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USA: Viking Ship Discovered Near Mississippi River

Posted on 2014.09.13 at 15:41
Canada Claims Sovereignty Over Greenland
Russia: Mammoth Embryo Brought Back to Life
Palestinian Children Take Down Israeli Helicopter With Laser Pointers
China: Teen Plays Video Games 26 Days Straight On Toilet Bowl
India: Man With Third Testicle Claims God-Like Strength
Teenager Sues Black Parents For Being White
New York: 600-Pound Alligator Shot Down in Central Park
USA: Man Diagnosed With Multiple Personality Disorder has 13 Wives, 63 Children
USA: Confederate Army General Revealed to Be a Woman
Fukushima: 97 Year Old Woman Blames Radiation for Large Clitoris
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American society descending into chaos as swarms of clueless teens attack grocery shoppers
Organic farm launches crowdfunding campaign to humanely raise and breed heritage chickens
America consumes 80 percent of all prescription painkillers sold globally
'Water mafia' in California's future? Residents may soon be forced to buy water on the black market just like in India
Liberia runs out of hospital beds as Ebola cases increase exponentially, overwhelming healthcare system
Hundreds of reporters and staff losing jobs at world's biggest propaganda network: CNN

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