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head bed

Posted on 2014.05.29 at 17:47
This is day 4 of extreme fatigue and core brain dysfunction. It is 3:15pm. I am going to just plod away a little bit here. I have some ideas for this to become a theme post, but this is uncertain. Thinking and writing still suffer, and N-Girl slammed their front door because I was moving around in the kitchen. These people should be in jail.

Ummmm... .. Thom Hartmann interviewed a man yesterday, or the day before.... can't do it...

5:30pm - Abandoning post, abandoning post. - madman overbored!

NEWBIES - ! - If you were added today, please forgive me for not making a comment first. I must be offline as much as possible, due to extra charges, plus i am ill. I do hope you consider adding back.

Note to current friends: Because my computer is completely barebones for security purposes, my INBOX (etc.) does not display in the intended fashion. Instead, it runs all comments together, so sometimes I might respond incorrectly, or even to the incorrect person. This is more likely when I am not in command of my senses, for one reason or another.

PS - I just can't do comments today, either. Still in relapse. I do have them offline to answer later. Please be a bear with me.

EARTHFILES tonight on Coast-to-Coast, (AM radio - goggle for site) - begins at hour #2 (1:am central) - !!! http://www.earthfiles.com


the attention just encourages her
xhollydayx at 2014-05-31 10:28 (UTC) (Lien)
I think the weather if screwing with many people. I've felt like i was run over. Sleeping a lot lately. I hope you get some relief soon!
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