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Sleeping Dogs - continued

I am starting off writing now - possibly this will be an intro into the aging "placebo" post which has yet to come alive and haunt your dreams.

Remember that post I posted way back, oh, about a day ago? (May 6 2014, "Sleeping Dogs Lie"). Even though it was heady and thick and delusional, it was a very important post - (which allowed me to transcend the tragic loss of my previous proto-post, "Global Denial and the Star-Fish Apocalypse"). In yesterday's post, students, I got around to talking about a relationship between two wavicles. In order to refine the relationship in time, and make it more real, there needed to be the introduction of additional observers, interpreting their holographic super-state into a "REALITY," As more and more ORDERING observers multiplied, so too did the chaos of entropy, and the fatality of a TIME. That is the cost of existence.

Well, this explosion of order and systemisation on the one hand, and of chaos on the other, is basically an exchange and reprocessing and amplification of informations, perspectives and emotions. I have described this diad as being in an oscillation. The oscillation of two wavicles would establish both a standing wave pattern, and a pattern of nodes, or particles. Well, this can easilly be understood if we simply looked at the two wavicles as two musical TONES. When those tones even slightly differ, by some mutation, then a wave pattern of harmonies and dissonances arises. The sound may be very different, depending on some listener's, (observer's), placement near or far in relation to the wavicle diad.

It is like a tuning fork. Activated, the tuning fork repeatedly bangs against the air at a set frequency. The air is wavicle #2 - the twin. When dissonance arises between the twins - of between the two originating prongs, even - then distortions occur, and these eminate out endlessly, in all directions.

When the two members of the relationship diad differ, by the introduction of an additional observer, then additional tones are created. Then, dissonances between THOSE new tones also arise, also emanating outwards. These almost endlessly emergent tones are what? They are additional mutators, arising from the same source - but, by being so, they are slightly independent realities unto themselves, which interact back with everything else. THEY ARE NEW OBSERVERS, springing forth geometrically from the original dissonance. This is how REALITY is made around some emergent existence, e.g., out of the endless soup in space of VIRTUAL PARTICLES.

This is also why powerful nukklear explosions can be summoned from a tiny amount of mass.

E=mc2. It is as if matter arises so to seek to avoid this endemic explodability on the part of radioative substances or beings. Matter arises as a kind of neutraliser of potentially infinite energy, locally. However, matter's existence still contains this geometric wave pattern expansion described above - it just regularly does so at a less powerful extent and rate. Nukklear explosions are a phase shift of something that resides more mundanely in all matter. (But all matter has the potential to be nukklearly exploded).

(NOTE: Explore also String Theory).

This emergence of various new observers - what is going on here? Well, every new observer arises because it has some slightly new take on the original holographic relationship. (As it arises, it contests, and it exerts more entropy, time, and existential awareness, to the diad, moving it towards systemisation and possible what we call organic life). Every new observer is amplifying some fractal in the hologram, but the take is slightly different every time. This becomes a endeavour of consciousness to - uh - explore itself - and to maintain the original existential bias, which is the right to exist in reality, with some personal timeline, and possibly EGO.

As if that isn't interesting enough, let's juxtapose this dynamic with what is consequently occurring through, now, ENTROPY, the "god" of TIME...

Instead of fractals being amplified, and then re-invested into the ordering of the diad's universe - into the systemisation and possibly into the emerging ORGANISM - through the magic of Origami glue, ha ha - well, in ENTROPY, the OPPOSITE is happening!

So-called, entropy, my dears, is doing the opposite. It is not only pounding away with diffuse, incalculable static, or noise, or dissonance, it is ALSO amplifying certain errant fractals of the diad's emerging order, as well as amplifying fractals of the emerging chaotic opposition to the diad's order. (The emergence of time in order to support an existence becomes the very DOOM of that existence, eventually!) Recall the, "Butterfly Effect"? Well, the butterfly's wing-flap can be amplified for, "good" - or it can also be amplified for, "evil."

And, so, the Order amplifies fractals to its benefit, but sometimes not. Meanwhile, the DISORDER amplifies fractals to ITS favour, (and rarely not). Who expects and plans for specific, chaotic hurricanes? No - that is not in the realm of order. It is not statistically predictable - just as climate change cannot be predicted down to PARTICULAR, local instances of bad weather - OR VICE VERSA.

So - this is like the rise and fall of ROME. Rome amplified fractals favouring its GROWTH. Eventually, though, fractals were being amplified from DISORDER - by corrupt politicians within, and from the Vandals and Goths and Franks and Celts and Huns from without! Rome fell, romantically in an act of self-sadism, or of masochism. This is the way of death.

(NOTE: Did the Carthaginians contribute to Rome's final fall? I don't think so. I think they were fully vanquished earlier. IDK... I do know that the rebel, Spartacus, was named after the age-old thorn-in-the-side of the Athenian Democratic Greeks, SPARTA. I believe his ancestors originated there(?). (I think he was amongst Carthaginian slaves).

But, once again, universal intrinsic irony prevails! For, what was the foundation of Roman culture? It was the Greeks! And there big ideas on justice, et alia. Ironically, the bothersome Spartans, who were honourable in their way, not only smite Athens - but Rome?! See - history never rests. Fractals can be revived after thousands of years sleeping.

But - that should give us hope, as well.

We don't plan for specific hurricanes - because we are not all-knowing. We don't know where next chaos shall target. (And, that was an odd sentence, possibly due to my wine-graine...) But if a symbolic butterfly flaps its wings - or something MORE - then a hurricane can hit us which puts a major dent in our economy. But entropy - or heat-death - or GLOBAL WARMING - can deal us such blows, at a rising rate. And, we fall as ROME fell, from within and from without, but, this time, taking the planet with us. And we do it all with "supply-side" economics. The petro-dollar. Bellicose mind-games.


Well, my main point was that the wavicle diad can be compared to an oscillation of two elements, creating musical notes - harmonic and dissonant. If we move in with a computer programme, we can either amplify the dissonance, or amplify the harmonies. But, in nature, things are not so well ordered by such imposition of an observer.

(I observe my dog dreaming and all hell breaks loose).

Nature brings us only an ongoing contest between rising dissonance and rising harmony.

OK - I'll end this here as its own little theme post.

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