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PartTwo of "SLEEPING DOGS LIE" - (Try to find part one ha).

Sunday, May 04, 2014
I started writing about it in a post-not-yet-posted, so I am just mentioning it here... I was out MMOB w/ ma chien, and we sat down at the end of my path, so two cute little kids could pet him. Of course, N-Girl had to insert herself in this, so she let her dog bark out the front door at us, yet again, which was irritating, yet again. So, my dog runs to look at N-Dog. N-Girl comes out, and basically tells me to stop letting my dog piss where he has been pissing for 2.5 years. That was infuriating, but I just said, "You should have mentioned that two and a half years ago." Then she started mocking and yelling blah blah blah. So, I yelled at her louder. Soon, I had to yell even louder, and the whole neighbourhood was aware of this. No way I had laryngitis that day. Well, she made a threat that they will start something since I was starting something(!). But I wouldn't stop shouting over her, and she was at a loss, so she started prettying her hair and acting feminine. Sorry, but that disgusts me, and I think you can postulate why, etc. (Comments below might be interesting). Finding this did not shut me up, she vanished inside with her dog, in confounded spirits, probably afraid. Even when she was inside, the last thing I yelled was, "You bang on the walls and YOU tell ME I need to get a life?!"

How about that? My fingernails are getting too long to type. Also, I've noticed this really bothersome floater in my eye, esp. when I am at my laptop. Can lasers zap this? If so, I wonder if Medicaid would cover it. Ii is a result of the stress, the drinking, the poor sleep, the CFS, and a spaceship in my brain.

Well, one of my posts, of maybe a week ago, eventually turned into a theme post about dreaming, and how we, in one interpretation, literally do leave our bodies during dreams. (In another interpretation, we don't). This could also be said regarding "near-death experiences". Another important point there, along this view, is that we cannot have a material world without also having a "spiritual" realm, (and vice versa). (Please note that the paradox is that this is also NOT true - it depends upon what the "OBSERVER" chooses to believe. This selection is linked to the physiology of the brain-body during the selection of incoming and outgoing information, including emotions).

So, you can go back and review that post. I hope this present post which I am writing may add to that. Also, I still have a post which discusses the placebo effect, society, etc. Until I post this placebo post, please wonder unto yourself, "What is the placebo effect? How does it influence society and reality."

One big point to chew on is this: There is no line separating what is superstition and what is realistic thinking. Sometimes, realistic thinking is socially inappropriate, contradicting its nomen. Sometimes, superstitious thinking is evolutionarilly beneficial, thus making it practical. The same holds true for science "versus" religion - there is overlap. (Ultimately, the overlap is complete, to some infinitesimal degree). So, the placebo effect can likewise be superstitious - either harmful or useful - and it can also be, in a sense, so useful that it is no longer "superstition" but is realistic. The clearest example of the latter is when perceptions, (placebo expectations), actually influence reality. And, I truly mean INFLUENCE REALITY, not merely perceptually, but physically, via psychic dynamics. Placebo is, ultimately, no different from any other kind of OBSERVATION, all of which, to some degree, help mould physical reality.

(Two examples of this mutation: "The Extinguishment Effect"; and the noted, though tiny, effect of psychic awareness upon measurable reality).

The fact that there is no ultimate distinction between superstition and realistic thinking actually DOES make sense, when we remember that our reality is made up of a virtual infinity of indeterminate particles, which are also waves, depending upon the observer. Many are confused as to how we live in such an apparently, "Newtonian," and, "Euclidean," world, (the, "Medicosm"), when it is entirely comprised of indeterminacy, uncertainty, or, "randomness." The fact is that it is by our very conspiracy of standards and measurements, and our shared assumption of what is, "time," all of us having evolved along a common vector, which makes our, "middle world," the, "Medicosm," seem ordered and somewhat predictable - able to be negotiated not so much by chided black magic or witchcraft, but by science and technology, and even moral standards - and placebo religions opposing witchcraft, ironically.

(NOTE: The Medicosm is neither too big or too small. It is just right. It is human scale, pretty much. The Medicosm does not refer to the confusing and infinitesimal sub-atomic, quantum realm. Nor does it refer to the giant-scale, universal, relativistic realm. It refers to our world, which seems to make sense to us, and may not seem bizarre or psychic or spiritual or chaotic or NAUGHT. The Medicosm is what most people nonchalantly refer to as, "The REAL World!". It is yet another term I created, long ago).

But there is a larger reason why we, the Who's of Whoville, find the Earth largely, "rational" - not all ambiguous like quantum mechanics, and not all warped and loose like relativity theory. The reason is that we are OF the planet. I have written how humans and other Earthly creatures are generally functionaries of the vicissitudes or emotions of the Sun, and it consummate thermodynamical HEAT. We blame each other for weather we don't rationally tabulate. We build industry which heats the planet, in ironic synchrony with cosmic and geological processes which also heat the planet. We squabble over wheat and oil, and flirt with our own extinction via Thermonuclear War. I have also written how the Earth's geo-magnetic, and electrodynamic, (etc.), fields directly influence how we feel, what we think and see, and how we react or plan.

We are of the planet. We share THE SAME TIMELINE of the planet. In a world which constantly resists warping towards some alternate dimension, (or relationship within the solar system - see also "gravity", and, "electrical universe theory"), all beings on the planet are swayed similarly. As goes the Earth, so goes creation. Thus, we are not distinct, individual observers, seeing through our own eyes of ego.

We are also the eyes of the planet. Observing. Changing. Remaining same. Along one relatively predictable timeline, and worldline. What existential bias the Earth holds, we partake in the same, physically, emotionally, pyshiologically and spiritually. (Now. Doesn't that make you kinda wonder a little about crop-circles? And everything else?)

Just because our middle Earth seems ordered and predictable, though, does not mean that we, and our vessel, do not plow through a universe rife with uncertainty, ambiguity and contractiction. We here have enjoyed the peace of the planet's existential bias - and now that bias is being buffled a wee bit. So. We go crazy. Eh...

Considering this, then, there is no COMPLETE distinction between spirit and real, or between superstition and realistic thinking. There is, instead, overlap. We beings always dance in the netherworld of ambiguity, and it is always up to each of us to make our resolutions. Even as we share the bias of a great planet, we each must use our force of will and transcendence to make up our own minds, establish our own sub-times, and defend our individual existential biases.

We are both Being, in self or spirit, as well as BEINGS - objects caught in the contest of everywhere entropy.

Just as reality, ultimately, must needs be resolved through the action of an observer(s) - collapsed into one TIME, or worldline - being nothing but an infinite soup of irresolute particle-waves - so too do our inner and outer beings forever confront this challenge of ambiguity, even en masse in society, forever resolving, forever ambiguation. This struggle is the experience of consciousness of Time.

Most of the above was written to prepare you for the PLACEBO (etc.) post. But, I decided to also use it to prepare you for the following, as well. That's why I wrote so much - it blends well...

OK. You know what a hologram is, sort of. It's an apparent 3D picture made from processed light, which you can view at various angles. I kind of compare it to a crystal, (in some ways), except that it lacks concrete substance, (except for its medium, which is a kind of, "carrier wave"). The properties of light are multitudinous, but we rarely directly SEE this in our middle Earth, the MEDICOSM. For reasons discussed above, we mainly only see such "wild" events as refraction or diffraction, (rainbows); magnification (etc., which we don't think too much about); polarisation, (sunglasses, which we also don't think about); COLOUR, (which we don't think at all about), and such. Mirages. Lightning. Florescent lights.

However, there are additional properties of light of which we tend not to be cognizant, since they are so rarely apparent in our Medicosm. For example, polarity is something we really don't register. There is also spin, quantum colour, mass, speed, and so forth. The reason for this menagerie of variable creatures, in the photon - the particle with the smallest mass, (unless you consider neutrinos), - is that the photon is, after all, when you get right down to it, yet another irresolute sub-atomic particle - full of indeterminacy, from our perspective. Both particle and wave. Bot here and not here. Both travelling and not travelling.

Basically, it is another cog in our great wheel of existence, trying to glue together an infinite network of chaos, into one order or time, from our perspective, by our, (and the planent's), act of observation. When it collapses this way or that, or with this property or that, or here or there, etc., it resolves the local ambiguity, and makes that part of reality look whole - locally - to us. However, in the poor wee heart of itself, it is doing whatever, depending on a multitude of other observers across the universe.

Similarly - or samely - the photon is the ultimate currency of electronic and atomic interaction. When electrons or ions interact, they do so by passing or exchanging photons. Therefore, LIGHT completely saturates our existence - including our bodies and our minds! That includes whenever a neuron fires; or whenever glucose or oxygen is consumed; or whenever the mitochondia and ATP and proteins such as Kinase create and establish energy and thresholds; or whenever we have a great idea or sex, and dopamine and endorphins shoot off - it includes whenever any ion passes from one cell to another, or whenever magnetitites excite, or whenever geomagnetic field waves or the negative ions from a thunderstorm or nukklear radiation from an a-bomm bomm rush globally through our entire brain, like the push of some great quantum hologram...

or cosmic rays or WiFi microwaves or psychic glimmerings...

or talk talk in our retina-paved PINEAL gland - which they are killing with city water flouridation...

or the dream of a dog sleeping next to you...

Or Free Association.

Like a hologram.

It is all done by light. In relationship.

I speak of discretion. We discover these discrete influences when we choose to explore the subtle or subliminal - through our own discrete discriminations and selections. The deeper we explore the sublime, freely finding discrete associations, the more we enter the "uncertain" worlds of serendipity, bizarre coincidence, powerful dream images, synchronicity, "earth-consciousness" (i.e., "stone knowledge"), psychic glimmerings, and (universal) love.

All of entropy, so widely exploited by psychopaths and capitalists in our apish civilisation, conspires against and seeks to quash love, just as nature abhors a vacuum, and just as, (contrapositively), Conscious Being cannot exist in a vacuum, and abhors it, as "God" may abhor the "Devil".

Every being's existential bias imparts a measure of free will, a priori, versus the determinism of entropic fate, which we see as everywhere randomness - but - that is a function of our measuring or observation. Truly, within all randomness, there is being and consciousness hiding. We can see this more certainly, when we transcend into the discrete. And that does not mean moving into the meek or the weak. Just as massive nukklear explossions can erupt from tiny amounts of mass, so also may be summoned powerful thoughts or forces, just from the delicate dance called creativity or inspiration or prayer. The FLOW.

Also, when we tap into just any pocket of our mind, or even any cell in our body - or any tree or any fish - through this discrete kind of meditation, we can lift it out of its locality or function, and use it as a fractal of the whole. That sounds like a very nebulous concept, but its true. In fact, we do it all the time, to some limitted degree, though the simple process of our thinking (and being), which involves both selection of information, and projection of information. (In Freudian language, the pushes of the Id, versus the repressive functions of the Ego and the Superego).

There is a limit on how fully this can be done. However, it is within us to somewhat draw out information for, e.g., some local area of our DNA-antennae - which is in fact coming in from perhaps VAST DISTANCES - and to amplify it in our mind's eye, so as to view a holistic picture. Filling up our 3D brain.

Similarly, we may so TRANSMIT, via DNA (etc.), in thoughts or images as fractals, to some other being, there to be amplified into a holistic picture, at the discretion of the being who is the receiver. It is fascilitated through emotion, usually centered upon the power of, "love." Love is merely the grand, universal transcendence of the finite, of matter, of particle - it is the sharing of being. And, so, it is beyond time and space. So, not only do you somewhat enter this "eternal" realm when you sleep, according to one view - so you may also go here when you die. And, so you may summon those loved one who have departed this time and space, and continue to share in their being, if you so choose to share, in the power of love.

You see, this paradoxical strangeness follows from the very nature of reality itself, which is made of light, like a hologram. We tend to look at entropic reality surrounding us, in our Medicosm, and assume that it is made entirely of objects. In fact, it is just as rife with non-matter weirdness. On the other hand, we individuals - we beings - experience any number of extremely odd or prescient events or feelings, such as sychcronicity, or deja vous, all supposedly explained 100% by science.

Well, science has established the 98% certainty criteria, for its experiments. That is not 100%. Experiments ca be repeated in all kinds of conditions, but a variety of factors or constructs still keeps the criteria at only 98%. Why? Because science understands there shall always be uncertainty. Nothing in science is 100%. No theory is 100% proved true or real. Well, if science must allow that there will always be around 2% uncertainty, ("randomness"), merely in our own material, "concrete", measurable world - then how certain can science be in the dynamics underlying what it assumes to be real?

Quantum theory has suggested that all of reality is, on some level, very un-real, uncertain, and measurably random - not able to be explained away, even through statistics and common probability. At some level(s). So, it rather behooves all scientists to understand, and convey, that the science they do may be vastly flawed and contaminated with... with...


Mass observation!

Quantum entanglement!

Superluminal information exchange!

Psychic experiences!

Praying to gods!

The internal dynamics of the Sun!

The geo-electromagnetics of the planet!


Unsuspected neg-entropy!


Intrinsic irony!

Origami foldings!


Goat droppings!

And, science perchance confounded not only by all this so-called, "superstitious hogwash", but by error by the scientist, or within the experiments, or withing hypotheses themselves. Science must own up to the boundaries of its authority: Basically, the medicosmic realm - plus a lot of hypothesising about the infinite margins.

Even the certainty of science may be undone, despite repeated experiments, by what I call, "The Extinguishment Effect." This is most true when such unqunatifiables as, "The Placebo Effect," are measured. (Consequently, nothing in politics or sociology is certain).

In addition, science mainly measures isolated phenomena, trying to limit the introduction and AWARENESS of only a few factors, so that big-picture, discrete, inter-dynamics are seldom spotted until after vast damage has been seen. For example, tens of thousands of "safe" and assumed-"safe" chemicals have been allowed into the environment. But there is no anticipation, via scientific method, of the possibilities of illnesses being caused by any INTERACTIONS of two or more of these chemicals in the environment, and in the bodies of creatures.

Similarly, no one anticipates any interaction between concentrated and/or released nukklear radiation, with the distant SUN or with the deep Earth. Another example: Multi-factoral COLONY COLLAPSE DISORDER. This is a big topic for me: Science is generally indistinguishable from HUBRIS, often due to the failure to understad the whole concept of, "MULTI-FACTORAL!" - (see tags).

THUS - you see, science is mainly NOT sensing or observing the discrete or the holistic, which is rather in our purvue - our RESPONSIBILITY - to fathom and create - in freedom, in privacy, in independence of the controlling strictures of scientific technocracy or religious dogma, both having the great potential to be driven by class or politics.

(It is our responsibility to see that this never happens, through defending and reinforcing our inalienable rights, willfully chosen by society, meaning to transcend existential entropy or the logics of death, hopefully through proper economics. Preserve the Commons!).

The fact that we humans do tend to SENSE some magic occurring outside of 98% scientific scrutiny - and that even science itself should be aware that the bases of its own 98% certainties are themselves uncertain and weird - means that we should at least allow for the possibiltiy that we are existing in a reality that is potent with what we think of as unrealities. The assumed reality, which is based on Medicosmic measurements of "Objects", "Beings," and "Time", may be as flawed, or MORE flawed, than that realm of spirituality or magical thinking or superstition or religion as seen by science.

The material realm of object-like beings may be at least as questionable as the realm of timelessness, consciousness and BEING.

You may recall, from my last post, that we apparently cannot have one realm without the other, depending on your perspective.

As we modern scientific people think ourselves seeing perhaps 98% of reality, (perhaps individually experiencing some alienating moments of anti-scientific feelings, ha), this is not really true, in MANY ways. However, this way of seeing reality is parallel to our tendency to see only our own little Medicosm, when indeed, there is far, far more unquantifiable wonder beneath, above, and throughout this deceptively mundane Medicosm!

Likewise, we see through science the logics already set forth by our Newtonian outlooks on nature; we see the logics already bred into our heads through the developments of language and evolution; we see the logics granted by the dogmatic Earth, forging its path through one selfish TIMELINE or worldline-with slight variations, of, say, 2%, to make things more interesting for all creatures that crawl upon its skin.

This is the doings of an Origami universe, which not only brings MEANINGFULNESS together in our minds; but also makes MATTER of MAGIC, and makes predictable REASON for beings and planets and their timelines, (worldines).

Contrary to this, is the "consequent" dissonance involved - the conflict of timelines - which we view as randomness or entropy, or a time beyond our mortal life. This is the only way we can exist. Tonos - tension - is inevitable and everywhere, outside of Being. Call it the existential angst, above which you must rise, or die.

I will insert right now that all the "unmeasureable," paranormal, quantum and psychic stuff - this stuff is all real, as it impinges upon our boring Medicosmic and scientific reality(s). As I said, there is vast overlap. It is very important to understand that this "PARANORMAL" influence, may seem completely random, unmeasurable, indecipherable, untrustworthy, unproven or superstitious, but no matter - it should be entertained, as should any hypotheses, as being something that one day MAY become measurable to science, were science all-knowing, or infallible, which it will never be.

I mean to say that the paranormal should never be dismissed out of hand. Further, we may have psychic experiences or feelings, and these should never be rejected only because science has never proved them. To do so is only to capitulate to the political powers-that-be, BEHIND the so-called science.

TRUE science keeps an open mind to the unproven. Furthermore, even if science may never prove these things, it does not mean that they are not real. For one thing, their GROSS influences may be measured one day, were science capable of going MULTIFACTORAL, or meta-analysis, and such. (Even now, such oblique influences may be argued). This would be akin to proving an object, by observing only its shadow - which we do in astrology all the time. Or, it is akin to proving a "particle" by observing only its probability "skids" through a cloud-chamber.

However, these remain the margins of testability, even if we do observe shadows and trails. These measurements ultimately are circumstantial, sorry to say.

(Similarly, government use of metadata to predict social trends, using this to control now-suspect individuals - this is not solid science. And, it is defiant of our very will, creativity and freedom. It is political).

And, further, here we get into the whole subject of the PLACEBO affect, which is vastly nebulous, but which vastly influences human behaviour, politics, health, etc. (It's basically the same thing as cognitive pro-group bias; or deference to authority, e.g.).

The influence of paranormal forces or incidents are greatly, simply, discrete real-world events which we have a big problem measuring conventionally. We measure via ORDER. We do not measure via any institutionalised partaking of QUANTUM reality or of CHAOS. We so miss chaotic, or paranormal measurements - too discrete for dumb science, which sees not BEING as authoritative. Because it discounts Being, it inevitably is locked in its prison of TIME, thus that it cannot measure holistically, very discretely, or paranormally.

But, as paranormal forces are largely real, then how do they influence, we the BEINGS? Read on...

All around us, even as we cruise through our medicosmic lives, is chaos. There is bad chaos and good chaos. There is annoying randomness and there is clever randomness. There is entropy that eats us alive, and there is entropy that burns our food and gives us life. There is an infinity of quantum uncertainty, from which just about anything can be pulled.

So - see the universe now simply along the lines of chaos theory...

Way, way beneath the 98% rule for science and for our reality, there is chaos lurking. Well, that means, by chance, (for overt example), one of our cells picks up some transmission of some para/normal force, emanating from a dear relative. Or, maybe our liver picks up this transmission, more so than any other organ. Maybe Aunt Becky just fell over from some liver problem.

Well, how the hell are WE to know what one cell, or our liver, is thinking, when we are busy all day "scientifically" selecting and rejecting good or bad information in the form of words, or plans, or meanings - and other such abstractions. How are we supposed to hear what our liver is saying, (repeating), when we are also very busy REPRESSING all these many Freudian desires bubbling up from the body, and so forth?

Simple. Looking to chaos theory, we are somehow able to identify one discrete signal, somewhere in obscurity - in the shadows - and, as a fractal, then AMPLIFY it, so that it immediately fills our entire brain and/or body.

Because the universe is a hologram.

Most of you know that the incredible magic of a hologram, because it is made of multifarious, discrete LIGHT, is that if you extract only a tiny PIECE of the hologram, the extracted piece will continue to represent the entire, whole big picture. The big, HOLISTIC picture. Every bit of the hologram contains the entire picture, that is the hologram.

This is also how our brains, and our cells, are built, (although paradoxically ordered as well). So, from any one cell, the body may NATURALLY derive a WHOLE picture, just as in a hologram of light. Our bodies are made of light - (and universal memories). This is why stem cells can emerge as any organ or function in the body. (A single stem cell has been grown into tiny human brains, in a labouratory). This is how fetal cells find their way towards becoming a brain, or a leg, or hair, etc. It is not because there is any specific information stored in the DNA.

It is because we are a hologram, repeating the cycles and memories of ancestral timelines before us.

And how do we do this unless we are assisted BEYOND TIME? There is no other way to do this, other than by assistance from BEYOND TIME.

And how so?

Our DNA are antennae, linked not just across space, but across time, to memories and information, all abiding dynamically in the consciousness of the universe of being - and that includes the love of your ancestors, and the love of your children, and the love that solar system, and beyond, has invested in us - in you.

This is the same phenomenon known as quantum indeterminacy, or the ambivalence of partice-wave, depending on the observer.

Fractal amplification.

Quantum entanglement.

OK - now I think I can move along... (If you don't get any of the preceding ideas, especially the last surmising, please ask).

Well, let me underline, that we do indeed experience the so-called paranormal. Not always to a high degree, since the main thing that the Origami universe wants to do is to keep up the apparently logical illusion of this Medicosmic world. And, our experience of the paranormal greatly depends on what we choose to observe or believe or select as meaningful.

Likewise, the great world of the subliminal, which we regularly repress, is also real, and greatly influential upon us, despite our wishes, generally. (So, we get bad weather, we don't address it, but instead blame each other). ALl of our cells, though, are rife with this magic, just as the planet is rife with its own, "stone knowledge", etc. We eat magic, we drink magic, Soooooooo much, that it got boring, and apparently un-magical. ha.

What is the ultimately the "logical" extension of this holographic, beyond-time, paranormal nonsense?

Well, as we have seen, light is discrete and multifarious - and it cannot be pinned down. Try pinning down a corner of a hologram - doesn't work. So, light is beyond our order, and our time, (even though it fascilitates both). It is both particle and wave - all of its life - unless interpreted otherwise by some observer(s). It is not merely unpredictable and random - and it is not merely dynamically weird: It is partaking of MULTIDIMENSIONALITY. Extra dimensionality is precisely what the Earth tries to avoid, staying in its orbit, keeping its Medicosm together. But there is always some variation.

Paranormal extradimensionality is what you and I must avoid, or else be besieged by entropy. But there is always some variation.

Without this variation, or this little overlap of the "spiritual" into our ordered reality, we could HAVE no ordered reality!

And vice versa.

So, with light - and other subatomic particles - living in this realm of MULTIDIMENSIONALITY, it easilly conveys information across dimensions, or across time and space.

(NOTE: That SEEMS to contradict our established "speed of light," but this is something to be discussed in another post. It as been discussed in a past post or two. SOMEWHERE in this godforsaken jurinal. Light is not necessarilly a single photon travelling through space and time. Light is interaction. Light has its timeless properties, as well as the temporal properties we see in the material world. Remember, light is more than timeless vs "real" - it is multifarious. Multidimensional, yet linear when needs be - just like electricity).

SO - when you amplify some fractal signal from light, and amplify it in your consciousness, you may partake in the timelessness of being, transporting yourself to thoughts or feelings across the universe, or into the past, or future. In this way, you briefly escape this mortal coil. And gain the will to push on!

Against fatal entropy.

It is all paradox.

Well, I think it was the recent RadioLab which did a show on, "Blaming." (Or else it was, This American Life). How can we blame someone who, e.g., causes harm due to epileptic seizures? This one fellow fell into a seizure, and consequently crashed his car. So, he eventually decided to get a little part of his brain removed, to try to end the seizures. However, after the operation, there arose strange problems. He began to eat voraciously. He wanted sex with his girlfriend almost everywhere. And, he got into serious trouble because he had, irresistibly, downloaded a tonne of child pornography - an addiction which was completely new to him.

Why did these things happen?

Well, we said that the brain was like a holograph, right? So, removing just a portion of it should mean that the rest of the brain should continue to contain, "the big picture," just like a holograph would. In fact, this is often what happens when areas of the brain are removed! Most of intelligence is retained. Sometimes, when even an important region, such as that for, say language, (idk), is removed, language capabilities may be retained, or grow to recover. Such can occur after a stroke, as well. So, the holographic dynamics of the brain do exist, quite certainly.

Yet, the removal of a small portion of THIS guy's brain led to him losing a whole bunch of self-control. Why?

Much of the holographic properties of the brain exist in the outer neo/cortex, where more discrete associations and controls are made. So, sometimes, when an area is removed from there, normalcy can prevail. However, some areas are more function-oriented than others. This does include areas of the neo/cortex, especially when deeper or sizable areas are removed. (Take, for example, the loss of an entire hemisphere).

The areas beneath the neo/cortex are even more function-oriented, so that if certain of these are removed, then specific functions may be destroyed. This is quite DIFFERENT to the holographic model of the brain, yes?

These areas are less responsible for discrete ASSOCIATION, and more involved in more basic processing of limbic and reticular or reptilian functions, (like fight/flight), and this generally includes Cerebellum, etc., control of muscular movements.

Well, the holographc model is not only associeted more with the associational neo/cortex - I believe it is more related to the FIELD nature of the brain. That is where electro-magnetic fields, or WAVES, convey information, as opposed to that functionally conveyed, more slowly, via neurons, neuronal synapses, and neurochemical activity.

When they cut deeper into this guy's brain, what they removed was more than an area which may incite epileptic seizures. What they removed was responsible for repressing powerful sex and hunger drives - much like the Ego is thought to repress the reptilian urges of the Id. This was a portion of the brain which was responsible for controlling too much incoming information and emotions. (I would not be surprised if this fellow also experienced psychic changes as well).

Why have I been writing about this? I simply wanted to give you a real example of how it is necessary for parts of our brain NOT to act holographically, but instead to CONTROL incoming information and emotions - (whilst the person simultaneously seeks to control the things and people in his/her life as well). The brain must select and repress certain urges and emotions and information - and that includes certain discrete and paranormal input! Granted, the controlling brain may seek to quash some particular incoming psychic information, but to enable the higher processing, (assocationing), of certain OTHER incoming input, which itself might even be psychic!

Why is it so important to exert such control? And why are the rising urges so powerful, before the introduction of such control, (which is seemingly effortless!)?

Well, we are composed of a nature which is widely chaotic, right? It is full of the unmeasured, of the uncertain, and of the contradicting. Therefore, though it may enter discretely, information and emotions entering our bodies and minds are, grossly, a powerful hodgepodge of nonsense and struggle. Unless we selectively amplify particular information, or memories, or movements, (like fractals), then there can be no salvation for our Earthly consciousness - we would immediately flip into madness and, soon enough, death. This is how we, "concentrate," our awareness. Like photons in the pineal gland.

ON THE OTHER HAND! - - There remains much of our brain - and much of our body - which continues to act holographically. Each and every cell must retain this property - EVEN IF IT IS OF A FUNCTION-ORIENTED BRAIN REGION OR AN ORGAN - or it could otherwise not transmit and receive information of & with the wider universe. Therefore, even as we seek to regulate most information and emotions in our bodies and minds, there will ALWAYS be some push by holographic info or pictures to assert themselves, above what is being processed. And, so, time goes forward.

Therefore, even as we concentrate, we are aware of "irrelevant" information, including, even, the moods of the bacteria in our guts. It is always carrying on.

And, therefore, even as we drop "dead-asleep", tuning everything out, for the sake of our cosmic, timeless dreams, we remain, nevertheless,somehow aware of things happening around our sleeping bodies - and we then incorporate these signals into our dreams, as well. For, after all, what is the paranormal, but the infinity of discrete ambiance which fully surrounds us? The weight of the Sun, the Moon, the galactic centre. The wind, the insects, the distant ocean. The sudden eruptions of a photon here, a photon there, in the night. The cry of a baby halfway across the world.

Scientists concluded that the flap of a butterfly's wings could not ACTUALLY eventually lead to a hurricae, since the flaps were too discrete to innitiate a cascade.

But, in what I am describing, the Butterfly Effect can and does exist, at even the lowest level of subtlety, as all subatomic particles are endlessly entangled. The Butterfly Effect continues to hold true, on the margins of we assume to be real.

They say, "variety is the spice of life." You only need a little spice to make a revolution out of soup.

So, now...

(NOTE: New madman term: "Wavicle" - what most people refer to as a (subatomic) particle. But I am emphasizing that WAVE functions are also part of the same entity, which is ambiguous, and multidimensional).

You probably know what, "Quantum Entanglement," is by now. Experiments have concluded that altering some aspect of a particle-wave, (a, "wavicle"), such as SPIN, will also alter the spin of a "wavicle" which had once been a "Siamese Twin" to the control, "wavicle". This dual change occurs even across vast distances, i.e., beyond the speed of light. Outside of time and space as we know it.

By action upon the control wavicle, by a scientist, who is the observer, it is as if the DISTANT wavicle is as well altered by an observer. It is as if the control wavicle is somehow observing its former twin, at a distance, and thus altering its reality and being! (Observation altering? Or, cannot this also be said to be the process of sharing discrete info timelessly, as discussed above? BOTH).

However, I strongly believe that quantum entanglement goes beyond two formerly-twin wavicles. Natural evidence has convinced me, and other theorists, that quantum entanglement permeates all wavicles in the universe. (In other words, there is a timeless connection existing beyond our limitted measurements of objects and beings).

So, that is my very brief description of quantum entanglement - please goggle for more, if needed.

(NOTE: Please note that there is a large effort to prove that quantum entanglement cannot exceed the speed of light. Science will continue to be ambivalent on this subject for some time. However, quantum computers shall meanwhile be developed, supporting said superluminal concept of quantum entanglement).

Now, consider we have two wavicles, (i.e., two subatomic particles), connected to each other, beyond space and time, through immediate quantum entanglement. They both live in a multidimensional "environment," right on the cusp of absolute timelessness. There would be no time or space for them, were it not for the imposition of some temporal observer, somewhere - and that includes the observation of one wavicle of the OTHER wavicle, and vice versa! (This gets into some primary thinking I did many years ago, which I can't really sumarise briefly here. But, it was all lost by a friend, who threw out my many many spiral-notebook journals. I was devastated. All that time and effort wasted).

Well, in so far as each wavicle is entangled with the other, BEYOND time, and space, there are SAME, in thought, in potential, in relative placement, etc. They are the same wavicle. The only difference between them is that some observer, (probably one of them), SAYS they exist separately, in two different places, and so in two different TIMELINES. Were it not for this intervening measurer, what we would be talking about would be ONE wavicle - though it may, "exist at opposite ends of the universe," as TWO.

(NOTE: Please note that space, or placement, is extremely important to my ideas, germinal as they are).

Well, hey! What are we discussing here, anyway?!?!?! We have ONE wavicle - but if we divided into TWO wavicles, through the sword of some observer, then the second wavicle retains THE FULL HOLISTIC INFORMATION of the first.

We are talking holograms!

Isn't life wonderful?

Dudes, this is not far off from loaves and fishes.

The universe is trying to tell us something.

I want to start a cosmic newspaper. It will be called, "The Daily Crop-Circle."

"The Morning Hologram"?

Or, mmm, maybe, the, "Pentagram"???

Now, I must pack it in for the night. Hopefully, tomorrow, I will get off to the supermarkets, early, then do a little writing and beer, then post this online.

[Post is revived with painful enthusiasm] - At sme point, the above writing went from Sunday and ended up on Monday night. It is now Tuesday, afternoon. And I'm just beginning to see, this post is on its way.

First of all, I did manage to get to the stores today, even though my brain felt like, I won't even describe it. I got to F&F, and, what do you know, my phone order was not prepared. There were only two items, and one was incorrect. I know this was more of the local religion of passive agression, from two bits of evidence: 1 - The patronising attitude from the woman who supposedly took my order, and, 2 - I had asked for 2 bags of Virginia Peanuts, and 2 bags of Sunflower Kernels. Well, at the shelves, all of the salty treats had been cleared out - EXCEPT, left n the shelves were the 4 bags I had requested. Jerks and psychopaths always do this: They always leave calling cards, or proof of their latest derision.

Same deal when I called the local P.O., and asked for 3 flat-rate boxes to be delivered to my address. This never happened. So, I called maybe a week later. Turns out I got the same woman who took my order - and she completely tried to bullshit me. But, this time, I was successful in cordially calling her on her BS, and by the end of the call she was giggling nervously and promising she would send the boxes. I now have the boxes.

Well, for one thing, this town is pathetically congested with passive aggression. However, the problems almost always are coming from females. And - remember my posts of a few years ago about how aging female baby boomers seemed to have some need to seek me out and start yelling at me? And there were the Cafe Saga girls, and even some others I won't name, and then there is N-Girl, and so forth. There has been this endless procession of certain females trying to mess with me. The only one who wasn't female was the CGGOTC, i.e., The Village Idiot, who was gay, and probably had chronic mercury poisoning. Well - I guess the commie gardener was a problem, but he didn't seek me out like a killer drone. Well, this is my explanation:

Of course, since I am a free-thinker, status quo people need to destroy me. That's a given. But I think that maybe a lot of men have been finding out just how hard the world has become. But a lot of status quo females, mostly sociopaths and old baby boomers, think they can still hang on to their old power status. And, there are some not liking watching their male mates FAILING in today's fucked up world, and so they want to destroy me, out of shame. See - I think they don't know how bad it is, or how bad it will get. So, they are trying to preserve their status quo wealth, and all the promised of the 1950's, and all the hope of their marriages, but instead, they are screwing everything up even more. Violence against women is now rising. And I think this misinterpretation of reality has a lot to do with it. I'm sorry if most of you are females, but this has been going on for a long time, and it is definitely real. So, keep it real. We can get through this and still have great sex I just know we can.

I am so tired. Brain don't even want the wine. Three little beers, and only because I thought it would help me write a ha ha huhhhhhhhhh......

Oh - I had a great call chatting w/ my LL. Managed to slip in a little about my yelling at problem N-Girl, and she was very cool about this. Also, I said it would be good to have something to cover my grass-seed, plus a four-pronged rake. She said sure, and would cover any small expense. I told her I liked how she used the word,"cusp."

Also, I waved to the main repair guy driving by while I waited in front of a church. (I wait there because if I wait a half an hour at home, my dog goes crazier and crazier, knowing that I will be leaving. That means he will bark when I am gone. And I do this because I have COMMON respect for the Nethers, even while she yells at me for having no respect...

Her: "Don't you speak English?! When someone asks you to do something, you're supposed to DO it!'

Imaginary me: "OH! So, hey, how about you move out of here? What, you won't do it? Therefore you don't respect me!!!"

(Actually, I hashed it out pretty hard on her, no problem, and she ran away inside).

Now their dog has been barking below, and there was a door-slam. So, I see a correlation between their obvious stupidity and the fact that, somehow, they never learn...

I think maybe N-Girl drove by and even honked at me, also while I was waiting by the church. So, as has happened before, maybe N-Guy is now jealous of her attention to me. Frankly, her increasing interest in me, the more aggressive I must act, completely disgusts me. Did I yet mention that when I was yelling at her, with my overpowering volume and dancing eyebrows, she started prettying herself and acting feminine? That's her self-ultimatum? Find the most aggressive, dysfunctional male the most sexually attractive? Because that's the only thing that will stop-short your obsessive controllaholism and bullshitting? See, look, maybe the 10 Commandments were written for idiots like this. But I am just plain nauseated by such people.

Or - maybe N-Girl attempted to complain to the LL, and came up against a brick wall, and so maybe it was she who was slamming the door??

Hey - a new "Bible" was discovered in some library. Most important: The Book of Barnabus. Barnabus, (not yet a Vampire), claimed that Saint Paul was, "The Imposter." I can see that. He also claimed that Jesus was not crucified, but that JUDAS was crucified in his place. I can also see that, if only because people tend to be mildly nefarious in many ways. Barnabus also claimed that Jesus ascended into Heaven ALIVE. Well, the only way I can see that happening is if a spaceship was waiting up there, pulling him up with a tractor beam. From what I gather, this might not have been a very distant possibility. I'd put it above a more Catholic interpretation, but ANYTHING is possible. And I am so lucky to be a polka-dotted goose.

Well, the time has come to wrap up this post. All I can remember is two thoughts I meant to explicate, even though there were probably more when I started out, all green and naive and covered in moose hair.

Oh, I did want to explore multidimensionality more, but I think I did enough for now. And it would be better to do a full theme post on this topic.

Let's see. I have indicated that quantum entanglement is not unrelated to the phenomenon of the hologram, with its paradoxical "fractal=whole" nature.

So, we have two wavicles which are virtualy idential, right. One is a hologram of the other. And vice versa. EXCEPT, some distinction between them is defined by the introduction of some, "observer," or, "measurer." This observer may be one or both of them. But a third observer is necessary to bring this diad into real differentiation.

It's like if you are locked up forever with the man of your dreams, and you both start feeling and looking identical. Boundaries are lost, and so forth. (Actually, it is even worse than this). Well, what good does it do if today you are the official observer, and tomorrow HE is the official observer? How far does it get you if today you are the absolute judge of your relationship, and tomorrow HE is the absolute judge of your relationship? All it does is swing you back in forth, in a cycle, defining today, tomorrow, and so on. DEFINING A TIMELINE.

(NOTE: In fact, just for the record, which keeps breaking, please look at this example of two wavicles or two entities in relationship - so close that they are virtually the same particle - which sounds like sex to meh... See how they need some observer to define their time, and this observer is either of them, in tandem - in oscillation - like a rhythm - like a wave - or a cycle - a? Well, I don't want to sound to esoteric to you, but this is the fundamental state of ANY entity or wavicle in the universe! This is because - NO, not because it relates to a similar entity or wavicle, in size, force, etc. THIS IS BECAUSE every entity or wavicle in the universe has, by virtue of its mere existence, a twin. Who is this twin? It is THE UNIVERSE! The fundamental existential bias involves a fine, quantum, discrete oscillation between the entity and the universe, as if they were twin particles - for, in a way, they are! HOLOGRAM! Buzzzzzzzzz!!!!!! Ad, hey, what is this quantum, "oscillation." Ever heard of STRING THEORY?! FYI - One prob I have w/ string theory is that it never really talks about WHAT is vibrating - what, a string? What fucking string? Oyyyyyy....... But, that's for another post........ The main take-away from this post is that the oscillation between wavicle and universe primarily establishes the wavicle's time, and the time of the universe).

Well, so, we have here two wavicles dialoging with each other, and this is greatly fascilitated by an extra OBSERVER. Having an extra observer is like adding 3D to a flat picture, right? (Indeed, perhaps we need the third observer for any holographic magic to really occur - IDK). Here is this third observer, and it is not only qualifying oft-disputed TIME, but is qualifying everything else in the diadic relationship! Yay, this is so simple, and yet so cool. We have the introduction of, "QUALITY," and maybe even of, "Emotion," - IDK. The thing about, "quality," is that it is a step beyond quantification or measurement. Here comes a third measurer, and it is taking us a step beyond measurement, even into the entropy of time.

In a sense, by having a third, and a fourth, etc., proper observer, we can try to reapproximate the timelessness that first existed in the initial diad, or in the initial wavicle! You know what? This says that there may be some apparent - possibly illusory - good, in the emergence of systems, or "LIFE," even though they extend into the world of time, decay, and entropy - even if they extend into the world of the Tragedy of the Commons - perhaps to counterbalance emerging chaos? I am speculating right here as you read! How often has that happened? For numb hath been the skull of mine, verilly. I seek repentance or at least some new sentence of howa bouta Cafe Grande? Thank you.

Maybe the explosion since the Big Bang, so to e-speeck, has been a wild, futile(?) attempt of order to reinstate the original timelessness, even though all that it led to was more time and chaos and decay and disorder... Uh - this has too many tangents...

Whatever. We are going to ignore this speculation for now. The point we need to focus on is this: Adding a third observer makes things more rational to all involved. A third observer collapses this or that wavicle into particle or wave, at a more appropriate ~time~ than they might have done alone. It is like a couples' counsellour. It might even be like crisis 'intervention' - (is that the name of it?? - "We are having an, 'intervention'????)

As much as I despise society, har, I do see value in a relaxed, beneficent community. So, the idea of having a third or fourth observer seems fine to me. I don't like the idea of an all-powerful BIG BROTHER looking into my bedroom, but as long as there are rules and justice, and peace, and respect, and lack of N-Girl, then this is fine with me... Boy, what a dumb paragraph...

*Just to post... What if there were not just TWO wavicles, but three, or four, or thousands? Then that would mean that there would be a thousand other observers, right? And this would prompt us to bring in some kind of AUTHORITY, through some kind of SYSTEM, yes? Please keep this in mind, even though we are going to eject this factor for now.

We still have TWO wavicles, in relationship, with a third observer. The third observer is trying to pull out what is most salient in this wavicle diad relationship, for its own existential purposes. How does he - or she - do this??? He AMPLIFIES what he sees as being most salient. He amplifies fractals into whole pictures - seeking to establish what he believe is the "real" "truth" in this relationship.

But, that's not going to go too far. There's not a lot the third observer can do, to mutate the relationship. INTRODUCE observer number FOUR. Observer number FOUR can distill even ore discrete info, and amplify it into importance, trying to redefine the relationship. Observers 1, 2, or 3, may disagree, simply wanting to mind their own timeline. SO, in comes observer #5!!!

Number SIX!

What are we looking at, here?

Even in systematisation, there grows a branching out into alternate real directions, which is not unrelated to entropy itself. This is the exploitation of the explosion of time itself. From two wavicles. That is what is the life.

It becomes natural that two wavicles, in virtual holographic union, should be exploited by some emerging system, or ORGANISATION, (in "real time"), since additional observers emerge from being functions of the diad's own time... I am TRYING not to lose you here, ha ha...

From the original diad, While there is consequent eruption of systemisation, (or the creation of elements), there is also the eruption of entropy, towards ultimate heat death.

(NOTE: Now we see, along the Big Bang theory, that most of the universe is made of dark matter and dark energy. These forces, such as they are defined, now put into contest the opinion as to whether entropy, or order, shall,"ultimately prevail").

Even without the paragraph with the asterisk, a la *, I am getting to this point:

The original diad, initially split, (into TIME), from its own self-observation, (or, e.g., the influence of the twin universe), is wont to burst into organisation, in order to sustain itself through its perceived TIME. That arises from its existential bias.

The manner which increasing levels of organisation - or organism - manages information is to select salient fractals to be amplified, and to repress most other information.

This is a model of the BRAIN.

OK - I've come full-circle. I've got blistahs on mah fingahs.

I am drinking wine now, and listening to NPR, and getting drunker by the minuet.

Hahhhhh... SO, maybe that's all I'm going to say about that.... I.E., we have this virtual hologram diad, but in order to make more sense from it, additional observers are required, to amplify discrete fractals into new versions of the hologram, and so on, and this is how what we call, "life," emerges. It is the management of various incoming information, by some central organism. But, I am sorry, everything is alive, and everything is conscious. If it were not, we would not have a thought in our heads. It is all garnered from the grace of nature itself.

Origami Universe wants it so, yo.

OK - maybe I need to discuss this more, later, IDK. Let me know if you think so.

Final thought, thought #2----

My dog sleeps.

He dreams, and shakes his toes.

What is on his mind?

Even in his distance, he hears me whisper to him.

And he incorporates this into his dream, as if it always was.

Much of his control centers are shut down. Much of those exploiters of the initial hologram diad are shut down. All the top-down stuff. Now, it is not so much his personality that is present, but the consummate presence of all of his cells. Yes, there is a limit, but this dog body is more aware of his surroundings than when he is awake, and exercising his temporal brain repressions and selections. It's a free-for-all. Every cell for itself! Step back, because antennae DNA is regenerating!!!

My dog lies before me, one big non-judgmental antenna, picking every discrete, subtle, paranormal, psychic signal that comes his way.

He is resigned, as much as he is able, back to his essence of TIMELESSNESS - and so, light - photons - rush about in his body, speaking volumes across time and space - evoking memories - memories he has had - and memories he has not had!

Only as we sleep, we live.

He will awake, revived, refreshed.

We take so much for granted, don't we.

Let me clue you in...

This life is a miracle.

Go for all the gusto and drink heavilly.

(A very DEEP, and SERIOUS, yet BORING post !!! YaY!).
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