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There are no such things as coincidences when all is coincidence. No accidents when.. so forth. So. How about that? I made a post suggesting that people check out the latest show from ttbook.org - or maybe it was radiolab.org... One interview especially inspired me to want to post later about the topic of narcissism, and how the term is often being abused lately. The featured book was, "The Narcissist Next Door", (tell me about it). Later, an LJ friend shoots me an article on narcissism, and similar ideas. Eventually, I realise it was written by the same guy who wrote that book. His name is Jeffrey Kluger.

Through my fog of CFS, I looked at a book I bought recently, by chance. It is a book called, "Simplexity," which I mentioned on LJ. The author's name seemed familiar. Someone I had never heard of until lately, the same, Jeffrey Kluger! Simplexity: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simplexity Book - http://www.simplexitybook.com/ . Note also that complexity has been mentioned in two of my recent posts, by chance, having nothing to do with any of this, ha ha. Eureka I'm confused!!!! Yay!!!!

(Simplexity? Narcissism? Of course. He also wrote a book about siblings. I think he is one of those trend-spotters, but an intelligent one). Kluger - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeffrey_Kluger
Tags: books - 'narcissist next door', books - 'simplexity', chaos theory - complexity, kluger - jeffrey, psychology - narcissism / narcissists, simplexity


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