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dead man walking with eyes wide shut

Posted on 2014.08.16 at 17:43
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I have been extra-ultra fatigued today - and trying to recover from relapse for days before that. I found a bottle of Guarana(sp?) which had expired years ago. I tried a little before taking my dog out - it seems to possibly help - for a temp pick-me-up - in addition to other things. I ran out of my dog's steroids, so. I went out basically dressed the same as yesterday, in a "ska" get-up: A white shirt with small black and red stripes; black shorts. Last time, I wore a tan cap and with ankle socks, everyone completely ignored me. This time, I wore a black hat, and red socks, and everyone fixated on me. How about that. At least one black guy seem incense, because he probably thought I was making a statement on Ferguson. Well, I have had a few quirky encounters probably inspired by Ferguson, which I may discuss later, when I discuss the whole thing.

I have heard that the shooting officer was a city pollice - but I have also heard that he was county pollice. Anybody know? And there are different stories, of course, where the kid reaches in and grabs the cop, or the cop reaches out and grabs the kid. I have heard Jim Bohannon talking with Larry Pratt, focusing on the right of storekeepers to protect themselves, and shooot at intruders. I have heard Thom Hartmann, Alxx Jnnes, The Power Hour, WCCO, Craig Lewis, etc. - and now Dick Kaye - http://www.doogiesplace.com http://www.chicagosprogressivetalk.com . I feel the police in Ferguson are messed up. Its a suburb trying to retain its privileges. But the people there, white and black, are probably also messed up.

One caller to Thom Hartman, very early in the unfoldings, who was very reasonable, but he did emphatically add that many black teens in Chicago will just walk stupidly down the middle of the street, just because its cool to push people's buttons. I can testify that this is true, around here, in various ways. As the economy sinks, rich and poor, white and black, try to hold on to their ego expectations, demands and perceived privileges - and so everybody tries to act more important than anyone else, and everyone is playing these passive aggressive games, and people occasionally blow up, and suddenly we have riots and military hardware. Its all insane. Stupid country.

So, the weird thing is this: That guy called in long before I heard ANYTHING about the kid, "walking down the middle of the street," in the news, or on the Alxx Jnnes coverage. I think that is weird. The guy, (w/ his voice and mannerisms), could have been a pollice - maybe even someone involved(!) Maybe he was a plant, setting up the story-line soon to be presented by the Ferguson pollice. Maybe it was just a coincidence. Maybe, indeed, the kid walking down the middle of the street was known to all, from the very beginning(?) - Or, idk.

I have long posted about the militarisation of pollice departments. How true, and simultaneously ironic, that all the expense wasted on the multi-trillion-dollar BUSH wars in Iraq, and so on, has depleted the country of wealth and of moral integrity, replacing it with FEAR, and so it comes right back as, "friendly fire," to become a militarisation of the internal USA! Lies, as so-called good intentions, has bought us this crap, and we fall into our own hellish traps.

Lies, blythe denial, and blind, egoistical passive aggression.

Similarly, I have posted many links pertaining to abuse of citizens by pollice. Not because I am anti-pollice, but these instances of pollice brutality are clearly anti-AMERICAN. These assaults have been on OCCUPY protesters, on Consttittuttionlists, on farmers and ranchers, on the poor, on minorities, and the handicapped and disabled. In societies where many people are trying to push for privilege - it is the marginal who bear the burden of the assaults. And, those who wage their attacks have their heads full of imaginary friends, on Facebook, in neighbourhood associations, in politics, in groups, in races, in credit cards and cellphones and TV and movies - and sometimes in SSRIs and anti-psychotics - thinking that they have moral support, and some kind of inculpability, or super-hero invincibility. Its a game, right up to the brink of reality, or the cusp of war. So, as if still in the 1980s, they go for the gusto!

My LL told me all about a book which she found amazing, which is called, "NYPD Calling," I believe. Also featured on This American Life, (Episode ~"People who choose not to exercise their Miranda Right to shut up") - recommended. These corrupt police, trained like Pavlov's dogs to salivate on the prospect of arresting and abusing people, because of some artificial quota - which is so plainly psychologically unsound, known even to anyone who has studied Piaget. Recall the crazy years when the NYPD arrested blacks for no reason, except for correlation=causation, at the behest of the right whites and business owners of the area. Of course, this went ary - as even has many operations of, "community pollicing," which also garners a lot of military surplus and $ from recent wars.

Well, these NYPD followed a former officer way up to Syracuse, and harassed him, like, um, TERRIBLISTS. (How ironic - all this crap - issued after 9///11, and related. How ironic that we become the enemy. How ironic that "we" create Al Quano, ISSIL, and Hammmas, only to wind up throwing expensive bomms and bodies at them, somehow. And it all comes home to roost). I told her that I was also concerned about all the abuse from pollice towards the poor, the elderly, the disabled, and minorities. Now, look at what is happening in Furguson. Yet, I am persona-non-grata here because, I presume, I am considered a racist for standing against the racism waged at me from the Nether regions. Later, I hear someone - sounded like the LL - saying to N-Girl, emphatically, "Did you buy the BOOK?!"

Stupid is as stupid does. Recommend a book on pollice brutality to the gf of a guy who's game is to constantly defy the pollice, secretly harass whites, and see how much petty vandalism and harm he can get away with - while N-Girl pals around with him, every step of the way. The LL is stupid, assuming these folks are angels, because N-Girl is so clean. The Nethers are stupid, exploiting the good graces of the LL, me, other whites - all of whom she has called, "crazy". (The abuse from the Nethers always increased when issues of race were prominent in the news).

And this mutually enabled game simply fuels the very same racism.

The longer the issues of pollice militarisation, abuse of the poor, etc., are ignored, the more we are doomed to falter into a deeper economic and social collapse.

Because this is not a black-white problem. This is a problem of stupidity, running to racism when things get hot. Reducing. Warming up to it like frogs in hot water. Cuz everyone thinks they are the cream of the crop, only to come to a head. Everyone should eat some yogurt and shut the hell up.

Its like CL.. Each tranny tries to get the posts of other trannies deleted, so she can get more guys, and so, more, "flowers." So, all the trannies are acting like spiteful little girls. So - what if ALL the tranny posts then disappear, as a consequence? No one gets any flowers. Everyone is equally poor, when they all could have been equally LESS poor, if only each and all of them had been less selfish and mean. This is yet another example of The Tragedy of the Commons - (goggle).

ha ha - anyway - I ended up writing a little on this subject, didn't I. I am just so tired, I can't re-fathom a theme-post for you write-now. I wanted to but I am so ill. Ending this post: I walked down to a garage sale yesterday and bought some things for under $10. Later. See also my tags: racism --- Martin/Zimmerman or such.

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