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I am the person who will destroy China.

Waterloo, Undergound

An important little post.

Remember last year when I posted that songs were coming out which seemed to emphasize destruction? These were more Avant-Guarde Indie songs. Probably the very first of these was the Decemberists song about Apocalypse. Although this was an obvious, respectful rip-off of an R.E.M.song, "Talk About the Passion," the imagery of the song makes them sound more like Robyn Hitchcock than they ever have.(*See amazing story below). I have since noticed that songs of destruction - and apocalypse - are now multiplying, like unto locusts, on pop radio.

The most prominent of these is the one where the male singer says, "If you close your eyes, It almost seems like nothing's changed at all. And if you close your eyes, It almost seems like you've been here before." Since I can't be online much, I'm not goggling who this is, but you can. Coldplay has new MX out but I don't think it's them. Well, the lyrics of this song seem perhaps to promote blithe denial - almost as if preparing folks for the End-Times. That can happen just as a result of art and of popular demand and of record marketers. But, we all know that Big Money more and more dictates what we are told is supposed to be our market. So, I am a wee bit skeptical, as with everything, about these songs, who have the same tint to them. I am wondering if these are being pushed by more-of-the-same elites, to further condition us - as is claimed they have been doing with movies for decades. I am wary and I am weary - but I have got to be an optimist about this.

As our society becomes more distrustful - more uncertain of what others INTEND to do - not only do some of us wish to test or attack true and/or false authorities, but some of us wish to test or attack each other, whilst kissing up to authorities, who largely promote the status quo. As in a dysfunctional family, siblings visit the sins of their father, or bully siblings, upon the meek amongst them, just to desperately maintain favour and status. Like a weak animal being culled from a herd, the meek and the free are thus stigmatised, weight meanly upon, and injured. So, many a poor white male, for instance, is made a scapegoat for the sins of the rich white male authorities, who remain securely in power. Such injustice tends to be less visible than that done to other minorities, who are represented somewhat through identity politics. That done to the Prodigal Son, however, is not so clear, since it is too over-the-head ironic - when irony doesn't wash in stressful times, esp. to conservatives, left and right. It is also less clear because, superstitiously, it is assumed that the poor white male has some kind of power or wealth, merely because he reminds people of the rich elites. I am letting you digest this before you read an upcoming post.

And this as well: Such upside-down politics of dysfunction is not only wasteful, entropic or counterproductive, it charges Everyone in society up with the intense ambivalence of mistrust - social AMBIGUATION - just as stress lowers us into FIGHT/FLIGHT ambivalence. Everyone becomes an agent of uncertainty, pushing for status quo, threatened by alternative information - or, in the case of the "radicals" - vice versa. Everyone is taut with uncertainty - with the feeling of a loss of control - driving them to control all the more - often in defense of vapid abstractions of their past, now nothing but clouds in their coffee of vainglorious narcissism. Hark, frequently, these people will aggregate into different identity groups, such as religions, to reinforce this drive, and push back the oblique FEAR.

(And, btw, it seems that a movement of Religious pop music will be joining up with some Country and Indie, and breaking into general pop radio, serving up more Christian songs, with references to apocalypse, evangelism, romantic tragedy, war, and such.. You heard it first from madman, which is why they call me, "101". As opposed to 666).

So - I am being as succinct as possible here... This social ambiguation saturates everyone in the society. Compare it to the North pole of a magnet suddenly becoming confused with the South pole, back and forth, and then the whole magnet becomes nothing but a hodgepodge of tiny confused vortexes of North-vs-South. The whole magnet is ambiguating, as is each atom within it. That is precisely what is said may be happening to our planet's geomagnetic poles - and field. We seem to be entering an epoch of geomagetic ambiguation, with all kinds of bizarre Earth changes - like, "GABRIEL'S TRUMPETS,"
(goggle / See http://www.earthfiles.com ) - emerging in local areas where geomagnetic or magma or piezoelectric or tectonic stress or ambiguation is intensifying. In conjunction, (like the more southerly jet-stream due to weakening (warmer) Arctic air descending), our overall geomagnetic field will continue to weaken, causing various energy destabilisations locally or regionally.

We are becoming like the ambiguating, weakening geomagnetic field, rife with local instances of increasing chaos. Each one of us walks around nervously, with divided allegiances, divided abstractions, little identity politics tussling every which way in our psyche. Much easier to jump on some bandwagon - for war, for racism, for political correctness, and so forth, yes? Further, each one of puts up lies and false promises, possibly even believing them, only to try to pull away from each other all the more - away from the global stress. This is an action of our global denial. Meanwhile, the fact is, we need each other more now than we ever have. For the survival of the species - and a multitude of other species - is in serious peril. This is what we fear, but will not see. Instead, our rogue leaders construct a war in Ukraine, as if that will distract us from the impending global rise of NUKKLEAR RADIATION. This. This is what we will not see.

Well, not only do individuals and allegiances strain to separate, in this ambiguation, but so too do groups and institutions. Where once there was an established power hierarchy, defining "North" vs "South", now there is a plethora of contending power centers and values - some straining further south, some further north, further into black-vs-white, BUT... They too are infested with ambiguation and divided allegiances, esp. at their base or membership, and so groups now pull further east, and some further west, and so on, ad infinitum. Pulling away, being pulled back into geometrically RISING ambiguation, (entropy), which increases the more they strain away into their DENIALs.

What does this looks like? Some kind of crazy Chinese Checkers board - going off into additional dimensions. A kind of star - now in 3D - now exploding supernova. For, what else are we describing, in real life, but a chaos of tedious human interactions, or REACTIVITIES. And so, there will come a threshold where critical mass is reached, and there you have it.

We are born of stars - we are pawns of the Sun - we decay like stars... Along Hollywood Boulevard...

I have been in the pits, according to a post I have in the Head-a-Hopper. One reason for this is that the OCEANS are dying. So, rather than write about this subject again, I am going to exert a paragraph I wrote in a post, posted around 1/16/14. This is also prep work - but a lot of what I am writing now is a hapless attempt to re-write some of the very important post which was destroyed recently, (and never posted).

The oceans are dying. This precedes every global pan-extinction event, which has immediate climactic, etc., effects, but which can last for decades, hundreds, thousands, and even millions of years into the future. Goodbye 7-generations, and trying to control invasive species. Causes: Carbolic acidification due to carbon in atmosphere, (global warming), entering oceans. Fukushima, BP, etc. Warming of ocean floors, possibly (also) related to increasing radioactivity of core, and/or sun activity. Signs: Increased marine-creature vulnerability to infections, etc. Global melting of a large starfish species. Loss of corral reefs. Dead zones. Red zones. Genetic mutations. Burns on dolphins. Beachings of dolphins, whales, etc. Mass die-offs - sardines on West Coast only the other day. Mass rally by Pacific dolphins to communicate problem to humans. Radiation in tuna, kelp on West Coast - more around Japan. Massive floating garbage dumps, esp. in Pacific, poisoning micro-fish w/ nano-plastics. Alteration in sea breeze in Hawaii, and other coastal weather and climate changes. Long-term droughts. Wash-ups of deep-sea jelly-fish. Correxit-related poisonings of fish, birds, along with plastics-related hormonal changes in Gulf shrimp, fish, frogs, etc. Decline of NZ crappie, salmon, turtles, polar bears, top-of-food-chain species. Possible reversal of Atlantic gulf-stream thermo-conveyor-belt. Larger hurricanes, cyclones, and temp. extremes. Impending mass-die-off of algae and plankton, necessary to all life on Earth, due to release of frozen methane and sub-surface hydrogen sulfide, sulfuric acid. Weakening, fluxuating geomagnetic fields, radiation, NOISE, etc., disrupting migratory patterns and geo-orientation, even causing deaths. Over-fishing - unviable into next century, while human population continues to expand. Huge FUKU radiation current has reached USA Western Coast. Some claims of 98% die-offs of all ocean life around Japan an in some other areas, (including of USA West Coast). Hidden medical and scientific information, lies from Nuke industry and governments, survival preparations being made by some govs., lack-of reporting from corporate-political media.

Please note that the full post, from thither this sliver was severed, around 1/16/14, is a significant post, and resembles the lost post in some ways - so, read it if you are interested.

Also - NPR's RADIOLAB did a repeat of a show concerning the PLACEBO EFFECT. Very interesting - one hour - good prep work - recommended. I believe THIS AMERICAN LIFE repeated a show on COINCIDENCES. This is also very important and relevant!

Alright... I should prepare to take my dog outside...

Returning - gnnn shtts were heard outside just before I went out. When I went out, N-Girl was standing on the porch, w/ N-Dog. Was she reporting the shots to the police? Was she aware that N-Guy probably set them off? Was she actually IN TOUCH w/ N-Guy, manipulating him and his gnnn like a puppet. I thought SHE was the puppet. Oh well, IDK. It's raining and the pod vines tried to entangle me and my dog, sucking our blood, but we broke free when I repeated the words, "Gotta get my groove on!" I hate when that happens. How the heck is the grass supposed to grow with all these pod people lying in my front lawn?

To continue... A Chinese Chess board? Or - how about a star-fish, as in, "Global Denial and the Star-Fish Apocalypse"?

As mentioned above, a large species of star-fish is suddenly MELTING, at various points along coasts. Strangely, it does not SEEM to be caused by a virus, because putting a sick star-fish into a tank with a healthy one will not make the latter sick. However, yet to be addressed is the possibility that only certain star-fish in certain locations were hit with Fukushima radiation currents. If this occurred, then the radiation could indeed predispose only specific fish to, e.g., infection from a virus. That's a main way that radiation - and other toxins - and combinations - affect health.

But, while a report about this was on the radio machine, my mind wandered off, until I heard them saying that what was happening was that the arms of the sick star-fish were all trying to pull away from the main body of the star-fish. Each arm independently strained to pull away - so hard that the arms broke off, and the insides of the star-fish spilt out. Now, how about that for an illustration?

So, I had this thought. Maybe certain star-fish, (although also hit by radiation, possibly), were in a location where a geomagnetic ambiguation occurred. This could have caused the organic organism to become globally disoriented, such that each arm became crazed, yes like a pod person, and thought itself a single organism, with its own direction. After all, all organisms are composites of various organisms, organs, cells, and rhythms. All it might take, (esp. for a simple, multi-armed organism like this), would be to have its magnetites zapped, and then it would revert to a more chaotic state or phase. Such geomagnetic anomalies might be partly responsible for the beachings of whales and dolphins. And possibly, this might be the reason why there are so many pod people in my lawn - many more than last year - not far from where the sinkhole opened up two years ago. Quiz: Which part of this is true?

Just as some are crushed by the topsy-turvy politics of blame and denial, in an ambiguating society, so may certain species be crushed by an environment out-of-balance, ("Koyaanisquatsi"), through magnetic changes, acidifying oceans, toxins, global warming, and what have you.

Well - I suppose this is a late EARTH DAY post, as it turns out. One topic I also want to get around to is the very real concept - and danger - of TIPPING POINTS - or sudden "phase shifts" usually into chaotic imbalance. There are so many tipping points which our world is approaching, it seems to me that it is pretty much a done deal that it is game over by the end of the century - and far more likely that it will be much sooner. Anyway, here's a great topic for your own research. As might be the upcoming topic of PLACEBO, and related. Ta ta.

SEE PART TWO FOR THE AMAZING STORY http://madman101.livejournal.com/1523056.html

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