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I am the person who will destroy China.

Prelude - The Addendum

indeed, this may actually be worth reading - just for the tidbits

[about midnight, morning of saturday] - You don't know how wonderful it is to be able to walk around your apartment at midnight, and go eat a sardine. I don't care why N-Girl and consequent N-Guy are gone, I am just loving it. I can actually talk to my dog w/o being retaliated against. And many many so forth.

Um.... I forgot to mention, in the previous post, that the old guy who reminded me of this stoic trait where old timers are both noble heros and unwitting jerkwads - this also reminded me of the BUNDY guy down at the Bundy ranch in Nevada, which was invaded by alien BLM aliens. This guy who is standing up for freedom from Bureaucrats, and freedom from urban brain death syndrome, may seem a noble warrior, even of the tinfoil hat variety - but he is also, apparently, a died-in-the-wool racist, and he doesn't even know it. You may have heard his diatribe on the Television Machine. He is only a "racist" because the rest of the country evolved a new definition of "racism", and political correctness, while he was lost in a time-wapr for about 0 years, tending to his cattle, seemingly minding his own dash-barned business. But, it is interesting, isn't it? "No-one ever... Is to blame"...

Another thing I never mentioned: Even slightly inebriated, I went out with my hatchet-sort-of-hammer, and started hacking away at the lawn. The bare spots which the repair guys never got to. I was dutifully the stereotypical madman, for all intents and purposes. This tall skinny black guy approaches, with his tiny daughter trailing a little behind him. The guy is apparently still lost in his adolescence, because he is lowly making up some lame rant, which includes, "...You don't see the real scene because I am wearing my sunglasses!" Yes, he was wearing sunglasses, narcisstically pointing that out for me to notice. It's bizarre - this happens a lot - several immature black guys will start making up some lame-ass rap, describing what you, e.g., the white guy, is thinking - as a substitute for conversation, generally meaning to INTIMIDATE. It's really pathetic because they are just making themselves look like weak fools.

Anyway, this guy is chanting this cr*p, and his essentially abandoned daughter is OF COURSE consequently afraid of me - white guy - being the one doing the CRAZY STUFF ha ha - irony never ends... So, the guy is trying to get her to follow him but she is frozen. So, I immediately toss my tool to the ground and smile and say hi to her. She gives me a giant smile and continues on her way. Poor, her, having to face a world which seems so likely insane in every direction.

Another thing I didn't mention was that, while I was retrieving that little bin from the dumpster, I also saw a little Atari bag which I am sure I could find use for. And, I also saw a million Playboy Magazines. I grabbed a few. These things don't interest me in the seual flavour - unless I have some weird mission to be turned on by such, which I don't. The only other time I ever owned a Playboy magazine was years ago - I maybe got them from a garage sale. So, the weird thing is this: The first magazine I looked at? It was exactly the same one that I owned years ago. Same girl. She never got dressed and went on with her life.

But, really, I honestly don't see much sense in this mild pornography. I can admire the beauty. But, I don't ever find any stimulating sexy STORIES behind any of the pics. I've seen enough tits, yo, I know what they look like, ha ha.

OMG this guy was walking a dog today and it, as usual, tried to run up to me because they sense I am also an animal, and this dog has dog tits! OMG - I am sorry but I find dog tits disgusting. I mean... how can you be a dog, and also have tits?!?! ha ha.. It is illogical or something. It is like it should have been buried centuries ago in Pompeii. But it continues on, supposedly as some useless appendage from crippled evolution - like our appendixes, which, may actually be antennae for the aliens.

Well - so - listen - this morning, I was listening to http://www.thepowerhour.com, and O'Reilly was interviewing Stan Deyo (SP???). This guy is simultaneously way out there, and also knows the score. Someone called up and asked what he thought of, "The Electric Universe". This warmed my heart, that some people now use this term as part of their lexicon. Some people know what it means. I prefer the term, "electrical universe."

Well, I think this caller may have been inspired by the Coast-to-Coast programme of the night before. I only tapped into this C-t-C programme TONIGHT, from an hour-long repeat broadcast. George Noory was interviewing some spectacular guy named Keith......... SOMETHING???? They were talking about the ELECTRIC UNIVERSE.

Well, one awesome thing that was mentioned was that, supposedly, once glycerine was manufactured into a solid state, all the glycerine in the world started turning solid, just because it was picking up the same info!!! This definitely has to be checked out as to its truth. But this is awesome, and not dissimilar to many MANY of my concepts. And that includes the placebo "EXTINGUISHMENT EFFECT". Or, transceiver DNA. I am just overjoyed that other people are thinking along these same lines.

Another caller called in and said that when he has hunted, he has noticed that all the deer in the forest somehow know to lie down at the same time. Is this some mutual transmission of info? Is this them being simultaneously influenced by some flux in the geomagnetic field, or such? This is fascinating, and true, even though the caller was given short-shrift, probably because hunting is not PC.

But, I urge you to remember these concepts, for later exploration! They illustrate how the Origami Universe "in-folds" and dispatches meaningful info across time and space, often to entities who share similarities of molecular SHAPES, as in DNA. The profundity of all this is mind-boggling and revolutionary.

Addendum; THE SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS - (part 1).
You may think you know plants but have you ever dated one? For that you would need carbon-dating or tree rings. id you know that you can estimate the age of a tree using a formula, based on tree heighth, berth, etc.? Trees are wonderful things. I did everything I could to advance tree planting in my Olde City.

Meanwhile, the CGGOTC, Mr. Village Idiot, was cutting down as many trees as he could. Isn't this like the mentality of yelling at someone for recycling things from a dumpster? Especially if the dumpster-diver is homeless and hungry? It is a mentality of targetting and creating VICTIMS, based on the assumption that one has a better "RIGHT" to survive, to exploit resources, and to harm others. One somehow knows the world and what's important, when in fact they have everything backwards - resorting always to THE LOGICS OF DEATH - (not to Commons cooperation and empathy). This mentality seems to emerge in adolescence and teen years - all the petty highschool crap. I would venture to say that it is precisely this backwards hubris, (needing to suppress anxiety or fear), which needs to keep spouting the logics of death - it is this backwards way of thinking which creates the illusion that this person is "immortal" and will live forever.

Well, this retarded mentality is apparently nurtured past adolescent years, even into old age, so long as there is a constant input of power or money, sustaining the illusions of RIGHT and of immortality. Thus, the corrupt elites just carry forth stupid doctrines learnt in grade school, and try to use them, and their wealth, to control everyone else, as if everyone else is still in grade school. That is why they so resemble much of the poor, who are trapped in these adolescent games of fighting amongst themselves, sometimes for mere survival in a so-contaminated environment, pressed to do so by their neighbours, by their lack of knowledge, by their POVERTY and by the example and the exploitations of society's elite "authorities"

Well, so much of today's America has defaulted into this mentality, a mentality of fear and denial, defending some status quo, opposing change as if it were some personal insult. Both rich and poor fight to retain their status quo, because all they see is collapse, instead of useful, progressive, alternative information. Thus, society moves into a slow mob mentality, where it is every man for himself. This causes individuals an groups to cheat - to lie, to steal, to kill, to deny (above all else) - and to, en masse, RUSH IN TO TURN THE COMMONS INTO A TRAGEDY OF COLLAPSE. I.e., (see tags), "the danger of collective action," "the violation and tragedy of the commons," "a chaotic phase shift," and so forth. The hitherto private resentments and LOGICS OF DEATH, soon jump from individuals to overwhelm the entire society, producing a flight of trust, inflation, war, etc.

We have studied this before. The important point in THIS post is that the adoption of the backwards logics of death are used by adolescents to enhance their feeling of immortality, and the right to harm. This mentality is perpetuated, (in perpetuity, like an, ehem, investment), when the jerkwad kids keep getting fed more wealth and privilege as they grow up, and begin owning land and corporations and politicians. In fact, like PSYCHOPATHS, (related), they never grow up, but use their expanding frontal brain capacities to simply devise more and more clever or elabourate PLANS for instituting their little-boy bullshit.

This is different to the retardation shown by much of the poor, precisely because it DOES plan, (usually by psychopaths), whereas the poor tend to be reactive, day-by-day, not so much interested in plans as by, eventually, immediate revollution, e.g. A hungry mob is an hangry mob. Well, look at it. Here are the bastard elites, still stuck in the bullyism of grade school, wanting out of life not merely wealth, or power, but CONTROL - and they are using elabourate, long-term plans to manipulate agreement from, and exploitation of, the poor, who can't think past their next paycheck. Some elites are many DECADES ahead of the rest of society, in what they are planning as reality.

Plus - they use a variety of fail-safe IMMEDIATE media mirrors and smokescreens to distract the poor, et al.... SUCH as, 48 days looking for a 777 that was never meant to be found... The war in Ukraine.... 200 Nigerian school girls kidnapped... Miley Cyrus... now, Katie Perry... The Boston City bomming... and the list is endless. These are related to longer-term strategies, and there are a whole slew of more immediate psychological devices which are used.

Here is a great device: The creation of the illusion of antagonism between collabourators. When TX governor Rick Perry was running for president, it was touted that Carl Rove really disliked him, when in fact Karl Rove was apparently helping with his campaign! Same deal with Obama slightly dissing Bush as Bush sat in the INnaugeral Day crowd. It's more "yes we can!" bullshit.

During the early years of the Obama presidency, here comes the living Zombie, Dick Cheney, constantly bad-mouthing the president on his stance towards Iran. Cheney, (not only behind the little assualt in Georgia, near Russia), was very probably behind those supposed "Iranian" boats which mocked and pretended to attack USA ships. But, it is probable that Cheney and Obama are pretty much on the same page re: Iran, as they apparently were on the BP oil spill, when it comes down to it. And the whole deal with selling corporate Obamacare while locking out those who wanted single-payer... That is too complicated too discuss now, but it contained the same false antagonisms.

Or - after the Citizen's United ruling, there was a supposed disagreement during Obama's State of the Union Address, between some Supreme Court Justices sitting in the crowd, and Obama. Breaking news: This was contrived. Or, do you remember the shout, "You lie!!" Or how about the unfortunate endless years of Congressional stalemate caused by the GOP in complete opposition to Obama, (playing on racism)?

We have got to stop being trapped, looking at these things as if they actually WERE left-versus-right. No - it is a game they are perpetrating on us. As far as I have studied, Obama - AND HARRY REID - have been basically fine with the Congressional stalemate. Funny, though, how they so easilly managed to cooperate when it came to bailing out the big banks, or in passing more NDAA and military legislation.

You see, they are advertising these so-called falling-out between people - as between Putin and Obama - or between Netanyahoo and Obama - merely to interest the public and send them off the trail. There are no falling-outs. There is COLLABOURATION. These people are not only not stupid - they have a long-term rationalisation for the moves that they are making together. An example of such collabouration??? THE UKRAINE.

Then, if someone identifies this, they goad the public into calling them conspiracy theoriest. And, the really dangerous whistleblowers - and POTENTIAL whisleblowers - they are not shunned, they are quietly suicided. There is a lot that has been going on which has led me to these conclusions. Please also research.

They are in collabouration, while trying to convince us that there remain checks and balances between the different branches of government.

As to what is their grand, global rationalisation - and plan? Is is good or bad? It is meant to save this planet from itself? Well, Stan Deyo (sp???) voiced my exact opinion the other night. The global elites and politicians, spearheaded by the USA and its rogue agencies, have a logical plan to dismantle the USA, etc., all towards saving the planet. This plan will not work. A primary reason it will not work is that it leaves a vast amount of room for the intrusion and distortion of corrupt people and groups and governments. I have seen it being sidetracked over and over again - and I try to root for Obama, secretly trying to save things from falling apart. But I believe that Obama, and Hillary, and Kerry, and others, do adhere to the great, overall plan. And yet - even this great plan is a product of naive hubris, no matter how sophisticated are their supercomputers and military hardware. The plan is bound to fail.

Well, I will hopefully write more about my forebodings. But, even as we speak, the USA is in negotiations for the building of emergency housing elsewhere in the globe, to house Americans fleeing the devastation of a possible eruption of the Yellowstone super-volcano. George Bush long ago bought land in Paraguay. Many of the rich are now fleeing to such places as Guatemala and the Cook Islands. And, we also have Fukushima, which will probably worsen significantly. And, we have a potential errant nukklear war over the Ukraine, Iran, Israel, etc. We have impending species extinctions, mostly through the dying oceans. Most certainly, our planet's geomagnetic distortions and core abnormalities are exerting bizarre earth changes on the surface, including sinkholes and increase earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

How can even a coordinated and benovolent plan prevail - even against mere global warming - which could give us a rise in temps of ten LIFE DESTROYING degrees??? How about a sudden release of menthane from the ocean floors? Or how about a vast release of hydrogen sulfite, sulfuric acid, and other toxic gases, from some sudden and immense eruption of magma, as has happened in the planet's history, and which seem possible now? Or how about a descent of the middle of this continent under the seas? We have at most 50 years before just ONE of these destroys us.

What humans would adhere to this plan without taking short-term, selfish advantage? Drggg and gnnn runners. Arrogant or bellicose politicians. Why not start a selfish nukklear war if the end is near? Why not prop up a false "GOD" to command humanity for our advantage? And, as there are so many NAZI descendants of the original NAZIs involved in this grandiose scheme to save us from ourselves: WHAT INSANE IDEOLOGUE WOULD NOT TRY TO ASSERT A REGIME OF HUMAN DEPOPULATION?!?! And what population would not war against such a modest proposal???

OKkkkkkkkkkk........ now..............

You know, the natural Aborigines of Australia have had a different way of being. They follow dreamline through the topography. They paint dream spirits, just as did the Neandertals or the ancient South Americans. They do not use North-South, East-West directions. They feel directions based on placement - on proximity. And their words are different. And - I am sure they have a religious respect for animals - and plants.

Well, I guess they could be called Animists. They partake in the emotionality of nature, all around. We Westerners have a habit of thinking such people to be primitive and superstitious. They are children, needing our guidance, and force, and educational facilities - and removal from their families.

I am reminded of the great programmes to create the American National Parks and Wildernesses. These were initiated by progressive environmentalists, who were inspired by Thoreau, and Walt Whitman, and Gifford Pinot. But, they were also Puritanical - just like the old cronies I mentioned earlier: Proud, strong people, with consistent morality and a strong work ethic - who could also be unwitting racists and dogmatists and supremacists - even while their mission meant to be compassionate.

So, these ACTUALLY WONDERFUL people exerted some inadvertent cruelty. They were in blithe denial - since a measure of denial is the only way to get things done. INDUSTRY! PROGRESS! MANIFEST DESTINY! It was all right for the times. What they felt they had to do was to remove Native Americans from certain areas, to make these into Wilderness areas, etc. They did this on the assumptions and on the science of the day: Wilderness does not include humans!

I think, quite adamantly and quite regrettably, that these progressives can be forgiven for their ignorance. I am sure that many of them also had natural human deficiencies, such as hubris and meanness and arrogance - (just like so many shy people I meet today). At least they were great because they portended a step up and away from absolute, amoral, absolutely exploitative unregulated capitalism and monopolism. In this, they were attempting to continue on the American ethics of Jefferson, etc. But, as they progressed, they also betrayed some big mistakes which we can see today in retrospect. But let us thank them for their creativity and daring.

After all, a lot of what we sensitively understand today to be, e.g., "racism," would have been completely lost, or over the heads, of Americans, building this country, of only a few generations ago. We have to understand things in the concept of the development of history, and thought. Really.

Well, they moved Native Americans off the land.

America put most Native Americans on reservations. And from where did that concept arise? The English came up with a way of dealing with the Irish and the Scots, whom they were habitually exploiting. Put them on reservations! It never ceases to amaze me that my Irish parents, and so on, carried over the anti-English attitude, precisely because of this, and because of the English-caused potato famine, and other abuses, and yet they see little wrong with the American cloistering away of the indigenous people of this country into reservations, whereing there is bottomless poverty and alcoholism and incest and hunger. DISCONNECT. Now we have Irish cops preserving the NWO agenda. And, dudes, it seriously O'Riles me!!!!!

What do you know?! Hitler took this concept of reservations, originally meant for the Irish, and applied it to the German JEWS. We all know how that went. Objectify. Deny. Destroy. Cover-up. Because: IT IS ALL A RATIONAL HUMANE PLAN! Right?

How do these people know better than us?

(I have not even mentioned the possible collabouration of aliens).

I don't know if you have ever noticed this: We treat plants the same way. ("Oh, heh! So what! They are not conscious like us!!").

There was a great, "To The Best of Our Knowledge," (NPR, WPR), today - with repeats from past show(s). And, I think that every one of you NEEDS to listen to this!!! Pleeeeeeese!!!!!!

This show is crucial to understanding many of my past and upcoming ideas. Please goggle and listen to it, hopefully before reading the rest of this post!

What we do to Native Americans, we have done to trees for epochs. I do not deny that this has been a consequence of our naturally arrogant existence. There is no need for Europeans or Americans to be self-hating for what has happened in the past. The point is to move ahead, as wonderfully exemplified by an interview with NALPH NADER - so far, Green Party. Probable presidential candidate.

Vote for him this time, (or you are admitting that YOU are a loser).

Ralph Nader has a new book out, citing almost 30 ways that the left and the right can agree on in politics... Get corporations out of government and out of Control. Regulate things that mess with our small-scale lives. I have forgotten the title, but I think I will order it if I can!! He is saying things that I was saying many many years ago!! The "far left" and the "far right" need to unite!!!!!!!! Why? Because it is up versus down, not left versus right.

[post cont'd 7:30pm same day, sat] - I have cast 2/3rds of my grass-seed, hoping that it was not baked so much that it fails. It actually smelled somewhat bad at the bottom of the bin, indicating actual composting.

I am hoping to write much now, before taking my dog out later, but I don't really feel like writing now. I think I need to rest my brain again. It has its own little bed and everything.

[3:20pm sunday] - I am finally clear-brained enough to write. It's been getting too warm, also. I like to drink tea or coffee while I write, lying on my back, with a pillow and etc. and laptop over my tumtum and such. Sometimes, I put radio headphones over a winter cap, and secure this by a winter headband over the headphones. So, you see, things can get really warm, on warm days.

Presently, I am drinking a mugga green tea, with a drop of sage and a little lemon. Perfect. Did you know that when those great spice-masters, the Chinese, found out about our spice, sage, they LOVED it, and they combined it w/ green tea - and I think also ginger(?)! Try it! And thank god for dead plants.

How do I start this? By more holistic rambling... So, you know of the....

Let us pause to think about grass seed.
(NOTE: Severe thunderstorm warning yay - bless all my happy grass seed children, out trying to make it on their own in the world!)

[Captain's log 4:30pm sunday] - I had to put on clothes again and go out and cast the remaining 1/3 of my specially-treated grass seed. This was because the rain came through, and there is more on the way. Despite the dangerous composting of the grass seed, I believe much of this seed will work - esp. this last 1/3. This is because I managed to eye some single "hairs" on a few seeds in the batch. Rough experience tells me that this is a prelude to actual sprouting. Hopefully - plus the timing and rain for this batch seems about perfect. There is not yet anything to cover the seed, but I might tell the LL that this might not even be necessary. Not sure. So, far, I have put 11 pounds of seed down; maybe 10 pounds of bone meal; plus lots of used tea grounds; plus a half cup of micorhyzal fungi; plus about a cup of pelletised calcium; plus lentil and pea seeds; plus who knows what else - I even put a whole bunch of henna into the water. The henna never really worked for me - plus it was moist and slightly mildewy.
End of pause.

Micorhyzal fungi attach to the fine roots of plants, making nitrogen, etc., available. It is very organic and natural. We have generally killed away much of this ESSENTIAL lifeform on large Agri farms, where plants are instead fed nitrogen fertiliser synthesised from petroleum. Pesticides have also helped kill of the beneficial organisms in the soil, many of which are related to the beneficial microorganisms in our gut, and in mother's milk. In the case of corporate strawberry farms, ALL organisms in the soil are deliberately fumigated, just to be sure no pathogens attack the berries.

The soil is dead. This is a travesty. Soil is a functioning organism in its own right, shared dynamically by living trees as well as by minerals. Don't look at me askance, but it has a consciousness - "stone sense," at the very least. All organisms use it as a field, and as a means of interaction. And: Communication. The electromagnetic properties of soil are important, variable and in flux. This is where the globe meets the sky - there is immense global interactions always occurring between the two. Life is a player or function in this larger dynamics. Further, go deeper and deeper into the soil, into the crust, and you will find Life - in archaic forms not unrelated to larger ones we know of. It is as if life has emerged out from the core itself.

I need you to remember about this magical fungi, which carpets our land wherever plants are naturally grown. We think we are a separate Phylum, from fungi and plants. But we are all intricately connected - not only realistically or chemically, etc., but as a very dynamic Earth field(s)! This subterranean carpet of life connects roots not only nutritiously, but INFORMATIONALLY - it relays and manages communication. And, I shall go out on a limb here - it communicates emotions across distances. That's right. Plant emotions. Fungi and bacteria and worm emotions. Earth is the body electric. But - I will be posting about the secret life of plants soon, so please tune in.

See also: Gaea Theory.(sp?)

Then, there is our planet's vast, harsh, and subliminal interrelationships with the Sun, and so on.

[6pm sunday - had to sleep] - OK - you now about the 7th Nation, a Congress or confederacy of Native American tribes. Thanks to them, oil and gas cannot be shipped from Alberta/Canada, through British Columbia. They did this because they, and other tribes, believe that we must live lightly in this world as if our 7th generation of descendents depended on it - because they do. Try to keep the world safe and vibrant. (NPR's "LIVING ON EARTH" had very good show today, with three different stories exploring Native vs Invasive Species. Pro and con. I have always been a big advocate of Native species. But some time ago, I realised that global warming was altering local environments. Thus, it may be good to plant non-native species from the warm SOUTH into warming places in the NORTH. Or - it may be better to plant some northern crops into areas in Florida, to deal with increasing winter freezes. There were opinions or perspectives on this show which finally echoes some of my own.

[8:30pm] - As you can see, I am having a hard time continuing this post, due to CFS/stress. So, what I am going to do is to post it tonight, and then do a NEW post on THE SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS. For prep, I urge you to listen to today's "LIVING ON EARTH" - but more importantly, this weekend's "TO THE BEST OF OUR KNOWLEDGE"!!! RECOMMENDED!

But - all I will say for now is that Native Americans know to address a tree as an actual being - or a becoming. They pray to it - as if to prey - asking its forgiveness for cutting it down. Is this superstition, and anti-progressive? I used to think so. But, it is largely anti-ENGLISH - ha.

Also, a tree may know when it shall die soon, and so it knows to pass on its nutrients to its most closely related relatives, or children. That is assisted by the soil fungi, as well as the inter-branching tree roots across the forest, which resemble the neurons of a brain.

Plants have no brains. And yet they feel, calculate numbers, remember, etc. It is we who are abnormal, devising a regulatory brain mainly, in my opinion, to manage strategies of movement, (through time and space - vs entropy).

There is so much to this topic. Yet I am only humid. And tired. Must sleep forever.

PS - Often, while I lie next to my sleeping dog, he will begin having his jerky/vocal dreams at exactly the same time I feel a freeing up of some aspects of my brain and body, (vs CFS). While this happens, I also have a slight jerk or two, of my wrist, or whatever, as the Chi begins to flow in me again. But - how does it happen that my dog dreams at the same time? - there are no noises or overt signals between us. Is he triggering me? Am I triggering him? Is it a wave of weatherly ions moving through the house? And so forth. Answer: Both. Each. Neither. DOUBLE PARADOX...

But - where does this come from? Far too regular to be a statistical fluke. Its like when you think of someone and they call you - or you pick up the phone and there they are. Its like a new idea - which somehow errupts in various locales around the world AT THE SAME TIME. Synchronicity. What is it? A psychic connection. What does that mean? Quantum entanglement? Holographic wisdom? Kismet or Karma? Archetypes? The social unconscious?

Your health improves, just sleeping next to a living being. Or when you merely IMAGINE yourself exercising. Placebo? What is all this cosmic crap? That plants should feel! Or dreams should predict. Or cats know an instant ahead of time when a dog will appear and charge.

Like the carpet of fungi, acting as synapses in a living forest BRAIN - made up of brainless trees - the Origami Universe infolds meaning and coincidence for all conscious beings, at the most efficient route possible.

So - this psychic nonsense linking trees together - or linking ideas or dreamers together - or linking past to future - or linking coincidences of astonishing relevance here and now - it not only acts throughout chaotic nature.

It also acts through our very own neurons.

It is the very essence of our being.

Big bang IS

the never-ending orgasm!


Look for your winning numbers in the exciting upcoming REAL post:


(as well as the PLACEBO post, eventually... I write what I FEEL - !

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