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I am starting a new post, according to brain. I found some charity meat at the back of my freezer which was actually defrosting, so I fried it up for dog. I think it said something disgusting, like, "baby back ribs," and it was sliced like ribs are sliced, EXCEPT: they were all stuck together, (not fully sliced through), and I don't think they had any bone in them.

Pissfully, I had to cut the "ribs" while they were frying in my awesome big pan, which says, "Never use steel utensils on the surface of this pan." So - fuckin SCRATCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

I have retired with back room into my beer. I am waiting for Prairie Home Companion on my earphones, but am biding time with a pop FM station, (from Ye Olde City), with music which is apparently designed to keep my brain from thinking. But, I have to say, thank-goodness there are still some of these moments of virtual freedom for me. Also, earlier, I looked for apartments online. I limitted my search to this general region, which is the bane of civilisation, sucks to be me. Suddenly, someone is posting about little homes and mobile homes to rent for cheap, or even rent-to-own - and I am suspicious of this.

However, one of the homes was in a SMALL town, and was pretty much away from other homes. It is $385 a month. I don't know what it might be near, but the ad says you can see the community pool from it, and so woop woop, kinda like Sarah Palin.

Now, one thing I fear is that it looks like it might be under high-capacity power lines. Believe it or not, these seriously affect life - and they affect my life-form even worse. I wish I had the luxury to determine if places have smart-meters or WiFi, which I must avoid like the plaque. I also wish I had the elitist luxury to chose a place in a progressive college town. But such places are not cheap. One thing I like about this place is that it looks like one could plant a garden there. Another thing I like is that the town is 15% Irish ancestry.

Many towns around here, especially in Wisconsin, are about 50% German. Don't get me wrong, I love those Germans, and I JAMMED living in Wisconsin, etc. But there is a problem with many towns which are predominantly German, which is something similar to what Garrison Keiler complains about. There is a forced stasis, which is never healthy. Consequently, these towns stay overly progressive for years, but then can swing into overly fascist. German societies, (religions), tend to have an emotional absolutism, rationalised by whatever - something to do with being superior in this way or that.

I came to the strong hunch that one of the reason the blacks here in THIS town are so vehement against whites is because they have been segregated in a predominantly GERMAN town. No matter how I try, the blacks here are incapable of seeing that I am Irish. Instead, they tend to act in a kind of pre-emptive, fascist way towards whites. Unfortunately, that kind of approach pretty much obviates any possibility of LEARNING.

But, even in Germanic towns which have no blacks, and even though Germans drink beer in mass, (and even though the Hyperboreans are said to have some connections to the Hibernians), a German town is no place for a wandering Irish soul like me. Try to expand art or imagination in a town full of "all-American" neo/Calvinist types.

Another problem Germanic towns have is that they compel their citizens to NEED to drink beer and to eat high-fat, dairy foods. This is the diet of SURVIVAL IN THE ARCTIC TUNDRA. The, it became culturally ritualised to take up 365 days of the year, killing off many a meandering African or Irishman. Its a social disease. Everyone is anxious about surviving the winter. So, they meet someone, and no matter how friendly they act towards them, they still have a subliminal subtext saying, "Yes, but I still suspect that you may try to kill me, come winter!"

Therefore, there is this thick, lingering suspicion everywhere, behind all the confectionery niceness, driving many a forlorne soul into drink and cream cheese.

But Irish towns have serious problems, too. For one thing, they are all Catholic. Look at the predominantly Catholic towns: Boston, Chicago, New Orleans, Baltimore, etc. They all contain corruption and bigotry, which is less, like in Chicago, when they start pulling in a large Hispanic population.

Burpus Interruptus: Katie Perry is yet another Avril LeVigne imitator, just like - oh who was that American Idol superstar - huhhhhhhhh?

You know what I cannot stand? I forgot.

"Hey, the population is beginning to see what we are doing with this PARAMOUNTLY EVIL trans-Pacific trade agreement! Quick, so let's move the war from Iran to Syria to RUSSIA!!"

"Hey wait, people are beginning to see that our policy on Rusian Crimea is BULLSHIT! They are comparing DEMOCRACY in Crimea to Catalonia, to Kosavo - to SCOTLAND!!" (And how about those British plants in the Falkin/Maldives, rationalising UK imperialism?) "So let's get ANOTHER diversion, to distract people from the distraction! How about a DISAPPEARING PLANE?!!!"

Seriously - how many Americans are now talking about the Ukraine? And how many LESS Americans are now talking about the vile, destructive, impoverishing, RIGHTS-RAPING trade agreement? Billions of people, all letting this crap slip by them, all by the design of 400 rich families. It makes me want to puke on Lady Gaga.

[madman returns 5:30pm same day]: So - Irish towns also have probs - partly because they are Catholic... although I don't know if Butte, Montana, is predominantly Catholic. Why are Irish-Catholic towns a problem? They are too nice. They believe that things can be worked out. Then they find out that they can't - unless certain mobs resort to lying and graft and gun-control, and so on. So, they begin to contradict the very niceness they espouse. And only the elite, IN people get to keep spouting the nice BS, while being protected by throngs of unholy thugs. And that, my friends, is what gave us Al Capone, the Alan Greenspan, and Barack Obama. Eventually, this whole niceness-versus-non-niceness tussle turns into a mere game of selfish, (i.e., elitist), dominance and territoriality - because that is why god put us here.

A lot of these Irish-Catholic cities became havens for slaves seeking freedom from the South, back when the Irish of the North were fighting our great Civil war, versus the Irish of the South. SO, the black heard about the Irish of the North, which eventually gave us the Kennedy's, and they fled to Irish cities. The Irish in these cities were not accustomed to making way for such an alien, and somewhat inherently CONTRARIAN, culture, so they spouted a lot of niceness, and gradually contradicted themselves, and then we ended up with a lot of racial strife and crime. The Irish were too lazy to impose NAZI-tye controls, so they just imposed a lot of INNUENDO, backed by thug tactics.

I am not being derogatory when I say that the Irish were "lazy". They all fricken had Celiac Disease, so what do you expect? Ha ha. Seriously. Plus they were high on Yankee firewater. Pizza and beer - it is the downfall of our planet. The fact is that any culture which hasn't experienced the long-term demands of a harsh, protracted winter, is comparatively lazy. They don't see as much sense in drawing out great technological plans for organisation and so on.

Furthermore, the Irish have experienced a lot of crap from the Imperial English - and even before then, they blazed Westward because they were all on an ego-trip to discover new ways and means and freedoms and expressions. THE IRISH ALWAYS FEEL THAT THERE IS A NECESSITY TO GO BEYOND THE GIVEN LAW, OR THE GIVEN STATUS QUO. I don't think this is always because they feel a need to be contrarian, still locked in the game. I think it is really a burning, natural need to push beyond, which is inherent in everyone, but the Irish have yet to let it go. So, that is why they avoid strict rules. Also, it has a lot to do with being drunk.

I am Irish, btw. With a huge amount of Scottish influence. Also, Australian. I should have mentioned that to the Ethiopian girl.

Another problem Irish-Catholic towns have is that they compel their citizens to NEED to drink beer and to eat potatoes.

btw - do you know why Irish writers tend to drink? I am pretty convinced it is because, like me, they attract a continuous stream of psychopaths and fucktards. Why does this happen? Because - let's just call them all, "ANTI-SOCIALS" - well, anti-socials only believe that MIGHT MAKES RIGHT, or that GEEKS NEVER WIN, or that SPIRIT MEANS NOTHING WITHOUT MONEY, or that HE WHO OWN THE GOLD RULES, and so on. So, these sociopaths, liberals and conservatives alike, swarm towards free-thinkers, because they feel that THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO EXIST, and commence to wage incessant passive-aggressive insult upon them, if unable to take them out outright.

From all they have gathered of the world, and through all their inane struggles, they have been convinced that joy and hope and reason and so forth DO NOT WORK. AND THEIR JEALOUSY SAYS THAT THEY SHALL NOT WORK, DAMN IT. (They are stuck in their station and so must all living nearby - nevermind those in the suburbs or the gated communities or the ivory palaces in Asia - no - they are thinking REPTILIANLY. No, dysfunction is something personal, and it extends to people in the nearby VICINITY only. Or else, into ABSTRACTIONS. In fact, that's what it PREYS UPON).

Therefore, prevailing, noble Irish writers go South and hide away from this oppressive riffraff, and write. And drink. Because drinking removes them, (the anti-socials), from consequence. That is why...

At least, that has been my experience.

Now, the Scots are kind of a moody medium between the Germans and the Irish, with a dash of Englishness thrown in. They are technological, and yet whimsical, like the Irish. They have endured poverty, and an occasional bad winter, but not continuous bad winters.

Maybe I should move to Scotland and inspire their move for independence. As if others aren't doing this enough. idk.

I think the downfall of our country began when, (after the original Puritan introduction), the old-world Scots, (Calvanist Protestants), alligned with the incoming Protestant Germans, producing almost 200 years of (some form of) Puritanical NEO-CALVINIST ANTI-COMMUNISM - aka, Dulles, Bush, anti-terriblism, anti-Putin, etc.) In doing so, they cut-short the incoming Irish Catholics, and left them to fend with the other Catholics, like the Italians, needig to form into gangs and mobs. When JFK came in, after a long, long time - of racism and social stratification - trying to correct this, what happened? What happened after he tried to correct the currency and the Fed, which is intricately implicated in this pathos or dynamic? Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh................

"Don't be a president who resists this, or else....... "

Meanwhile, the ANGLICANS (and Masons) remain in ultimate control.

Well - so - am done blathering about this? I am supposed to get on to the next house that I saw...

This house is $400 a month. It has major advantages over the other house: A PRIVATE BASEMENT. A GARAGE. And, it looks cuter. Except, it is in a town which is over 50% German ancestry. That wouldn't mean so much IF IT WEREN'T ALREADY IN THE BULLCRAP MORAL SWAMP OF NORTHERN ILLINOIS.

Both of these houses are in rising tornado alley, which is getting worse with climate change. But, they are not too far away, meaning that the move wouldn't be as expensive as moving to NC or OR or MT or Canada or maybe MICHIGAN YOU FUCKING NSA SNOOPS, GO GET A FUCKING LIFE!

Well - I dunno where this post was going to go - I do know my dog is bothering me - and I also remember that I was supposed to talk about the ways of BLITHE DENIAL. That sounds like a theme post, which this is not.


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