I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Big Picture #1

The universe is beyond our minds, naturally - that's the whole point. That's the whole joke the universe must play on itself, to be. We only use a fraction of our minds, some as a scouring sponge; and all matter and all energy, of which the mind is composed, and which the mind can measure, amount to only about 5% of the universe - the other 95% is BEYOND. Dark matter. Dark energy. Immeasurable.

Matter, which is ultimately interchangeable with energy, comprises such a small percentage of what the universe supposedly is, that it is almost like matter (and energy) is nothing but a fluke - a side effect, or, accident. How lucky we are to be on the matter side of the universe, in the minority. What a lucky break for us, to be alive. Yes?

And, you've heard it all by now: The Earth softly careens in such an unlikely, fortunate orbit... With elements so rich and delicately balanced... With an atmosphere not to cold and not too hot... And so on and so on... The odds of this lucky situation for the existence of LIFE, on Earth, or on ANY planet, are very, very low, scientists now believe. That is to say, everything happened so exactly right, so delicately arranged, so moderately convivial, that it is a very rare accident that we happen to have evolved into the happy, complex, irritating beings that we are today - in such a rich ecosystem, that we are fast destroying.

So, with this all being said, then what hubris it shows itself to be, that man should think that he could thumb his way out of the collapsing of our weather, or of our food, or of our species - or of our atmosphere. That he could seed the clouds, or defile the seeds, or block the sun - much less manage revolutions and pandemics, which man has incited - ignores the stunning balance we all hang in, on this fragile planet, our very own sword of Damocles, in our very own hands.

(Or, I should say, in the hands of some gambling, drrg-running, war-mongering bankocrats).

Natural complexity may compensate and heal, but only to a point: on a scale which is relatively micro - not mass or macro. There is, in highly, potently unstable systems, the proclivity of complexity to swing chaotic. And then, all the other demons and angels, so far invisible to us, raise their alien heads... The trumpets wail. And then our own heads roll. Served on platters. Served on CNN. Observe this moment, for it is prophesy now.

There is a tipping point - a phase shift, or even a conspiracy of such - where complexity no longer supports planetary homeostasis - (and our rude little status-quo presumptions) - but, rather breeds upon itself the greater, vast powers of Complexity that had so far remained outside of our happy, lost little bubble.


Always look on the bright side of life.

But, really, this wider view should really cause one to be very skeptical of the promises and beckonings of a handful of professionals, technocrats, social engineers, and, "trans-humanists".

Listen. Be on the side of nature. Not liars. You may die, but you cannot lose.
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