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incremental shame

Paraphrase: "It is important that Congress be involved, so we can work together, in order to show the world that we are united..." Because, we are a dysfunctional family, and we don't want the neighbours to see it.

You can go back to when the Prezzz went on the Tv and said he wouldn't go into Syria, therefore Congress should not vote on approving, or DISAPPROVING OF, that invasion. What did I say back then? The plan remains that "we" shall and "must" go into Syria. They were going to do it no matter what. No matter Congress. No matter us. See - Congress never voted against it. The way the Administration GOT this was by stepping down first time around. FROGS IN HOT WATER! I can't stand it anymore!!!!!!

So, one Democratic Senator from California got on the NPR radio machine, and sorta surprised the announcer by expressing serious reservations - (meaning she'd allow it, but wants to see some kind of timeline, pfffft). But, that was at least some modicum of dissent. Well, her argument was weird. She said, "Everybody knows that IS.L hasn't been affiliated with Al Quano for many years." God bless her, but the fact is that IS.L IS Al Quano. We trained and funded both, and both are pawns of Saudi Arabia/ banks/ oil, and so are we.

WE LEFT OUR TANKS AND WEAPONS FOR THEM TO TAKE ! - and they somehow had the keys and the technical knowledge to use them. And they've been on satellite/ radar ever since they were galvanising in Syria, and this was allowed to happen.

This is a set-up. Based on false info, war-mongering my McCain and gang, and a video of a fake beheading of a guy who was associated w/ US intelligence. I was wanting to post more on the subject earlier. But it's disgusting. And there goes my hollow hunch that Obama always seeks to dismantle the warring manipulations of the war conglomerate, at the last minute, while pretending to be their proponent. Well, at least I do know that the military was preparing to go into Iraq until this was put on ice only days ago - so. Hope. Ble - I am sick of this tepid hope, limping along, while Obama keeps making these dissolute compromises, failing to, "understand the obvious", until some sector of the public is pummelling him over the (symbolic) head.

But. Point: The Plan has always been to go into Syria and that's what's happening. All we EVER need, history has shown, to get into deep involvement, and air strikes, and boots on the ground, is one little toe-hold. I am so disheartened with the American public. It's embarassing.
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