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France, & the Nether-Lands of Racism - Part Une

Presently, I am listening to NPR's "THIS AMERICAN LIFE," and it is making me want to move to France. Although France is apparently banal compared to the Romantic American dream of it, it has positive attributes:
- No one asks you personal questions.
- They treat Americans very well.
- They don't worry about eating what is good for them,
- And yet they are healthy and sexy.
- A concerted effort provides healthy food, to kids, etc., which people LOVE.*
- They are not hung up about WORK.
- [But what happens when their economy collapses? More French Anarchy].
- High quality of life, (i.e., high taxes).
- The NAZIs are gone for now.
- [Although there is disdain for blacks from their COLONIES].
- The pace is nice.
- Wine.
- People tend to accept you for who you are.
- Pretty good weather, except when climate change kicks in.
- I have not heard of sinkholes in France.
- No volcanoes.
- Very few tornadoes.
- Sex.
- I guess its OK to be rude, fart and pick your nose in public... um...
- No smoking inside restaurants, though.
- Almost no GMO or Mad Cow, although horse sometimes shows up.
- I look French. Or Spanish. (I am Skots-Irish).
- Marseilles. Brittany. Paris. Bordeaux. Calais.
- London. Ireland. Scotland. Holland. Switzerland. Milan. Barcelona.

OK - (resuming this post) - there has been more strife arising from N-Girl, which I should document soon. Also, I checked my bank account, and it was too low to handle the incoming shipment of new age dog-food. Eventually I ascertained that that order had already been charged to my card, but was not yet registered data-wise by my bank. Phew. I can still scrape by. But that means buying NOTHING until June. And, that will just about be the budget for the next two months after June. I don't want to do that, so I may resort to emergency action.

It was nice talking to Amanda of the new age dog food company. She wants to have voice sex wit me.

I guess I must move on to the subject of France, a la, "T.A.L."

One bit was a, "living", or real-world, interview with David Sedaris, who goes to France in order to be humbled and forgotten. (That sounds like why I came HERE, except I don't NEED to be humbled. I mean, LOOK at me!) He bumbles around and, like, goes to events for kids because the French is simple and he can vampire their happiness. He also goes to see the same English movie every day. Now. If that does not sound like THE LIFE FOR ME, then I'm an Unkies Monkel. Same movie over and over again, wandering through slow streets filled with people selling fruit while farting and picking their noses, drinking wine?

I think this would be good inversion therapy, because French people seem like me - taken to a French extreme of some sort. So, if I wandered amongst them for a few years, I might begin to despise them - and so do everything I could to distance myself from them, sobering up and no longer writing long existential novels and then throwing them away. Then I would meet a cute English spy and we would perish on the same day we first had sex, but it would have been worth it, compared to me wasting my life typing this vacuous crap on a laptop, which is gradually becoming a craptop.

It will surely make me go blind.

I am reminded. I had some cool dreams last night. One part was where someone was daring passer-bys to fall onto a little bucket of crap, buttwise, (hmmmm, speaking of inversion therapy). No one wanted to, but non-Puritanical me, oh no, I espied the little bucket, and calculated that it would not hurt me bumm, since its sides were thin, and so it would collapse or fold as I landed on it. But, while negotiating this, I asked how much the prize would be for me doing this. A new pair of pants? If I did it over and over again, I culd get lots of pants! And then I joked that I could do this for a living, and getting paid for by the hour. Soon, I was next to some girl who was laughing greatly at my jokes, and I knew that she was the girl of my dreams, so we cuddled humourously, and she said, "I just KNOW the rest of your day will be good!" So, I woke up, and I felt really great! That is the only reason, (plus earplugs), why I wasn't sent into a physical anxiety spiral when N-Girl started banging below my futon.

I think its called a futon cuz anyone who needs to stoop to using a futon has one foot-on the grave. Knock on wood.

Oh - PS - FYI - Re: David Sedaris. While listening to T.A.L., it struck me that David Sedaris has a woman's brain. Ira Glass couldn't understand why David Sedaris was afraid to go into restaurants alone, for fear that he would be ignored by staff, and looked at by customers. And the gossip! Well, even though I might have a woman's brain, (e.g., in my freezer), I have no COMPUNCTION against sitting alone at a restaurant, etc. But Sedaris is vastly concerned about what people think, and gossip, etc. He is obssessed by the thought of people staring at him. Well, this can be seen as functional, yes in a screwy society, but this is usually the political domain of straight females in society! (Please remember this for future discussion about N-Psychopaths).

Being very concerned about social nuances of moral censure or approval is the arena wherein many control-oriented females compete with each other. Their men generally benefit from this, but they often don't have a clue about any of it - or even that it matters, or is happening. Nevertheless, females can use this, and gossip, and flirting, to topple men they feel are unfair, or alien, or weak.

Apparently, one driver of this is the female's human tendency to be attracted to the intruder male, and even to play this, but then to recoil in disgust and self-over-control, which she foists off and projects upon the intruder, accusing him of crimes, indecencies, malicious intent, and such. The emotion is strong, but the politics of this, moving society towards hating the male, is usually subtle and wide, except where the female may actively, loudly, feign being victimised.

Note: This is how N-Girl reacts to germs in her kitchen. She exhibits extreme psychopathy in these traits, such that she is irrationally, through passive-VIOLENCE, pushing an agenda of black racism, whether she admits this or not. What white racist ever admits the perpetration of their sin? What psychopath ever tells the truth, unless it serves their agenda?

Anyway, there are other reasons why I think David Sedaris has a woman's brain, including having a female voice; growing up amongst strident girls, and lauding Judge Judy as his ultimate idol. Hail, Judge Judy, so keen in decrying all the idiots about - instead of, like Sedaris, wetting her pants in social anxiety.

And, so. This is why Sedaris goes to France. Or something. Oh - btw! Call T.A.L. and tell them they need to do a story where they examine whether Sedaris actually has a woman's brain! I am telling you that would rock. After doing this, send me money.

(Seriously! DO I even make you PAY for PODCASTS of madman101? Enough said).

Another part of T.A.L. featured an African American woman who loves living in France. She loves it because she no longer has to try to BE, or prove herself to be, some certain label, as she did back in America. Back there, she rose up from the Projects, surrounded by druggie blacks she could not relate to. Then she went to college and was surrounded by girls she described as black Southern Belles, whom she couldn't relate to. They looked down on her because she was from the projects - as did most whites.

But when she came to France, she had such trouble with her French, that all those labels meant nothing. And the French just liked her cuz they knew she was an American - and probably rich and cultured. (And, god forbid they show themselves exhibitting anything similar to American whites' racism towards American blacks!) Yet, as noted above, the Frenchies look down upon blacks from French colonies such as Algeria, Mauritania, or various Caribbean isles.

A main reason for this would be, in my assessment, their legacy of Imperialism, and how that so sneakilly connects to their own sense of self-RIGHT-ness, or privilege; to their wealth, and to their Liberty! Well, the presumptions of Imperialism, filtering down to the proles of the future, can create an assumed class or majority with personality traits of imperiousness, officiousness, or, eh, blithe denial, a la, racism. And similarly, this is also the inheritance of most American Whites.

I am not an American, btw. Just another white male that is apparently looked down upon by some - of the same disease noted above.

It proceeds from a historic lapse in addressing discrepancies of power back when Empire was first being promulgated - back when difficulties were wont to be seen as temporary set-backs, trials, etc. Back then, it could have been judged - like those old Bundy curmudgeons I wrote about - that the abuse of indigenous populations was nothing compared to the betterment being done in the service of all humanity.

And, similarly, so too may French colonial blacks, now living in France, continue a stance of deference to the majority whites, out of a belief in serving, if not gaining, this greater good. It may be subtle and second-nature. (It may be found also in African Americans, with the added dissonance of past slavery and continual racism).

Well, the quiet agreement to believe in the common ideals, it can also be comparable to the envy of country people in Latin America, lusting for the DREAMS offered in the city, only to end up dependent, in favelas. Many of them had no choice to immigrate inwards. What is choice? Why did today's French colonial blacks move into France? Choice? Compulsion? A desire to share the dream? We don't know. Many of them don't know.

And maybe the French whites see these as not being good-natured sharers - but as takers, and parasites, and potential terriblists. To some degree, by some sectors or groups. In the past, and today, it is not 100% possible to remove shades of racism from family, or group, subconscious and GENETIC propensities towards KIND.

Turns out that all these immigrants, I believe, also come from countries where people have a pleasant manner. They are kind. Well, all post-Imperialists tend to be, on the other hand, rude and contradictive - just lke the English cowboys who grabbed the West, (USA).

But, it cannot be dismissed that the French may inadvertently shed their unconscious guilt, or fear of implication, for past abuses, onto today's French colonial blacks. See also American White Guilt. (Note also the connection to Christianity dynamics).

So, the white French, some having the, "Kindness Gene," may wish to be amongst kind people - but they also want to be of people of the same genetic KIND. So, voila! Major, subtle dissonance, continuing through the ages, as class and family continue to remain relatively CONSTANT through history, politically and economically. That is not only the way of society and economy, that is the way of groups and those who identify with groups.

[The Kind / Kind comparison is not semantics. It is a real relationship. Even dying plants may give their nutrients to plants of closest genes - to their children, or Kin. They are being KIND to their KIND. The confusion arises in humans because we believe in abstractions, such as egality, e.g., through religions such as Christianity, where Jesus is said to have said, "Whatsoever you do to the least..."

Christianity, on the one hand preaches fairness to all, but cannot escape the hypocrisies of racism, exploitation, etc. Those hypocrisies are greatest the more such an institution favours STATUS QUO, ergo wealth for its elite "authorities," (setting an example of hypocrisy for the 'lower' membership to emulate, seeking the dream), over such CHANGE as the immigration of foreign immigrants, who should be treated fairly, as KIND. (However, I must assert that not all change is good, and not all status quo is bad. We are to be a mass-computer, figuring out the best of each)].

Note the cognitive, emotional and behavioural dissonance which I have touched on above, exhibited (hypothetically) by the French whites. They are conflicted, mainly subconsciously, on how to regard colonial blacks, (e.g.). They would tend to favour status quo, and may claim to support minority rights and respect - just like so many liberals in the USA. Or, they may take a different stance, and yet be filled with the same dissonance, essentially. Similarly, Christianity, especially some churches, also tends to be filled with similar self-conflict, other-conflict.

Defining self and other, through allegiance to Group, is what virtually all humans do - this may be called groupism, tribalism, or RACE-ism. I prefer to call it groupism, because this goes to the very root. Well, there is always some disparity between what the private self feels or thinks, and what the group feels or thinks. Then there is the conflict between group and society, and society and private self. Then: between countries, corporations, religions, churches, parties, and so on and on and on. The more intense this dissonance becomes, the more it is an AMBIGUATION of the psyche, of the group, and of the society.

In other words, the French whites, e.g., exhibit this dissonance, which is actually an AMBIGUATION of their selves, (in groups and in society). The more people so ambiguate, the more they experience indecision, poor information gathering, poor planning or hope, and MORE STRESS. This is all a reverting to the control of their fight-or-flight brain/ processing. This is the particularist inclination, rather than the WAVE, or field, or holographic inclination. This is a reversion to defend some moment-by-moment defined "status quo," versus perceived threatening change.

Not only are majority or elite or empowered groups plagued by such times of ambiguation - which include MORAL ambiguation - but so are minorties and the dis-empowered as well, if not equally in most cases. This is why the poor DO tend to emulate te insane mistakes of their society's unfortunate, so-called authorities, in the mass defense of a dysfunctionalising status quo. But, minorities, or the poor, etc., will also exhibit such ambiguation, and turn it instead to a rebellion of the social status quo - or, e.g., a defense of their GROUP'S (perceived or idealised) STATUS QUO. Agents of radical change often galvanise groups which, though they may vote liberal, are conservative in their sociologics. Well, the point is, all groups are prone to ambiguate.

Recall earlier posts where I described atom-like people in a highly-stressed society, where public occasions of tension, such as a petty run-in on the sidewalk, may be so rife BECAUSE of the surrounding and inherent ambiguity. These incidents are inherently ambiguous, but highly tense. This is the environment wherein some bully or mobster might step in and try to label the incident as being a RACIST incident, etc. (When that happens, well, which side is wrong, apparently? Neither side believes itself wong, of course. They are locked into a black-white, fundamentalist conflict, now.

That is the road to which increasing ambiguation leads, personally, socially, economically. Of course, who knows how to play group against group, by DESTABILISING COUNTRIES, for instance? Or by manipulating the media? You should be able to answer that one.

Please also recall that in an amibiguating society, personal allegiances become split, and split again, to various authorities or values. This follows from the social, (or mentally ill), flight of trust. Looking like a crazy Chinese Checkers board, or a star-fish tearing itself apart, limb from limb, the personal ambiguation mirrors the societal, requiring more and more energy input in order to sustain the denial which means to assert the illusion, or lie, of ORDER. Thus, when such people become more and more deluged by chaos in their soul, then the more their true center of control shifts from themselves to things external. They are in FACT out of control, manically trying to CONTROL others. Of course, these sadists are always, by natural law, MASOCHISTS, ultimately. That's why bullies fold and NAZI's collapse and weirdos die in orgasm as they hang from a rope. Truthfully, this is just another dimension of nature. But it is almost always toxic to society, economy, health and planet.

(I needed to review all that, in order to put things in context - connect more dots. This is a necessary thing I must do. Sorry. Or, maybe it helped you new readers understand more. As for my nude readers, I think they have all gone to bed)..

Oh, wait! I wanted to mention Nigeria. Here we have a country agreeing to let the USA in and hunt for those conveniently kidnapped girls, (as Alex Jones says, "by design"), so the USA can deploy big weapons and corporations, and eventually destabilise the country, and grab the oil. Similarly, lots of tiny, poor countries in Africa have allowed the so-called USA in, and establish DRONE BASES, for launching attacks all over the continent, and the Middle East. Why do countries do this? With the UN in tight cahoots, the USA continues to promise a DREAM. And this nice little poor and polite countries want to believe in the same dream. But, most importantly, the elite and politicians of these countries want the BRIBES. And, somehow, before you know it, these nice little countries become the latest examples of HELL ON EARTH.

God bless our oil.

But let not this conflict you.

After all, there is not full distinction between the promise of the American "Dream", and the wealth promised through the American Dollar. Thus, all parties tend to conspire in a similar denial, see no real immorality in the bribes, and seeing no real harm in the false promises. ALL FOR THE GREATER GOOD. Wasn't that the mentality behind deregulating media monopolies, and the housing market, and banks, and Wall Street, and so on? And look where we are now. We are pedalling madly, accelerating backwards, looking for the dead status quo by continuing to pander the PETRO DOLLAR.

All these wars are designed to prop up the USA Petro-Dollar, and then to let corrupt mercenaries and rogues and megacorps go on and rape the resources and power.

I have seen this in my older siblings... Create a problem - instill emotional angst in a child - make the child cry! - and then introduce oneself as the saviour - the CURE - for all of the child's woes. Poor child, trusting in the promises and dreams of the so-called authority, who only means "well" in defending the status quo - or the power hierarchy - which, in their brains, is, "Family Values." Or, "Trickle-Down." Poor creatures, like Pavlovian Dogs, learning to love what is destructive to them.

This is why I write.

This is why my journal is named as it is.

All about is this tragedy, and this extraction of rights, wealth and control.

Kind - to kind?

"White man speaks with forked tongue!"

No, the orphans of Empire speak with forked tongue! Or stab you in the back. How long shall this monster Empire crawl across the globe, across history, like a single-celled slime-mould, gorging itself? How long shall the dreams of technology and science and enterprise keep this monster going, underwriting, casting off problems like so many millions of corpses - hopefully to burst beyond the constraints of our planet, mother Earth - as if this would finally save us from ourselves??

OK - back to the African American woman, now living in France, and loving it...

Well, as I said, this woman learned to love living in France - and that began when she found that the labels to which she was habituated were no longer relevant in France, (relatively). And the day she began to realise this was when she and a black friend were in the back of a line at a movie theatre, in Paris. She said to her friend, "Let's just jump in at the front of the line!" She assumed they could do this, because she assumed that the whites would be AFRAID of them, just like the whites in America.

Instead, the French whites tore into them, and would not allow them skipping ahead. Well, this woman was amazed, that these were whites, and yet they were not afraid. But that meant, to her, that these whites ALSO did not HATE them, as did American whites. Instead, they regarded them as people, not objects of hate or fear. "The whole black-white game just didn't work here!"

Well, I don't know if all whites here are afraid of blacks. I'm not. As I said, I am not an American. And, apparently, this independence of mine has been what N-Girl has vowed to punish, by hook or by crook! But - more on N-Girl in Part 2. But I do feel, from experience, that much of what some blacks here mistake for being AFRAID, is actually COMMON RESPECT - or, at least an effort by a lot of liberals to MEAN to respect, despite their human failings. And, as far as I have seen this mistake so often being made by N-Girl, I find this mistake to be atrocious - and, indeed, exceedingly racist.

[NOTE: No apologies. I believe blacks are very much capable of racism. I think it was Cornell West who advocated that this was impossible, right? And then he married a white girl ha ha - oh well. Dudes, I am beyond that rhetoric. I've spent a lot of time, and a lot of life, with these issues. I continue to call myself a Progressive - (not a liberal, except somewhat in the classical sense)].

OK - this mistake, to the extent that it applies, is atrocious. And racist. Because racism in society is a back-and-forth ECHO CHAMBER! One groups objectifies the other, and vice versa. And, when times get tense and ambiguous, then racism (or groupism) becomes a "fail-safe" (?!) tactic resorted to by either race, (and most groups).

Or - is fear racism?!

But the other grossly racist thing in this story was the rote habit, trying to skip ahead of the line, (because, "whites are afraid" - or because whites WHATEVER). This was a habit of the woman's own racism, attempting to use her "POWER" locally, to get ahead of whites, or put them at a disadvantage. She was racist and ASSUMING racism.

Remember when I posted about ambiguous incidents, which can be incorrectly branded as incidents of "racism", and so invite violence? (It is the racists and bullies and profiteers and PSYCHOPATHS who would so trigger this collapse).

I also wrote that these incidents were like times when one person is afraid that the other person might shoot first, and vice versa - bing! Echo chamber! This is a zero-sum gain game, where each person, and their reptilian brain, feels it is best to ASSUME that the other person is going to shoot first - and so be ready to react to the dumbest accident, like a cellphone, etc. Well, the only way out of this is to NOT assume first - especially if the assumption is based on the race of the other person - (but that is hard to demonstrate in court, often, because FEAR cannot be analyzed logically). Those who assume first, out of HABIT, grown through fear, are themselves racists - hoping not to die.

This can be forgiven in tense situations... But assuming that whites will back down, if they are intimidated, and then jumping to the front of the line? This is the pedantic equivalent of SHOOTING FIRST, based on racism! Basing behaviour on the assumption that the OTHER PERSON is a racist, (and will back down like a good white), IS RACISM. It doesn't matter if it claims to be a response to the racism of the whites, true or false. The incident at the movie theatre shows how wrong this assumption can be - and not every swan is going to be white.

"Common people" in the USA tend less to be racist than confused and helpless. They lack social, fighting and survival skills, and just plain existential sense. That goes for whites and blacks. Situations differ depending on context. Neither are likely to shoot first - and may ASSUME first infrequently. However, it is the self-appointed racists (or groupists) or politicians, etc., who will try to force situations to the point where racism may manifest, through fear. These people tend to have personality traits, and strategies, of PSYCHOPATHS. They are parasitic and exploitative of ambiguating or destabilised societies, and use chaos and the logics of death to move them into positions of false authority.

About half of psychopaths, (or sociopaths), are male, and half are female. They are black, white, any colour. These are the bad people who spoil things for everyone. They are the provokers who incite mob behaviour. They are the cheaters who's errance brings down state control and corporate exploitations upon everyone else. They are the liars and the gossippers and the feigned "victims" who seek to aggregate the safety of angry compatriots around them. It is to their "benefit" that such flames as racism are contnuously fanned. Just as the bankster class.

They may react emotionally, since they are trapped as four-year-olds, basically. But, most often, they scheme and plan - all based on meticulous, prodding observation of their prey - as through games of passive aggression, or through spying. It's ALL about CONTROL.

So, when one of these few trouble-makers - rotten apples - is encountered in a tense situation, as on the street, they WILL assume first, and they WILL shoot first. Therefore, it is not appropriate to go through life taking a stance of pacifism and forgiveness - BECAUSE IT DOES NOT WORK ON THESE PEOPLE. Psychpaths will seek you out, if they believe you to be weak, or a good mark for their own advancement in a dysfunctionalising community.

(This problem can also be discussed in Game Theory, in tit-for-tat scenaria).

Racism is, so often, a fomentation of human helplessness into hate and violence, (and quiet abuse), by a minority of selfish, afraid, narcissistic trouble-makers. These are the people to mistrust, to understand, to identify, to avoid, and to put into prison.

While other, common people are far less likely to be racists, many of them may be prodded into supporting racism - by these psychos - in times of chaos or stress or failing power within the community or society.

Oh remember when I was speaking, above, of females meaning to define the INTENTIONS of some dangerous intruder? This can be taken to extreme by female psychos, who will lie, etc., to have the person damned before anyone even has met him. (I believe I wrote about this well in my lost</> post, "Starfish Apocalypse," or whatever it was called. Well, it is when a group or society believes itself to somehow KNOW the INTENTIONS of some victim, even without fair trial, that mass violence so easilly becomes rationalised! I see this as being a sociological rule or law - I don't know if anyone else has ever come up with this idea. Probably. But, for this journal's practical purposes, it is another amazing madman original! Watch me on webcam for only $5 a month! I also need more dog-food.

So - I will speak more about how psychopathic racism seeks out victims and tries to leave them no room for anything else but retaliation, for which they then become destroyed, in one way or another. Made homeless. Beaten. Sent to jail. Etc. I will NOT be speaking of blacks in general. I will be speaking of the few blacks who are active psychopaths and racists, such as the girl downstairs.

I took my dog outside a while back. I was glared at by a big black guy in his black SUV. He has never met me, but he is buying into N-Girl's gossip. Some big black guy up the street was apparently calling N-Girl and reporting on what i was doing while INNOCENTLY out with my dog, since she was not home to stare out the window, as usual. He is buying into the gossip. Yesterday, some younger black dude with his boxers showing glared backwards as he walked down the highway. Buying into the gossip. (There were also gnnshots, but I haven't even bothered to consider whether or not they were part of this, although its a good possibility). Is this racism, because all three persons I mention are black? Yes. It is called black racism, fomented by Nether-Girl. She has been harrassing me for 2.5 years. And it is RACISM.

I would rather be in France.

Well, here's a teaser: As I was minding my own business, allowing my dog to be pet by two little girls, N-Girl's dog starts barking at us from inside their door. Then N-Girl actually lets the dog out, and proceeds to tell me not to let my dog piss where he has been pissing for 2.5 years... "Because the grass is dying." (Duh - it didn't die the last two springs - there's this little thing called CLIMATE CHANGE WEATHER, for which you are blaming me). So I yelled at her, big time. Mainly because she was interested in yelling at me first. She said I needed to get a life - when it has been her very much parasiting off of me for every TINY noise or issue - or jealousy over me saying hi to anyone. (Apparently, she was incensed that I would allow two little black girls pet my dog! I am, after all, white).

After she had gone inside, my final yell was, "You bang on the walls and you're telling ME I need to get a life?!!!"

I guess she felt OK with retreating, since she had said to me that they were going to, "Start something!" As if they haven't been trying to start something for 2.5 years - for NO SANE REASON. For various reasons, I am thinking she is on her path of starting something, in fact. Trying to draw me into a "racial" incident in the neighbourhood.

She knows I am ill and disabled - in fact, she bangs on the walls much MORE when she thinks I am more sick, since this means she can get away with it. Same thing when she bangs on the walls below when I am using my bathroom, and then leaves the house - since, that way, she can evade any police. PSYCHOPATHS ARE cunning COWARDS, I am telling you. So, now she is trying to prove that she has more of a life than I do - as if I asked for ANY of this. She is trying to be seen coming and going a lot.

Last night, she arrived with a little girl. Hmmmm... She wants to show she is MORE this-or-that again. Fill in the blank. I happened to be looking out to see if her car was still gone, so I could know if I could actually TALK to my dog, while in bed that night, and not be plagued with more LOUD retaliations. She has done this for 2.5 years, aware that my illness is greatly exacerbated by stress. (They literally almost killed me). While I was looking out, I saw her getting the girl to look up at my apartment windows, pointing, saying something to her. Probably what N-Guy said to N-Dog outside, or she said to N-Dog #2: "BAD!"

These people are evil. So, you know how I have been planting grass? To - you know - keep the neighbourhood beautiful, etc? For the children? Well, yeah. So N-Girl, trying to prove that she loves children more than me - she planted stuff out in the front lawn too! In front of her side porch. Causing me some illness. What did she plant?


Highly toxic to plants, pets and children.

That's why they are called the, "Nether People," btw. Because, up my stairs, from their apartment below, flowed this great wall of toxic fumes, stereo noise, arguments and BANG BANG BANG.
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