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Waterloo, Underground - Part Deux

Posted on 2014.04.29 at 18:11
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Another good one to read, if not to eat.

*Woops unto you. I forgot to include my amazing story in my last post. So, I will post it now and also insert it there...

Long before I was a madman, I saw a musical group come a-buskering down State Street, Madison, Wisc., (Go Badgers). I don't remember their name, but I am pretty sure they were the Decemberists. With access to the local progressive radio stations, and CD/Cassette stores, etc., I was up on a good amount of new music. As opposed to my earlier love, Swing. I was writing crazy rock lyrics - or trying to. One of my writing models was the crazy Robyn Hitchcock.

So, I approached the Decemberists, and eventually managed to talk to the main guy - IDK his name even now. I said that their sound reminded me a lot of Robyn Hitchcock. This disappointed the guy. He said that REM was their main influence - which, yes, you can hear it in their music, esp. if they try to be overt about it. But the guy's voice has always sounded like Robyn Hitchcock - (even though the guy is not English at all).

I was surprised, and almost wanted to say, "Are you SERIOUS? REM?! And you're saying you are not TRYING to sound like Robyn Hitchcock??" But, I demurred. I asked him if he would read my lyrics and he said OK. So I ran home and brought them back, even giving him some I didn't have certain copies of. Stupid me. I regretted that, cuz I thought he would steal them - since he wasn't there the next day. I guess he actually kinda did steal them, huh. Eh.

My lyrics had all this psychodelic colour to them, which was not at all REM. But - I like to think to myself that, with this Armageddon song they've had out for a year or so, maybe the guy finally remembered Hitchcock and me - cuz the lyrics of that song are more in the Hitchcock direction. Who knows.

goggle: Decemberists had a dream you and me end-times lyrics

I've had weirder cases where I have indeed influenced the pathetic louse of a world, which I've posted a little about, somewhere or another. But, anyway, I got to see the Decemberists, without paying, yo. I think. Too bad I may never be sure of this. I guess I can prove it if I put in the effort. Oh well. Speaking of Hitchcock...

So - hearing NPR's WORLD CAFE tonight... (Btw - that show's AMAZING Michaela Majeune, who was the inspiration for the show, ORIGINATED from Madison's community station, WORT. I actually had a nice phone conversation with her when I lived in Philly. And that is why I say, "Yo," a lot)...

Right - so, the last hour of today's show, (Monday 4/28/14), was put together very well. It included an off, spooky, and romantic sound to it. One of the songs was from someone I first began to think MIGHT have been the new No Doubt. But it was, "Goodnight Moon," by Chivalry, vocals by ??? Parsley. Very well done. It also included that famed song by Nancy Sinatra and ??? Hazelwood, "Phaedra," which was some kind of Indie precursor, but which I have learnt to kinda hate. However, the way it was placed in this mix was perfect, so it worked. (I was first introduced to that song by the Art Bell Show - maybe so was everyone else). However, I want to make a vague point here... Once again, I am getting vibes about a new movement in music - some kind of glory-romantic-challenge-to-apocalypse music, as mentioned in the last post. I was thinking that this BIG sound could be compared to, e.g., Simple Minds, of the 1980's - just then, WORLD CAFE played, Echo and the Bunnymen, "Fate, Up Against Your Will..." Also included in this mix was Beck's new music, which is certain to be influential as well, kind of like how Moby was once tres influential.

-end of musical interlude-

Just an aside topic, now... (This is actually important, and should be fit into some theme post). When we sleep, we dip into a virtual timelessness. (Note: "Time is a function of our Priorities"). With our interpretive, regulatory, inhibitive, selective consciousness, (and associated neurochemicals), turned virtually off, our dreams can actually predict what is coming up in reality, or when we shall be awakened. I can say "chicken" to my dog, while he is dreaming, and then his dream becomes - or has always been about - chicken, apparently. It is said that it only SEEMS like there is this pro-active/retro-active timelessness in our dreams, and I realise how this is explained. I agree, that there is some degree of this neurochemical illusion going on, just as there is in, "near-death" experiences. But what the scientists don't conceptualised, since they see "BEING" in an EXTERNAL sense, is that this REALITY blends into the psychic or spiritual - they are essentially of the same cloth, real and spirit.

So, we sleep, we rest - we do not ENTIRELY disappear into timelessness - and then we climb back out into the real world, kind of like this: Draw a wire spring. A coil. Loop over loop, still progressing towards one direction, in time - ultimately towards death. It repeats the circle, approximately. but still advances forward. Look at the circadian cascade of neurochemicals that accompany our wake and sleep cycles. No, the relative functions of the different neurochemicals do not fully imitate a single circle or cycle - instead, they represent a wave-form or rhythm through time, in which there is a repetition of a VIRTUAL circle into VIRTUAL timelessness and/or its subjective experience. My most insanely devoted readers will remember my vague circuitous ramblings concerning the CYCLES OF HEALTH, and my comparisons to waves, repeating over and over through history, birth and death, birth and death, channelling past mortals, and so chanelling the intrinsic - or inherent - eternality. These loopdy-loop springs of existence - these experiences - they are living ANTENNAE - just as is DNA, which I have theorised tap us into information and psychic experience - as well as chaos and darkness - from across time and space. I theorised this even before I learnt that expert scientists were theorising the same thing. You see. That's how psychic serendipity works. We are organs of the universe. Organic. One.


I'll have what SHE's having.

Having said this, I want to say that, while there is a mortal, functional, loopty-loop going on, almost entirely explicable by science, one day, maybe, we hope... There is also REAL timelessness occurring when we dream, so, we can ALSO hold this view...

When we sleep and DREAM, we depart from our bodies, and co-mingle with information and emotions from various points from across the universe. This universe is like the electrical charging force, and we are just batteries. Naked and without egos, all animals sleep, perchance to dream. If you begin to realise that the universe is far more amazing than our mortal consciousnesses conspire to demean it to be, it becomes clear that we are really representatives and functionaries of a wild magic that is so intense and vast, it ends up condensing into drops of matter, into diamonds, into finity and into death. (* - See asterisk below, regarding the creation of matter, as in stars, or the Big Bang).

But there is so much beyond this little we choose to see - through the time we create, through our priorities. Through our prejudices and sins. Through our mistakes and arguments. One can only take so much of this material world, before one becomes world-weary, and the call for sleep becomes as urgent as divine, and off we go, bobbling heads again, agreeing with whatever this madness is, that rules us all - that we all rule, e pluribus unum. And. Ha. It's nothing at all, is it?

And here is a cute little way of "proving" that we escapade into the great beyond when we lapse into ridiculous dreams,and more...

My dog falls asleep, and dreams. He is reaching back to the psychic resonances in his cells, away from the selective, interpretive consciousness at the "top". For all intents and purposes, the latter has virtually disappeared. And the deeper he reaches, the more of his regulatory mechanisms virtually disappear. At some point, he is without body. And floating in infinity. He has taken off from the spiralling runways of his DNA, into worlds unknown.

Have you heard?

How can he move back and forth and this way and that, and yet still be trapped in his body in time?

The fact that there is matter.

The fact that there is death.

Means there is also spirit.

If we dream it so.

I give

my dog

the chance

to dream.

Please country

give back

our rights


Music: Lorena McKennit, Beck, etc., on NPR's ECHOES. Life will be remade. Paradise.

PS - I am trying to remember some of the additional thoughts I wanted to add. I have forgotten these due to a mean migraine and an unruly dog. Plus there was the possibility of a tornado. Ha.. You know, in the Spring, this county has taken up testing its sirens every Tuesday at 11:am, just like Ye Olde County. (But they don't vary the pitch, which is stupid, because a single tone is easy to miss, especially in bad weather conditions!) Well, the sirens ran again this morning, but a little bit after 11:am. I thought this was the weekly test! A little later, I looked out the window, and there were dark clouds, and this truck made a frantic U-Turn in the street. Apparently, a severe thunderstorm with rotation was headed straight for this town. So, I prepared a little. But, I have no shelter here. Later, the sirens sounded again. Looking outside, there was never so much as a breeze kicked up, in this area. But firetrucks were headed elsewhere. But, this is pretty good for growing grass. I put down more seed on Sunday, saying, "You stupid seed, you are pathetic - look at you. You are also so ugly!"

OK - One thing I remember is...

Depending on your approach, either view is possible - out-of-body timelessness, (full circle), versus a scientific explanation of a subjective experience, (circadian neurochemical patterns). "I-Being", versus, "A-Being". I Am, versus, It is. Wave, versus, particle. And, paradoxically, these two somehow ALSO co-abide together, like wave and particle - yes? We all KNOW that, somehow, our inexplicable consciousness, (I-Being), somehow co-exists exactly with the reality that we are also quantifiable objects, (A-Being). I, who measures, versus, myself, which is measured. Observer, Observed. Together.

Now - if you cannot see the extreme cosmic magic of this massive individual and universal Origami coincidence, then you are not keying n to what I am saying. Just in your brain and mind ALONE, an infinity of coincidence is bonded together to evoke a wealth of MEANINGs.

That is the Origami universe, folding in upon itself, making meanings salient to observation, wherever possible, with the least waste of energy possible. It conforms salient serendipity and Eureka moments and Deja Vous, etc., into your own personal time-line, (world-line), of thought and existence. It makes you feel RIGHT - as if you HAVE a right TO BE. It is underwriting your existence. If you do not see it, you cannot transcend the existential angst or chaos in your life, as you inevitable plow forth into ruinous entropy, (which is extemporaneous, or contrary to your time). While the Origami magic wastes not a penny, relatively speaking, its nemesis, chaotic Entropy, is all about waste - draining away life and consciousness from every being.

It does not mean you MUST believe in a God, or in, so-called, "Intelligent Design." You simply must be open to awe, and accept your individual responsibility to yourself, to progress, and perhaps create awe, and beauty, and all the values we choose to see as important, like inalienable rights.

* Just as I-Being and A-Being coexist together somehow, in eternity, and through time, (unless one submits to degradation), so too do dreams exist in two realms, yet also fitting together. We only really know our dreams in retrospect. But we only live the magic of our dreams through hope and suspense. The paradoxes of dreams, of their imagery and symbolisms, and of their strange nature relative to the, "real world," is a vast and wonderful topic, that may be explored elsewhere. There is no need for me to explore all that here.

And, remember, in the same way that the Origami universe coheres together ideas and meanings and information and dream images, out of timelessness, it also condenses MATTER out of nothing, in a process I presently call, "acretion." I take the view that our universe is perpetually created, even though it is said that this theory has been discredited. But, it is also allowable to take the view that the universe was created from a single, "Big Bang."

Well, if you take the latter view, then science will tell you that only a tiny percentage of the universe is seen or measured by us, as matter and energy. All the rest is hidden away as, "dark matter," and, "dark energy." The latter is the greater and proper part of the universe. According to this view, what we know as MATTER, has been nothing but a big "accident" - a quirky COINCIDENCE. So, you see, even this latter theory supports a view that the Origami universe is compressing matter, and meaning, out of a whole lot of, "nothing." Yes? Yes.

Here is another important point. I-Being cannot exist in a vacuum. Consciousness is a dynamic property shared by all beings across time, and across space. (This is a topic I have discussed, and will discuss further).

Since I-Being is, "in itself", outside of time, that means that it extends into timelessness.

If it extends in to timelessness, that means that it necessarilly also extends across space, superluminally.

If I-Being extends across time and space, it necessarilly co-mingles with all other I-Beings, extending likewise. This is universal consciousness. Shared.

To the extent that we are local beings, we do not fully comprehend the infinity of this shared connection, and so often seem but puppets or accidental observers of it. This does not mean that, at some point, we are not fully one and the same with it, in the core of our I-Being, which is our transcendental agent.

Transcendental I-Being MUST partake of timeless universal consciousness, outside of the local or entropic realm.

Without this transcendent establishment of the consciousness and right of the I-Being, there is no establishment of the local world-line, or time-line, or self, (and ego), or the A-Being. The timeless realm is necessary for the existence of the local, material realm - just as dark matter and dark energy are necessary to the existence of matter... Just as there can be no particle without wave. Yang and yin. Have a cuppa tea.

Therefore, when we venture into dreams, there is some degree to which we do IN FACT leave our bodies. However, this realm, between the "spiritual" and the "material", will always be ambiguous, and open to endless interpretation, both subjectively and, (versus), objectively. (It all shakes out in earthly politics, and economics, etc.) But, one can take the view that were it not for the spiritual realm, or void, then there could not be a material realm. One should not be crucified for taking this view, nor any contrary to it.

So, too, does material nature abhor a vacuum. So, life is inevitably filled with existential angst, or tonos.

All this sublime information which seeks to enter our being through the psychic element of dreams and sleep, this is also related to our ability to mentally, and SOCIALLY, free-associate, while relaxed - as opposed to limbic or reptilian flight/flight.

When new information is coming in which is felt to contradict the social status quo and its dysfunctional hierarchy, then deniers will seek to pull away from the AMBIGUITY which it creates in society, as discussed above.

Others may dare to heed such new information, and to free associate, and to come upon solutions to the day's real problems, and these people will be persecuted, unless they are very rich.

When people strain to pull away from new information and the dissonance it creates, then they are accelerating their denial GLOBALLY, i.e., relative to all incoming information, or to all people, or to all allegiances, etc. This makes it even harder to distill those status quo values out from the GLOBAL DENIAL. To do so only increases the ambiguation further, psychically, socially, politically, and economically. It becomes a spiral, which ends in FORCE, CORRUPTION, FRAUD, etc. It is built upon LIES - between the various uncertain faces of public vs private selves. It puts bad ends before even worse means. (This discussion could go off into a Tangent on Marxism).

Global Denial may be contrasted with selective denial, or blind spots, or blithe denial, which is more of a casual habit, and can be selective.

Finally, remembering that an ambiguating society, (which can be compared to a disintegrating star-fish, or Chinese Checkers board), becomes a WEAKER society, even as extremes in it, (most significantly the power elites), strive to exert force and might and CONTROL, then we may understand that a primary way of dealing with political angst - of trying to pull away and stay ahead - is to exercise PASSIVE AGGRESSION wherever possible.

Why? Because all allegiances are frayed, and under scrutiny, and contested - and not well trusted. So, how does one try to kiss up to the status quo elites, and their order of control, when, in many cases, it is not certain what channels towards DOING this are actually valid or useful. Who knows, one might get stabbed in the back. And, more importantly, how does one strive to pull away, and seek local dominance, (as was promised falsely, and is expected foolishly - while wants become "needs" - it is like a scene from a Pink Floyd song)? How does one do the latter when all those around you, and all values around you, are getting stuck in the same quagmire, and so no one and nothing can be trusted. No one can be trusted to bring gain. No one can be trusted to be a solid enemy. It is CHAOS. How does one rise out of this rising ambiguation without getting thrown in jail; or without overtly offend someone who could be helpful in the future; or without foolishlly ending a relationship; or without wasting too much money on a dead-end, etc?


Passive aggression.

The police won't deal with it. Landlords won't deal with it. But all it does is create anxiety overall for the local society, eventually coming back to bite people in the ass, as returned passive aggression or gossip smear campaigns - and/or eventually as explosions of violence or mob action or martial law - or a depression. Passive aggression is a game for idiots, unless used as a last resort. Just like (related) spite, it usually only further impedes even the person who wields it. Instead, people in society may fester and boil into a seething culture of passive aggression, to the detriment of all of themselves, but serving the "higher purpose" of "preserving the group", which is not THEM. Instead, "the group," refers to the elites and war-mongering bankster class who benefit in money, power or control, through keeping the people squabbling amongst themselves. (This could be called, "Free-Entropise").

& That is why they call the, "small people", "F-ing Idiots".

Relative to the restive mass, the elites profit, though their dollars may decrease. E.g., THE CENTRAL BANKS.

This discussion can and should go off into a discussion of game theory, but not right now. You may now go and drink a beer.

goggle for lyrics (and audio!):
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Hey - if you do find any lyrics, it would be great if you could post them in the comments section! ta


Ninja Nick
nick_101 at 2014-04-30 01:09 (UTC) (Lien)
Line 1 is The Calamity Song
Line 2: Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks
Line 4: Bastille - Pompeii
Line 5: Imagine Dragons - Radioactive
You will own nothing and you will be nothing.
madman101 at 2014-05-01 03:04 (UTC) (Lien)
Thank you!

I 'knew' the first one but I forget a lot because of CFS.
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