I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.


I have listened to many discussions and arguments. I would go with the stats saying that it is not probable that super-volcano Yellowstone may erupt fairly soon. I understand that rises and melts and cluster shakes are all within the realm of the norm - just as I deal with my hypothyroidism. But, as with hypothyroidism,I know there can be larger causes at work, (like CFS). I have seen that, factually, there has been a VERY irregular eruption of many dormant volcanoes all together, that I must think that this is a time of high magma activity - meaning that some eruption of Yellowstone is much more possible now, than ever, esp. seeing that it is overdue. So. Furthermore, we are in a documented high magma phase, which occurs every 420 years. Not to mention odd Sun events. In addition, there is warming of the planet, esp. deeper down, as discussed and theorised, by mere global warming. We don't even see if this warming may be also due to wider galactic processes. So, it seems very worth taking into immediate consideration that Yellowstone may erupt, despite the static wisdom of bean-counting technocrats, god bless their hearts. Such an event would so damage this country, with China in the wings, that it would take us out as the pre-eminent world power. This would destroy the dollar and lead to hyper inflation. Mostly, however, millions would die, and the ash would possibly reach from the West Coast to the Appalachians. I don't know if you realise this, but just a little bit of ash, and your lungs, and electrical systems, are history. I am not fear-mongering! I am telling you abut something REAL which has a higher possibility of happening now than at most other times.

Tags: geological - yellowstone

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