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I am the person who will destroy China.

sex - and panic in Detroit

I saw an add in the CL of a guy looking for a buddy, to go out and do fun stuff like guys, but the buddy had to wear women's underwear. ha ha ha - that sounds funny but, really, this is something I could do.

He would have to pay for our dates, and eventually I would have a guy to help me move, and maybe I'd move in with him and become his wife, cuz, I'm not making any extra money here. A girl has to keep her options open.

So, I'm pondering becoming a wife and in the mean time I look up someone who has been calling my phone number. Amazingly, Ixquick Search indeed came up with the name, it was a very cool name - a name I want to investigate and possibly have sex with: Brande Harrison.

Who is this person, and why? She isn't in the phone book, yet I know her address - looks like a trailer park. Low maintenance! Woo Hoo! I'm an owl! Was this the pharmacist who laughed loudly and insecurely? Who else has my number, other than freak accidents?

I got tired of the Nether Noise and started walking about loudly. When I retaliate, it always seems to scare the guy more than the girl. Obviously, he has more to lose, such as his testicles. So, he stopped slamming doors for now, but the girl is still absolutist, stomping around at midnight to wake me up.

I went to check the local pantry table. There were people sitting around, waiting for the actual pantry to open. As I walked down the stairs, they looked at me angrilly. You know - right out of the gate - and they look at me with angrilly. I let this slide off my back, because I know that they have learnt to act this way. I lament the plight of the poor, but it is smart not to be drawn into their emotional dysfunctions, as well, yo. [insert biblical quote]...

By the way, I heard a great quote from The Book of Corinthean Leather. Sorry I don't have the geocoordinates. It went something like: "Death gets swallowed away into the infinite. Oh, ddeath, where is you bite, now, hemmmmm? WHERE'S YOUR MESSIAH NEEEEEOWW, SEEEEEEEEE?!!!" Don't quote me on that, but look it up, god said it.

I get one song into my head, and then I connect it to another one, and wonder if one inspired the other - or maybe they are just in the same key...

Last night, Puss'n'Boots did an EXCELLENT version of Neil Young's, "Down By The Ri-Ver.... I shot My E-Bay.... Deead..."... And, damn - them guitars! So, I was singing this song today very quietly to myself in my kitchen, probably freaking away the girl called Nether... "Down by the baby.... I shot my ri - ehver... Uh... Deeeeeeead...." btw, thank you, goddam, Canada.

Then it triggered the song, "Tunnel of Love," by Spreece Brucesteen, in mah head, ou, ma tete. Listen, whatever you say about Bruce Springsteen, you gotta hand it to him, he is at least God almighty eternal and omnipotent. No, really, he is a freakish nervous bitch who mixes his creative powers with the drive to have a cleaner lawn than the rock-and-roll Jones'//// But it works, and it was a MAJOR influence on rock.

Fat man sitting on a, little stool... Takes the money from my hand, while his eyes take a walk all over you...

Those are perfect lyrics, somewhat demoted by being sung by BS, nevertheless a genius.

So, I was a-singing this song, sorta, real quiet, and it occurred to me that the country needed more simple, genius songs like this. It was then that I realised that I should be making music. I really should. I have perfect pitch, a great voice, songwriting ability - plus I play a mean harmonica. There are a lot of song fittng for the end of the world, and that include crap-rap. There is a lot of good mx via World Cafe. But there aren't a lot of fun, normal, silly loves songs? And there's something wrong with that.

And I want to walk around with you...

They played, "Panic in Detroit," on World Cafe, (David Bowie). I think a lot of original punk energy first sprang from Detroit. When you think about it, Detroit was a towering, emerald, great American city, rivalling Chicago. It was rich from cars, and cars were rich from cheap oil. btw - so much for the success of the whole, "Petro-dollar," stragedy, forcing countries to use the dollar, or ELSE - seeing how Detroit has become the central rot of America.

Detroit became so rich that black people there, who had once immigrated from the slavery South, were now displayng their wares in white society, successfully peddling this force called, "Motown." Two of my most beloved musical influences are Motown and 1930-40's Swing. This movement would also influence the soulful waves of pop in Britain, and the world, which were about three - right?.........

Then, things got out of control, and there were the riots in 60/70's. I think, maybe, if you don't treat people 100% humanely, then possibly they will revert to conservatism, and the primitive genes of their ancestors. This is a postulate. But, if you want to consider it seriously... Africans have only been here for a few hundred years, progressively expected to fit in to European society. I have seen how naive, and how inadvertently cruely manipulative progressives have been in the past, e.g., in regard to Native Americans - forcing them into white schools, or off their land, etc.

My postulate is that when any group gets into stress mode, then they tap into genes and archetypes of the past - and in this case, blacks possibly tapped into very tribal, primitive - "mob" - behaviour. In no way am I saying that they were not levelled INJUSTICE. I am just trying to figure things out. We have seen how insane Germans can get when inflation and spite drives THEM into racialist behaviour, and so forth.

If we had an underclass of Germans, who were treated similarly to blacks, I would be saying the same things - because Europe has been a continent of tribal warfare since day one. I don't see much dif between whites and blacks when it comes to primitive habits, because, well, maybe the Europeans became mega-"civilised" 1,000 years before the blacks - but if you count this into the many, many thousands of years of human evolution or existence, the difference of 1000 years is basically negligable. Chinese are ruthless savages when abused. And so on. And yet China is the longest running current civilisation on Earth - which is why they may become Martians.

The Nethers act like 100% animalistic tribalists, interested only in GROUP and in TERRITORY, having no interest in the more refined concepts of civilisation, empathic ethics, and culture. But they act like NAZI's - and this is how the Germans got. Humans, internalising stress, and concepts promoting it, reduce themsleves into limic, OCD, fight-flght reactivity, and so this comes dow to territory and group.

But, any impoverished, abused underclass is going to adopt these tactics and mentalities, and the overclasses are going to regard them as cockroaches, because, well, they do act like cockroaches - sneeky, hiding, overwhelming in groups, and so on. Yes, I have always decried the dehumanisation of groups, which then leads to gennocide.

But I am also looking at an alternate, hopefully compatible, view, where people do in fact act like cockroaches. Seriously. Maybe part of this is because I have learnt such profound respect for the intelligence and sentience of insects and all other beings. Cockroaches are SMART. They are especially smart when dealing with idiot naive humans - and you know how much I also decry the latter!!!!!!!!

I have now defied English 2x by beginning TWO paragraphs w/ the word, "but..."

I do think that a majority of blacks have somewhat nurtured their tribalist past, with an ongoing spite, or passive aggression, against whites, whom they largely see as a cracker slave-owner class - descendents. I have become pretty convinced of this, as a two-bit sociologist.

There are at least five reasons why this has continued: 1 - "black" skin, and real discrimination; 2 - insulation, 3 - the nature of capitalism; 4 - a community in poverty, and, 5 - perpetuation by the black culture. Regarding #5 - this is a natural human stress-response - a survival defense mechanism. The problem is that it is strongly averse to seeing positive change or opportunity.

In deference to cockroaches, they share 40% of humans' genes. I despise them, but, in the broader picture, they are awesome creatures, and will outlive us - (at least until there is no more of our food for them to scavange, and then they will retract in number, and sprout into newer species).

What we are talking about here is reverting to the primal tactic of, not only tit-for-tat, but massive retaliation, and not only that, but perverse pre-emptive massive retaliation - for things which haven't even happened, i.e., SUPERSTITIOUS "JUSTICE." Dogs deal with that, how? By being territorial. This is what is dragging our species down. Is this where we want to go, as the habitable planet expires? As if we are but pawns of temperature? I get so disgusted by all this.

So...... let's see where we're at here.......

OK - "Panic in Detroit"... the whole Detroit punk thing, Iggy Pop, etc... I feel like Bob Segar, whom I hate, is the exact opposite of this energy. He was a dead-end classic rock boomer always singing about being a loser and wanting girls with points way up firm and high. Gross me out, gah! He was like the ANTI-PUNK, at the time. His major influence, Spring Bruce Bruce, meanwhile tapped the whole, Romantic, "Let's get the fuck outta here!," and that's why Bruce Springsteen had an influence on New Wave, most notably, via Patty Smith and Elvis Costello. (I should again note credits to the original Van Morrison, and then Lou Reed).

So - what happened to Detroit? Dudes - the Detroit METRO area is still one of the most wealthy areas in the country. Downtown, real Detroit went downhill, but the counties surrounding it continued to profit from Detroit's original wealth, and they are doing just fine. Oddly, these counties are vehemently averse to doing Detroit any favours. Favours? See - a problem with affluent whites is that they never own up to where their priviledge has come from. They are like flies who can't stop eating, and one day their innards explode, life is sweet. But, dude, blacks would act the same way. Germans. Irish. Whatever.

So, the counties around Detroit are doing just great. But archaic zoning laws say that they live in different towns and counties, and so THEREFORE, they get to keep all their money. Then, what do they do? They plan to turn Belle Isle into a libertarian paradise for free-wheeling me-or-be-damned business - MAINLY FOR CHINA, WHO WANTS TO GAIN CONTROL OF GREAT LAKES WATER RESOURCES.

The Koch Bothers are behind this, and China is behind the Koch Bothers, whether in conspiracy, or in symbiotic competition - which, in the upper echelons, is the same thing. Study what I just said. See also "USCOC."

That is to say that the whites who benefitted from the capital of cheap oil and cars are now insisting that Detroit be made into their very own gambling casino, damn the blacks, and they also want the state to help subsidise this.

Meanwhile, the people in downtown Detroit are having their water supply turned off for failures to pay up. Well, this is the same kind of after-the-fact moralism that the German central banks have been imposing on Greece and other countries, with the populations required to foot the bills. i.e., ignore all other factors, you pay us now what we loaned you then. The people in Detroit are being told to pay, based on rising expectations of the past, or else be left with no water. How can we look at any of this and not see that major crimes are being committed?

So - the foolish new Pope has been Adam-Antly trying to advance the idea that the access to fresh, drinkable water is a HUMAN RIGHT.

I agree - this is a right of existence. It is an, "existential right." Sadly, we only currently consider applying existential rights to human beings. Well, considering that the whole planet is going to hell in a handbasket, well, what do yu expect humans to do? Give existential rights to swarming locusts?

But, that being weighed, then it has been discussed that the city of Detroit be handed over to the United Nations, for water relief. And now, since this crisis in Toledo, it is being discussed that the same thing be done for Toledo. One of my LJ friends has derided this idea, comparing Toledo to a third world nation. I am sorry, but third world nations have it worse than us - BUT ALSO BETTER - in some ways, and so this is NOT to be dismissed out of hand.

Look at what continues to happen to this country economically, and one will inevitably come to the conclusion that we are approaching third-world status in certain areas. Third world means that the economy and environment are being exploited, at the expense of poor humans and their regions.

People may own SUV's to get away from the local problem - but, more and more, these are global problems - and what good are SUV's when the oil runs out, due to stupidity overseas, and the crash of the dollar? WORSE TIMES ARE COMING..


btw - Michigan has become the Florida of the north. It has been imposing insane state laws. The wonderful Michigan,"Right to Farm," laws, which allowed households to have chickens on their properties, etc., are being revoked. Meanwhile, large tracts of Detroit land are being bought up by controlling interests, $1 per house. There is zero progressivism going on here - everything is being handed to to rich on silver platter, and it is disgusting.

Well, how much of this is racism? A lot. Dysfunctionalised capitalism insures that there will be racism. They go hand in hand. On the other hand, what has Detroit given back lately to the profiteers?

I am trying to tell you people that the day will come soon enough where SUV's won't mean shit. What we will need will be diesel or vehicles made before 1977, containing no computer circuitry.

OK ....... now where were we.........

I guess that's enough for now.

Except this: Psychopaths are basically ANIMALS. They are little animal children who never grew up, but who used their fore-brains to become better at being animals. OK - that's like millions of years of evolution, down the drain.
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