Their modern justification for all war: "hAy! U! M***** F*****! - Wisdom is the retention of innocence through adversity. — LiveJournal
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"I will show you pain in a handful of dust." - TS Eliot, "The Wasteland"

I love the Public radio show, RadioLab(.org)! It's like a Canadian show on steroids. I am afraid that I must, yet again, advise all to listen to the latest episode. This week, RadioLab does a fine synopsis of the history of the rogue USA's incursions into Everywhere, based on the justification provided by 60 words, or one sentence, which is the Authorization to Use Military Force for the president, which was fashioned by a certain Timothy Flanagan on September 12, 2001, (and revised a little a few days later).

This Act of Congress permitted, all told, infinite war-faring powers by the Executive Branch, which includes the State Department, the Pentagon, and Hamland Insecurity. And the all-knowing NSA, which is in bed with Goggle, or the See-Eye-Aye.

Only one person in Congress dared to vote against this ACT(ing out), by the name of Barbara Lee, (the first black cheerleader in Berkeley, California). She made the resolution to vote, "NAY!", upon hearing the words of a preacher at a DC, "memorial service," to the victims of 9-eleven. After George Bush had given a speech, calling for punishing the nebulous yet precise attackers; and after everyone got up and sang the very Christian, and rather belligerent, "Battle Hymn of the Republic," (like dutiful boys and girls), the preacher got up and, instead, actually mourned the deaths of the victims. To which he adjoined these words:

"As we act, let us not become the evil that we deplore."

Barbara Lee -

Barbara Lee time capsule interview -

For her single, "NAY!", vote, Barbara Lee received tens of thousands of angry zombie letters, and many many death threats.

So, RadioLab then got into how Ms. Lee, the evil Barbaraian, had seen all this warfare and illegality and spying and droning coming, way back then. Except - it doesn't take much to make an honest Prophet, I say! All one has to do is weigh in timeless human truths, such as: "Do not become the evil you deplore!"

And, "Psychology101," - "Never act when one is in the throes of grief or fear!" Can I get a witness?

Verilly, I say to yew, the whole country went bonkers back then, and we are now paying for it through the ring in our nose. We sent all our wealth to bully profiteers and banksters and military wholes in the ground overseas, and now it has come home to roost as spooky terriblists in our back yards, which the government tasers you for. And you pay for more of the same. Just like all those who voted, "YAY!", wanting to fit in with the herd. Well, I don't know if, "herd," is the proper word. For it has all been an endless game of chickens, as far as I see it. Neo-Con Chicken Hawks, like Wolfowitz, and Rubin, and Rice, and Cheney, and McCain, and Lindsay Graham, and Feinenstein, and they even roped in the half-complicit General Coleman Powell.

Chicken Hawks took our chicken in every pot and buried them in Iraqistan and we were left with nothing but chicken feed and Farmer Joe with his flashy axe.

The Statue of Liberty is no longer saying, 'Give me your poor, your tired, your huddled masses.' She's got a baseball bat and yelling, 'You want a piece of me?'
- Robin Williams

Every being has a sense of the future. Just as insects can sense a plant in distress; and just as psychopaths can sense a vulnerable mark; and just as cats and animals can sense a dog about to appear and pounce - or an earthquake or Tsunami about to plow through,.... and just as we dream of future days of deja vous, all creatures receive informational and emotional input on what will be, at a very deep, discrete level - the level of infinite potentiality and memory.

Lord knows the world is gripped in dread, and desperate greed, as we edge closer to global extinction events. In our mutually-enabled denial, we conspire as one group against reality, until we are singly felled by our intrinsic and hidden mutually-assured destruction. It's been in the cards.

The artists sometimes paint and sing a little of this out - which is why some movies and drawings indeed presaged 11-September. My favourite example is my Soul Coughing CD, where the guy sings about a plane flying into the Chrysler building. But there are more famous examples.

Speaking of International Forecasting, (goggle): I have always known that previous gross weather effects have influenced bubbles and collapses on Wall*Street - but it recently occurred to me that FUTURE weather events may have as much of an influence on the human psyche - on Homo Economotional... This is BREAKING MADMAN WISDOM dot dot dot!!! And so, I am investigating something on Wiki....

- - - Yes - I looked into the Dustbowl following and also concurrent with the crash + Depression. And also the present drought, which began in TX 2011, preceding and also concurrent to the crash + current depression. This idea needs to be pursued. [Unfortunately, I posted more info into this paragraph but it was deleted by a computer crash].

OK - the point is, anyone worth half his saltines has some sense of impending future(s). The closer one is to nature, and to simple human truths, like, "Don't crap in your crib," the easier it is to approximate what may be in store down the road - and this provides a survival advantage, WHICH IS WHY IT IS THE MEEK WHO SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH, wasteland though it shall be.

I was a big fan of the 1920's poet, TS Eliot. He wrote the long, wending poem, "The Wasteland." I imitated his style a lot, and also lifted lines deliberately, in homage, and trying to look like I knew what I was talking about. Then, I wrote a very long poem, which predicted the vicissitudes of climate change which we have been experiencing, (after I had written a paper on Global Warming, wherein I said it was POSSIBLE that even an ice age could result from the chaotic climate disruptions). But it also, unbeknownst to me, predicted 11-September, wherein I wrote that, "Plato's Two Pillars," representing the end of the last 2000 years, (2001), would crumble to the ground; that the Statue of Liberty would be draped as the whore in Revelations, and there would be wars and locusts. Some ancient truths die hard, yes?

But I always knew that worse times were coming, only because I forever SAW the absurdity and insanity by which the Americans, through their crooks and politicians, acted. Acted out. As if their game would never come back to bite them in the existential butt - as it did to the USSR, yo.

Simply by knowing, "Do not become the evil you deplore," I saw these things approaching. Consequently, I began to see my family, and others, as quite sheepishly mad - benignly tyrannical - comfortably numbskulls. Its almost as if I want to scream, "Why did Barbara Lee have to GO TO CHURCH to even realise these things?!" - But, fortunately for my sanity, I exercise moderation in all things, to excess. But, I swear to the black hole in the centre of our, "Galaxy 500 Video Game,"* it feels like my whole life I have been stuck in this social molasses with everyone else, (even though people keep gobbling up shiny things at a much greater pace, woo hoo).

* - (props - Liz Phair, "Stratford on guy" - Lyrics: )

Really, the only thing keeping me from becoming a black woman is the realisation that I would most likely be tethered to the Gospels, sans Thomas, btw. -

And, get this - how about this pithy quote from the great TS Eliot? - Sorry - quote currently unavailable to brain... So, here are some other great quotes: (starts here) (The Wasteland)

Well, the whole point is that everyone needs to listen to this simple explanation of how we got into this mess, by reference to the AUMF - which somehow gave us the Patriot Act, Hamland Insecurity, NSA spying, Guanatanimo detainment, Abu Ghraib human rights abuses, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Sudan, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Syria, Ukraine, Nigeria, DRONES, drone attacks on American Citizens, ISIS/ISIL, Blackwater/X, hacking into your computer, taxing you for war, impoverishing your community, bulking up the County Pollice in Ferguson and everywhere else, and inspiring pollice abuse of marginalised people, left and right.

How do you like being considered bad before someone even knows you? How do you like the dirty habits of rumour-mongering garnered from the examples of war mongering by bullies and on Capitol Hill? Do you enjoy being considered guilty before the fact that you are really innocent? How do you like the petty backstabbing and censorship on Facebook? All for show! All for ego! Me me me - I am the product! And war, merely the by-product. Or is it the other way around?

This is where our support of the global war conglomerate has gotten us. Deliberate adversity, out to get INNOCENCE.

More and more, it is we the people who are painted as the terriblists. Arrested prior to reason, prior to evidence. Tasered for taking pictures. Frisked and groped before travelling - unless you are one some secret list. Told what to do by the people we elect and pay for to be "authorities," when they are only cow-towing to bigger powers that be.

Rationalised by the AUMF, military men seek support for wars against all and every, "associated forces", (actually, I have the second word wrong - forgot, sorry). That means, we use force against basically anyone deemed associated with our enemies. But as far as we the people actually knowing whom ARE these so-called associated forces: WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO KNOW - by reason of National Security - (which is also used as a justification for redacted info, for illegal spending, for secret NDAA trials, for NSA spying, for drone strikes, and so on). Not even the Joint Chiefs of Staff are allowed to know this list of whom "this country" is waging war against.

I must write more about the problem of terriblism versus conventional war, and how the former is so easilly used to control and exploit innocent populations.

More Doublespeak - (where, as in "1984", WAR IS PEACE) - was back when Barack Obama gave a speech announcing that the AUMF, "must be ended", and that a new stragedy of selective, UN-illicit DRONE "WARFARE" should be allowed. I remember being so riled about it back then. All it was was a ratinalisation for the use of drones in an infinite expansion against pre-positioned terriblist groups, such as Al Quano and ISIS/ISIL, and all those other prefabricated and/or associated forces which no one is allowed to know about.

And, I saw it then, but it was a joy to hear it affirmed today on RadioLab: Obama's speech was very clever in that it pretended to call for an end to AUMF, (in the same way that Obama kept saying he would end our presence in Iraqistan, but really never did). But, in fact, what was being set up in the speech was that CONGRESS would not end the AUMF - it would actually hang open, in perpetuity! That is called doublespeak. White man, forked-tongue talk. Banksterism and lawyerism. Behind every drone is 100 lawyers.

(This was the same charade as was pulled concerning the re-signing of the NDAA. Or of the so-called debates over national health care. Or over whether compulsive health care costs are a fee or a tax - turns out it is both, defined differently upon convenience, such is the law).

Indeed, limitless presidential AUMF powers remain, backed by other legislations. As Obama equivocated, "We just need to be sure that the NEXT president doesn't take abuse these privileges." Fat chance, Einstein.

Obama is clever. He has been raised amongst bankers and See-Eye-Aye. He is an alienated, shy, arrogant ego, who really wants to be a good president, but is rather detached from common reality, in some psychological ways. He is an excellent liar, and he knows how to cater to certain groups, in words and mannerisms. He is also very competitive, with a bit of vindictiveness, as well as a need for full privacy and control.

But the problems we are experiencing are not coming from Obama. They are coming from both greater powers that be, and from our own social milieu - which includes the deterministic dynamics of unfettered capitalism, involving human greed and conspiracies, as well. Obama, as I feared, is a puppet - but a very astute, well-groomed one.

As a politician, we can say that Obama means well. He wants well. He makes bad choices, often because he is compelled to do so by forces far greater than himself, or than this country. He wants to end the wars in Iraqistan, and tells himself he has done so, when in fact inevitable institutional, habitual, compromise and incrementalism has it that we are only invited back into these battlefields by our own folly.

I abhor the background Obama comes out of, and the bankster class which surrounds him, etc., but I have to give him credit for coming in and trying to do what he could, as limitted as he was, and as ignorant as he was. Yes, he has mismanaged things, as well. But there is a huge, vast assortment of conspiracies now controlling much of our National "Security" apparati - and certainly our corpocracy - including a planned paralysis of Congress, of which he has been well aware from the start, that his hands are tied to a great extent... such that the only choice left to him is to try to expand presidential powers, as it was written.

And look at how everyone voted for the AUMF, back in 2001, and subsequent abusive war acts. It was like they were all in highschool, trying to fit in. When Alxx Jnnes shouts that the "democrat" gobalists will never waver from their plans, we have to look at what more is really happening: Politicians are becoming lazy, controllaholic pigs for simple reasons like: They want to be popular, and they want money from lobbyists so they can win the next election, and they want jobs as corporate lobbyists after they leave office. Very little of this true, but incidental, conspiracy is planned. BUT: There are central conspirators who DO plan, and who DO pull their strings. It is just that they are very few, though very powerful.

As capitalism goes to seed, this compels people to act in childish, Lord-of-the-Flies ways. Money is the main conspiracy. We, our representatives, Obama, the lawyers - most are pawns to the the expiration of breath, from dysfunctional monopolies, and so forth.

All that is needed, to stand against the pompous winds of war, is to be in touch with your inner-sense - your INNOCENCE - and call up simple little nuggets of natural propaganda, which will travel like viral memes well into the future where they are born, such as:

Love thy neighbour..

Do unto others..

Become not the evil you deplore.

Rest these rules - or rights, as they are - within the Commons of our hearts, and, in time, they shall prevail.

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