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*Note - I have added a little more to this post, which makes some thoughts redundant - but I think this will help drive the point(s) home, so please don't flip out and do drugs.

Happy buthday to darkspectre and may_k and the avuncular missy_jess!

I was walking to the ATM machine and some big black lady said, "Hmmm. Nice - gee, I can't even remember the word she used for, "ass." Shows how much I care. But, it's true, I have always had a really nice posterior-protruderuptus, as they say in medical school. It got even nicer a few years back, and you can postulate on how that happened. Last sunday, I ran, a bit, and so I guess it's all up to snuff back there, or at least my dog thinks so. My wit will be the death of meh.

I went to buy some wine today, even though the CFS is making me feel dizzy and drunk as it is. This could be a disaster. I was walking towards the store and this old man comes out and gives me a robusterous, "HELL-O!" And I didn't bat an eyeball, I just gave him an exuberant greeting in return, not at all disrespectful, either. The man was obviously pleased, and did some eye contact smiles. Then I went inside and told the lady at the counter that, "That was a really nice old guy out there!" And she said it was her father, so I said, "Well, he wasn't THAT old." Ha.

But, this daughter of his is always talking with me, and I want to be nice with her, but I don't want her to think I was flirting with her. Because, I am very much not interested. I would be more interested in finding someone younger w/ a personality similar to my LL, without the human frailties. But she rang up the price, $18.97, and I said that was a good year. She said she didn't think anyone was even THINKING of her back then. I said that she wasn't even a twinkle. A pause later, I said, "But I was thinking of you." See how my humour always comes out sounding flirty when it is supposed to be IRONIC?!! ha ha ha I kill myself.

Well, this morning, the N-Guy slammed the front door, which startled me even though I had earplugs on, under radio headphones, under a heavy pillow. He did this because my dog occasionally shakes to shed his fur. I can't control this, and he tends to use it defiantly, against me, N-Dog, N-Guy - animals can definitely be passive aggressive. That shows how it is primitive in nature. Something we must transcend in order to survive as a civilisation-species.

Well, having wine today might be a mistake, because there might be an explosion of hostilities. N-Guy also slammed the door cuz he resented me talking to the repair guy. ANYTHING which threatens their concept that THEY OWN THE HOUSE causes them to turn into shock-treatment four year olds. May I remind you, N-Guy probably popped off his gun a few nights ago, (w/ N-Girl providing moral support by trying to intimidate me from her porch), and so they expect me to be subservient and 1000% quiet, out of fear. If you don't get that these people are bastard racists by now, then you need work.

Well, my heart has been in very bad shape. And there are no doctors looking into it. I could drop dead tomorrow. Last night I seemed to have some kind of micro-heart attack, because the pain became continuous and insistent, after my dog shook his fur at 1:30am. They had been awake, rumbling around down there, which kept my dog awake, as usual. So, he shook his fur, to assert his sanity. Apparently they started banging on the walls immediately afterwards.

See - I do all I can to keep my dog quiet, yet happy enough. And he is a stubborn free spirit, so he resists and contradicts, at times he thinks he can get away with it. So - just trying to keep him quiet gives me heart trouble. THEN - I get the N-People BANGING on the walls and slamming doors, which shoots right through my fatigued PTSD straight into my heart, and this also gives me heart trouble. So - I am trying to do the best I can, caught between a stupid dog and a complete asshole psychopath.

Catch 22.

Not to mention, there is insanely bad ELECTRICITY here. The house electricity is bad enough - and then there is the microwave WiFi signals getting picked up in the wiring and travelling through outlets and headphones and FRYING BRAINS - but there has been this IMMENSE radio interference crap jamming everything on the AM dial, and making lots of SW listening impossible as well. It can even be heard a little on FM.

And something is completely silencing 99.90 FM - the same frequency as one of the progressive Chicago WCPT stations. (Another one was recently occluded by the introduction of a new country station on 92.7 FM. Well - if you think I am pointing towards a conspiracy, let me clue you in. There has been a spate of closings of progressive stations in San Fran, Portland, Seattle, and elsewhere - all being replaced by MONEY-LOSING sports stations and Limbaugh stations.

OK. Here is a great demonstration of how dysfunctional capitalism and human conspiracies go hand in hand! I haven't documented this yet.

OK, first of all, station managers generally want to cater to the immediate desire-denial of the public. In days of Armageddon, that primarilly means SPORTS - or one would think. At least, all the public vocal A-Holes and Bullies are out there clamouring for sports, cuz its a game they imagine they can win, or use. "Blah blah blah, I know about blah blah sports blah blah blah. FAGGOT!"

(Hey - just you wait. We've had the pedophile thing in college football, we have had racism in the NBA - I am telling you, we are overdue for a GAY "scandal" in the NFL. Why? Because of divided allegiances, ambiguation, dysfunctionalising - up becomes down and left becomes right - when every which way is exploited to bring in money for SOME DAMN JACKASS ELITE. PLUS - Agents will even set this up, because, everyone is vulnerable, and bodies are always buried somewhere, and everybody has his price. Agents will set this sort of thing up TO TAKE OUR MIND OFF OF TAXES, FUKUSHIMA, AND WW3 IN UKRAINE, fuckin'-A. I'm from Madison. DOES IT SHOW???).

Well, so, the thing is, sports isn't exactly gaining favour with the wider public, so much as it is becoming more fascistic amongst certain groups, which can have political and monetary sway. For example, the BUD lobby. ha ha. For example, REDNECKS. ha ha. For example, RELIGIONISTS who need a sadistic thrill beyond the bible. ha.

With all of these progressive stations being taken over by not-so-popular SPORTS programming, it is a saving grace that the PRIVATE WPCT network survives in the Chicago area. (So far as I know, the Madison progressive commercial station is still going strong, thanks to listener input. And the inimitable community station, WORT, is still going well. Also, the liberal-libertarian Wisconsin talk show host, "Sly," who interviews Matthew Rothschild, etc., is still going, on a few SW Wisc. stations, (AM 1380 & FM 93.7), which reach Madison, Monroe, Janesville, etc. I think I might call him today!)

The Chicago WCPT network includes three FM stations, which go to electronic-dance music at night, yay! (see dance_factoryy). It also includes the original AM station, WCPT, in Crystal Lake, Illinois. This station is all progressive, all night long. However, at sunset, it must reduce power, and it becomes narrowly local, so I can no longer hear it. Well, this station, for some bizarre reason, started carrying evening football games, (etc.?), from the local highschool team. I'm sorry, but a great majority of progressive people do not want to hear that.

(It's always nice when HS sports gets on the radio - I remember the days when one of my best friends would video basketball games for TV coverage. His father was with ABC. It was also a big ego boost to be involved with this, plus me a big star in theatre and the newpaper, and my other bff on the newspaper and every other damn thing, and my gang being involved in antics during half-time, or on the morning intercom, or in fund-driving skits on stage - damn we soo rocked ha ha ha sorry... Not to mention the parties and pot... And my cartoons...).

But, WPCT AM 820 is a station with a specific progressive agenda, that does not include sports. So, why was sports creeping in? Well, can you say that the same-old-same-old regional powers-that-be were again sticking their nose under the tent? Trying to snowball the station towards becoming all-sports?

Listen. When a-holes keep on pushing and pushing and pushing, and begin to succeed elsewhere, then you know what? CONSPIRACY THEORIES ARE ENTIRELY CALLED FOR!

Yes - it is very possible, while the station manager was thinking that airing HS events was a very nice progressive thing to do - that a-hole jerkwads are trying to push this station towards lame-brain sports, just as has been happening all along the West Coast, and elsewhere. Stupid "progressives" - DON'T SELL YOURSELF OUT JUST TO ILLUSTRATE THAT YOUR EGO HAS A WONDERFUL CARING HEART. So sick of this Boomer stupidity.


Well, I don't know how long the Chicago WCPT network will hold out. Kinda strange that so many progressive stations are going under - under the Obama Administration. You'd think that if Obama wasn't actually a SLEAZE, he would be doing everything he could to keep these stations afloat. He has the power to because why? Because he is the head of the FCC. Accepting big campaign donations from Chinese interests, and ergh...

WCPT is privately owned. It has a lot of progressive opinions. But the latest owner tends towards being a blue-dog Democrat. So - WTF - never-mind pressure coming from the right-wing, or from big corporations - this guy was actually threatening to take NorMan GoldMan off the air if he didn't show stronger support for Obama and the Democratic Party. And you wonder why... Right versus left...

Doesn't just about everything STINK to you, far and wide? Doesn't everything STINK?!

So... OK... So far, the WCPT network is surviving, such as it is, with its stupid Kosta Report, and all. But why are these West Coast stations disappearing? Now we can get deeper into conspiracy dynamics.

Well, let me tell you, ClearChannel and hundreds of stations accepted long-term contracts for Limbaugh, and all the right-wing crapsters, like Hannity, Cunningham, Savage... But then they find out that their ratings are going through the floor. I knew that a few years ago.

But, these managers are people just going through the motions. They aren't thinking. They may look at selective stats, but they are not individually daring to look for big pictures, or the FUTURE. What the FUTURE means to them is defined in the narrow, and therefore HIGHLY FALLIBLE, language of monetary returns. Who knows, when they only star at yesterday's numbers, that something in UKRAINE might send their stocks plummeting tomorrow?. Silly money-heads. Makes me want to befriend a hermaphroditic goat.

So, some stations are stuck with Limbaugh - and also SPORTS - contracts, because they were just plan stupid.

Well, why do they sign on to this crap? And eject progressive talk, which is high in the ratings? Well, one thing is this: Advertisers lump all political talk together. That is because "talk" means, to them, right-wing talk. Therefore, even if progressive talk gets good ratings, when an advertiser drops talk, because of LIMBAUGH, then they are also unwittingly dropping PROGRESSIVE TALK. So much for the liberal media.

See, instead, how right-wing, corporate media is biased against liberal and progressive talk, right out of the gate! Hey - what is this - a mere clerical error? No. What are you, stupid? No - this is a deliberate fudge, or smear, encouraged by BIG MONEY. They want progressive weak, because progressive KNOWS.

On the other hand, the advantage of FAR-RIGHT radio is that it is so easy to make it a straw man for attack by the so-called liberal public.

National advertisers see that Limbaugh is alienating women, etc., and so they refuse to advertise on TALK radio, which they lump together with PROGRESSIVE talk, (which extremely different than Limbaugh). However, they are OK with advertising on SPORTS radio, even though the ratings at LOCAL sports stations fall way behind progressive talk ratings. The main thing is to pool all zombie sports stations together, and then the advertisers are offered a few million listeners. SOoooo... The likes of ClearChannel switches over popular progressive stations to boring sports stations. Because this is MONOPOLY capitalism, trying to skim the best profit IMEDIATELY and with the least amount of EFFORT or investment. It is DYSFUNCTIONALISM.

At the same time, billionaire CEOs associated with the KOCHS, and USCOC, and ALEC, and WALMART, and so on, are the tip of a spear of incestuously intermingled CEOs, world-wide, wanting to do away with popular progressive radio because that is not TRICKLE-DOWN, that is not SUPPLY-SIDE. That is DEMAND-side, with criticism of status quo, and corporatism, and resource-rape, and civil abuses, with INNOVATIVE and CONSTRUCTIVE and so THREATENING ideas for change.

What kind of CEO investor would NOT see that it is best to go with high local ratings? Huh? It would be someone with a political-economic AGENDA. Greed rules this person, who runs after the most immediate profit, even if it is made through DESTRUCTION. And, to legitimise the greed, this person has some kind of moralistic ideology, where they believe it is RIGHT to stomp out the voices of alternatives and of change. See how the two go hand-in-hand?

To continuente... I was expecting to talk about three public debacles:

1- Sterling BS;

2- Flight 370 BS; and,

3- Ukraine BS.

But I am but a wee mortal in hot pink tights. Who knows what tomorrow might bring. So, if you have pensive, scathing or witty intuitions about any of these three topics, you may speak up now, and I may put you on the air when I finally decide to go post-al. Yo. Hey. Yo-Hey. That's like a hybrid of Wisc. and NJ dairy talk. (Yo, of course, refers to the holy days of estrus, everyone knows that. Thus we have the phrase, "Don't be pullin' my Yo, Bull, hey").

I saw someone wanting LJ peeps to add them, except they are in NJ. Her only problems are Scotch Whiskey and high fructose corn syrup. Why do I think this means she has additional problems? She actually sounds great. But I wrote off NJ long ago. Every LJ friend I have ever had from NJ has been NUTS. Worse than anywhere else except Florida - but even Florida has SOME sane people in it.

Well, to finish off this dying post - - - - What are other reasons why people sell out to lame-ass SPORTS radio, etc.? It is this...

Stations may or may not be contracted to, say, ClearChannel. The people at ClearChannel are less interested in how well each individual station does in the ratings. But they are more interested in THE MAXIMUM OVERALL RATINGS they can achieve NATIONWIDE.

So, they can have 500 stations only pulling in a tiny amount of people, via SPORTS, but overall, that means ClearChannel can go up to an advertiser and say, "If you advertise, we can put you on these HUNDREDS of stations, and you can make MILLIONS of dollars!"

See. Each station doesn't have to pull shit, and they can survive in this arrangement, because all they do is REPEAT programming from ClearChannel. They have fired all their local DJ's, they have fired all their local news people, they have fired all their local programmers, sales, weather, and so forth. All they do is exist, repeating ClearChannel Sports, or ClearChannel Limbaugh. Neither of which pull in strong ratings locally. But the station doesn't have to worry, cuz they have no local competition! BILL CLINTON'S (etc.) Communications Act allows ClearChannel to own all stations in town.

THAT, right there, is the capitalist - monopolist - conspiracy. AND - BEHIND that, there are bastards who have willingly been programmed to institute and manage this game.

THEREFORE, these people WANT to push an agenda which FAVOURS this game, and pushes out voices contrary to it - such as PROGRESSIVE TALK.

Again, in some case, they keep far-right talk, like GENESIS COMMUNICATIONS, because this can be made into a strawman enemy by the complicit state. Easier to do that with the far right than with the far left. The reasons for this can be discussed later. Or, you tell me.

Thus, what we have is an alignment of monopolist capitalist interests with those who manage and invest in a political agenda supportive of such, including banks. I have written so much about how the "needs" of poorly regulated, or dysfunctional, capitalism, will align with the corrupt, the Ponzi-schemers, the conspirators, and so forth. Well, here is a very precise example of how that happens.

The fewer and fewer MONOPOLIES which are allowed to corner a market(s), the more you will see financial, political and crime conspiracies associated with them, and pulling in money for them. Why? BECAUSE ALL MONOPOLIES ARE INHERENTLY DYSFUNCTIONAL, BUT ARE SEEN BY INVESTORS AS BEING, "TOO BIG TO FAIL."

Left or right - don't want to destroy the jobs, blah blah blah - this is all a rationalisation for STATUS QUO, done by a lot of spineless coward parasites, passing themselves off as "authorities". And, you have the FORCE of the state, or of the city, backing this crap up.

I almost forgot to mention that there is an EXTREMELY INTENSE radio jamming sound that hits AM, and SW here - oh wait, maybe I started talking about that. I thought it might be someone's widescreen, but it is constant. I do not know what it is. But it is jamming Alex Jones, and Chicago's Progressive Talk, and Coast-to-Coast.

Considering that I have been plagued by sniffers and hackers and spies for years ONLINE, it cannot be dismissed out of hand that I am being deliberately jammed. OR - possibly the whole community is. I was thinking that it could be the magnetic-nuclear EARTH, fixing to BLOW in this sinkhole city - but I have heard the sound clearly stop for five minutes, and then start again, so it isn't that. That also lessens the possibility that it is a nearby transformer fixing to blow. There is a chance that this radio NOISE is city-wide, but I don't know that yet.

That's pretty much it for now. ta

There is some interesting conjecture over at http://www.earthfiles.com as to the mystery of the flight 370. This, I will write about later. But you can check it out first.

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