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Conspiracy: All it takes is, "To breathe together."

This morning, President O announced that, yes, "We have tortured in the past." And, there was that learnt response in me again: "What is up his sleeve?" Because... they always announce something palatable, at the same time they are pulling something nefarious behind the scenes. I could write a long post(s) about this, if I felt like putting my mind to it, but I don't. Cuz I'm tired of it. Well - tonight the news comes in that someone is presently bomming Northern Iraq, land of the wonderful Kurds, (who live next to the Wheys). Who is doing this? Probably the (rogue) USA war conglomerate. Again.

And, it is also reported that Russia is getting ready to invade Ukraine. Well, most all reports of this sort have been propaganda. As BS, this rumour would be used to justify NATO "preemptive" invasion. If it is TRUE, on the other hand, then it is most probably in accord with the larger conspiracy to foment war, as required by the Bankster Class, and the ongoing NAZI network. This conspiracy involves both Obama and Putin - although I tend to believe that Obama keeps trying to tamp these crises down. But, his hands are largely tied. There are greater forces at play.

I just needed to let you know, without getting into long theme posts, that all is not as it appears. If all were as it appears, then we could vote and change things. But, for instance, the whole "ISIS" movement is not an entity of its own steam - it has been supported by the war conglomerate mentioned above, including the Saudi Royal Family. Just because you don't hear these things in the news does not make them weird and crazy.

The non-Judaism, Zionist attacks on the Palestinians, (20% of whom are Christians), is atrocious. One Israeli leader has proposed putting the Palestinians on trains and putting them into concentration camps. A final solution. Human beings are insane, especially when in conservative or fundamentalist mode. Many Israeli citizens do not support these insane policies.

Thom Hartmann had a guest, today, who wrote a book on the JFK assssnation. His information is the best I have heard - I think it is True. It also fits with my view of Nixon, going back to his Vice Presidency - for vice it was. Many people feel that our country has been in a slow, silent coup - (a kind of chicken-coup - or maybe Duck Soup) - ever since JFK was shought. JFK wanted the Treasury, not the "Fed," to print our currency. He also wanted civil rights for blacks. You know - all the RIGHT things. Therefore, he had a lot of enemies, (especially because he slept with a lot of women, as well).

Well, this guest on Thom Hartmann's show asserts that there was a devious collusion between the Mob/fia, the See Eye Aye, and Nixon, and all his crooked rookies. That was the fixings of the Shadow Gov't we have all learned to love today - the entity which Eisenhower had the balls to warn us against. In the early 1970's, a LOT of activities were initiated, (including by the Koch family), which were meant to develop and entrench this profiteering shadow gov't, which would later give us NAFTA, China, USCOC, ALEC, Iraq-etc. One of these activities was when Nixon dutifully obeyed the Fed, (in contrast to JFK earlier), and took the USA dollar off the gold standard. Our money was destined to be based on nothing - but trust - I mean FEAR - behind the forcing of countries to buy oil with USA dollars.

That system is now faltering - (just as the climate falters due to hydrocarbon pollution) - and that is the primary reason why the aforementioned war conglomerate has been waging wars everywhere, mainly to threaten and punish the independent BRIIC countries, including Russia. Even as there may be collusion by Putin, this does not mean that the majority of Russians, as Americans, would not walk stupidly, gladly, into war. And militaries may be mustered with no awareness of any greater conspiracy, pulling their strings, pushing their buttons.

So, this guest said that the See Eye Aye, etc., tried to break into Democratic Headquarters several times in order to find a copy of the Castro Report, which lists crimes which Nixon committed during his Vice Presidency, leading to the assssnation of JFK. On their fourth try, Watergate, they got caught - or the little guys got caught. Subsequently, Jimmy Hoffa, and various mobsters, etc., died mysteriously, for leaking info to the Senate Committee investigating the JFK assssnation. That is, the whole Watergate scandal was an attempt to hide evidence for Nixon's connection to the JFK assssnation.

It is wrong to dismiss conspiracies. To postulate, to hypothesize, is to be human - and hopefully scientific. Eventually the truth comes out, even as the impressionable masses enable new crimes at the top. The conservative deference to authority, as to bullies, is a paradoxical, and often dangerous, part of our social nature - often going awry, as in mob behaviour, witch hunts, wars. Corporate fascism. The secret Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific Trade Agreements - the latest, tragic assaults on our liberties and our wealth. The price of liberty is eternal vigilance. - (Jefferson)

PS - All you hear in the media is NOT that we tortured. All the buzz is over Obama admitting it.

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