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I haven't listened to or thought about RFK Jr. for a long time, then I had a dream about him on the morning of the 21st. That very day, maybe even as I dreamt of him, RFK Jr. was making national news at a massive Climate Change rally in NYC. (According to denier, Alxx Jnnes, JFK Jr., was, "Out of control"). But, isn't that strange - (or, I mean, here-we-go-again) - that I would dream about him, same day? No radio was on while or before I was sleeping. Who's vibes were I picking up? His? People watching TV? Aliens in the microwave? - http://o-c-c-u-p-y.livejournal.com/
Tags: all * climate change, all * consciousness, all * trends / predictions, cities - nyc - new york city new york, environ - climate change/ global warming, kennedy - robert jr. rfk jr., my dreams, my predictions & prophesies, protests / protesters, psychic / psychic realm, scientists speak out
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