these rising catastrophes. There will always be crooks around looking to make a profit - to make a kllling. That is how conspiracies work. Corruption accumulates like plaque along the most dysfunctionalising veins of capitalism. This is how capitalism falls - as capitalism also first rose only by the institution of HUMAN TRUST.

And so, there are political approaches. There are personal ones. There are spiritual ones. And there are material ones. Economic. Energy. Food. Distribution. Land. Weather. Health.

No one approach will work in arresting the general decline. A so-called left-right alliance is only one important aspect of the address. For many, they must be able to step back and see the deep complicity of their own party, and beloved politicians, in the past, e.g., flight of jobs overseas, or deregulation of banks and Wall Street, or consequent proliferation of Derivatives and other bad, "securities," which are hundreds of times more debt than the whole world could possibly repay, just hanging on a cliff, waiting for interest rates to rise, assuring collapse.

And many must be able to look back and deeply consider that many of the so-called conspiracy theories, which just seemed so outlandish and impossible, in the days when ther parents were good, and so most people were good, and the weather was nice, and jobs came easy... It may be necessary to look back and consider that many of these atrocities really happened.

For, when one sees the immensity of what is confronting our society, our economy, our civilisation - then, these absurd atrocities will be seen as not so big as they seemed. These atrocities are small in comparison to what the monumnetal mess is that the world is in. These atrocious criminals are but a handful of people with control of most of the planet's wealth. Of course it is possible that these conspiracies and travesties occurred.

They are all of the same cloth, which rolls back to Biblical times - to primitive times - to the times we were just animals. It could be called the baser nature of man, always rising to conquer wherever some egress or channel is seen - wherever some buck can be made, or some sex can be had, or some children can be clothed, or some country can prevail, or some man can become King.

We should never have taken our eye off the ball, this past century of lavish wealth, for a relatively sizable amount of "common men." The ideas and ideals of America were good ones - but they can only be extended and preserved if we see behind this baser nature of man. Yes, mete out personal punishments - but see also the bigger picture. Evil is a function of entropy - of man's exploitation of entropy. Exploiting the status quo, bit by bit, eventually brings the whole system down in a ball of fire.

How delicate is the life we live on this planet. How subtle the chaos. Give a eye to the bigger pictures, and gain a third eye - a inner sense of what path you might forge - of what little daily imbalances need to be corrected. For want of a nail, a Kingdom was lost. Every person, and every vote, is important.

Be an altruist and stand on your corner every day, and eventually you may bring don Tamani Hall. For it is such gangs and conspiracies who derive their lifeblood by controlling people's perceived needs and fears - the need for energy, water, food, safety.

Both transcending fear and need personally, and also building local systems - like Ithaca Hours - to partly substitute for corrupt control, are approaches to choose and to teach.

Defined across-country, this gross, grassroots, human reaction is THE, "left-right alliance."

Ralph Nader writes of the interests which both political sides share, and may advance together. When WDC makes a move, it is usually in favour of powerful and global corporations, all of whom have members sitting on each others Boards, like some new Monarchy of Money. It just so happens that those very interests seldom coincide with interests shared by the farther left and the father right - i.e., the people i general.

There won't be real momentum in any left-right alliance, and thus a winning Third Party, until the people of the "normative" left and the "normative" right, i.e., "moderates" wearing rose-coloured glasses, persistently voting stupidly to preserve Status Quo, and overall decline. I think the fictions of WALL STREET and the GDP, (no longer GNP), are this class' foremost idols or emblems of denial.

This class is what I call the, Faux Middle." It is a massed mound of foolish fops all huddled together, as on Facebook, convincing each other of their own frightened lies. They are largely baby boomers, with little more economic battle plan than a sense of entitlement. The Faux Middle is not so much these people as their conspiracy of lies or delusions. It is patronised, like the American Dream, or the flag - or Nethers and their false APPEARANCES. Beneath this mound smoulders a stinking cauldron of abuse and betrayal.

The minions of this mound heartilly vote for more wars, more bail-outs, etc., thus enabling the corrupt puppeteers and mercenaries who run the gnns and drggs and children and diseases - at the same time is enabled their unwitting cohorts, such as green presidents, or the United Nations. These gullibles are largely short-sighted opportunists or naive liberal idealist. But the brunt of the mound itself, over which neither far left or far right can see without great diffraction, is a mindless, inertial, heavy, sadistic force - in that it is hoist with its own pitar, to mix matadors. It will one day lob its entire mass into a blind wall of catastrophe, and then pop willingly, like the masochist it is at heart.

Will the Faux Middle wave forth conquering armies of Chinese one day? Will they goad on some Hitlerian "Genocist", aiming to improve conditions for the undesirable poor? Will they wave flags as banksters ride in on tanks and floats, waving their new currency, designed to replace the dollar - and flags to replace the Stars and Stripes? I tell you, this mob is dangerous.

But it also can be equally promising. Because, as I started to say before you so rudely interrupted me, there can be no real success of a progressive left-right alliance before a great many from both sides of this mound, the moderate Dems and GOPpers, decide to join up. What will it take for that to happen. Some mass outrage or injury. Maybe some hip, dazzling candidate. Mainly, however, it should be expected that some LARGE EVENT will waken many from their mound. And they shall see their shadows and exclaim, "Almond Joy!"

We are indeed headed towards such large events, like a crash of the dollar, etc. The powers that be have anticipated this, as they have also prepared for other possible emergencies. They have the money, so why not?

In the mean time, great $$$ is being spent on creating events to scare people into holding strongly onto the STATUS QUO, and all the people controlling it, or invested in it. I won't go into detail as to what these may be. But, I have already discussed the ambiguous nature of such emergencies as EBOLA and crISIS.

There also will be little momentum on the emergence of a left-right alliance, if both sides, especially the more radical, continue stuck in a partisan blame-game - merely intensifying the vitriol whenever more crises, and social ambiguities, arise, OR ARE CREATED. The more partisan blame and censorship are increased, the more th Faux Middle will become an agent of rising fascism and war.

There need not be a civil war for the wresting of power away from corporatist control of the status quo. But, the more we blithely allow our leaders to keep selling us on the same bullshit, then the more the status quo is just further digging itself into a hole.

What is better representative of this vanity than our permission of the selling of weapons, and then the destruction of those weapons, and then the making of more weapons to sell - all as if what we are merely doing is digging graves for weapons, as for people. That is no forward economy, or useful livelihood! Its INSANITY. Even people who are wrapped up in it, for selfish reasons, are able to see this.

And, praise we must, our innate human sense of basic justice, without which no true reform could ever be possible.

If the hole - the DEPRESSION - deepens, with the lies, with the cuts, with the taxes, then one day, we are all going to be cowered like a trapped animal, and the only thing we will be able to do, in "defense", will be to lunge out in some manic death-leap, which will drain us completely, if it does not fully destroy us.

Therefore, it behooves us to search out common interests between the left and right wings - not those issues used to divide-and-conquer us, like abortion, gun-control, racism, etc. The important issues for all of we, the minorities - the factions - are the issues of wealth inequality, of corporate-government corruption, of flouted anti-trust enforcement, of militarisaton, of securities mahem, of needed bank reform, of privacy, of jobs, of retooling for a new economy, of the environment, of our own humanity...

(Say - I think perhaps www.naturalnews.com might have done an article on this... not sure...)

The main thing is, it behooves us to breath together - to conspire - in opposition to the MEGA-conspiracy hanging above us, called rising corporatism, or fascism. What it merely does to our divine environment should be enough in and of itself, to awaken us to the naked evil of it all.

Nature is tugging at our coat-tails, in a noble yet frantic desperation, trying to move us to act - to act against what many have assumed is latent in us all: "The baser nature of man."


It need not be, so long as we have free will - to transcend it. Existence may be rot all about us, but so long as we live, we are miracle - and we can build muddy shacks - and we can plant paltry grasses - and we can dig in deep with our dirty hands - for this is how it was built, and this is how it will shine.

Progress! -

"The Counter-Conspiracy."

.... The REAL, "Third Way."


PS - -

Today, I went in to try those www.wn.com links again, via proxy - and they were no longer accessible! That is very suspicious, after what I went through, first time around. (This reminds me of the 2-3 links on psychopaths disappearing a while aft I posted them). And, the fact that one of them is regarding Obbama's limitted war powers, makes it more so. You can try this (via IXQUICK) - and see - www.wn.com/RON_PAUL_DENNIS_KUCINICH_ON_PRESIDENTIAL_WAR_POWERS_4_1_11_FBN . And the other inaccessible one is www.wn.com/War_of_Lies_Ron_Paul_Dennis_Kucinich .

I did find an alternate source for the first - as a video:

Ron Paul Dennis Kucinich on Presidential War Powers - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epcq7KqpYX0

And I also found info on the law suit from 2011, which was thrown out by a judge later that year:
Kucinich Sues Obama For Violating War Powers Act In Libya - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/06/15/kucinich-obama-war-powers-act-libya_n_877396.html
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