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Ominous 'BANKER "SUICIDES"' - !

OK - I have reported on the mounting deaths of top Bankers since 1/11/14, (predominately from J.P.Morgan-Chase, the rampant manipulator of silver and gold, and the hand-inside-the glove of the country-raping I.M.F.) It appears that many, if not all of these bankers, have been deliberately "suicided" - for what they apparently know. They apparently know that some vast, vast fraud has occurred, or that some horrific financial disaster is in the cards - something which has its own momentum, and cannot be avoided at this point.

I do not call them banksters, I call them bankers. It is likely that several of them may have been intended whistle-blowers, and therefore good guys. The people who hired the goons to suicide them, apparently, were the true banksters... In collabouration of a huge network of degenerative "needs".

What did they know? Some multi-trillion-dollar fraud? Some coming multi-trillion-dollar collapse? Well, it is most likely that what they knew was this: A massive, global financial fraud has been occurring which shall result in a massive, global financial collapse. The consequences of the sleezy cheating by hundreds, and thousands, of banksters, politicians, CEOs, etc., each and all conspiring in a game of "ME FIRST", has inevitably violated OUR GLOBAL FINANCIAL COMMONS OF THE FUTURE, (capital-value), and so a tragic collapse of monumental destruction is coming. That is how they stacked their Ponzi house of cards.

Back in the 1950's, they convinced us to say, "IN GOD WE TRUST," on our dollar bills. But what was being planned was, "IN BANKSTERS AND OTHER GREEDY SOCIOPATHS WE TRUST." We did in fact put our trust in them, most noticably when we allowed the FRAUDULENT election of Ronald Reagan to hold, (see "Iranian Hostage Crisis"; "Boni Sadar" - Xtian Science Monitor{?}; "Iran-Contra"; "Arms Shipments Iran", "Shaw of Iran Election", & "USA Coups" - Iran, Chili, Argentina, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Ukraine).

Then, we revved it up and accepted the TWO FRAUDULENT ELECTIONS OF GEORGE W. BUSH. And what kind of vice was occuring during those, and intervening, terms? Not only illegal Rumsfeld shipments of chemical WMDs to Iraq, and 9/11, and NDAA - but deregulation of the safeguards on our finacial system(s), ballooning of the housing bubble, the greatest collapse and depression since 1929, and the giving away of Fed-loaned, and taxpayer, money to the too-big-too-fail gambling Banks. This doesn't even include the HUGE DERIVATIVES BUBBLE WHICH IS SOON TO BURST. Nor does it mention the raiding of gold in Fort Knox, or the giving of billions, or trillions, of dollars to European banks, global companies and families, as of yet to be discovered and reported by the media, and by JUSTICE.

[10:45pm Sun]: And, just as we had Boni Sader and others coming out and revealing that THERE WAS INDEED AN OCTOBER SURPRISE, (the GOP-timed release of the hostages in Iran), which is what prevented Carter from beating Reagan; we later had DAVID STOCKMAN and others coming out and admitting that the whole Randian, Chicago-School, Trickle-Down, Supply-Side, Voodoo Thatcher-Reaganomics was nothing but a load of turds. But, from Argentina to Greece, it made banksters and select others to make out like bandits - and then move on to destroy the economies and people of the next country, such as UKRAINE.

So - we have been having these banker "suicides" occurring, at the end of four decades of this SUCKING-UP financial THIEVERY called supply-side economics. Just as it is widely thought that the Stock Market will fall farther soon; and that the dollar will fall; and that interest rates will rise; and that the massive DERIVATIVES market will probably collapse, it is positted that these "suicides" - in synch with these other signs - may presage a massive collapse soon, when the whole supply-side ponzi scheme collapses. It is not irrational superstition to suppose some relationship. It would be unforgivable blindness to ignore these things. We are a prescient species - it is our business to look ahead.

(We were a sentient species once. Empathic. In common. I think we should not be called, "Homo Sapiens Sapiens", but maybe "Homo Sapiens Sentient". {Homo Habilis has a cooler name than we do}. But, alas, I begin to feel than Neandertal was far more sentient than we, a motlied mass of squabbling, murderous chimp-like delinquents).

It is neither irrational to consider some pattern behind this stream of suicide coincidences and shady circumstances - such as: a conspiracy to shut these bankers up, by rubbing them out, and faking their suicides.

It appears that these bankers have been "suicided" by an entrenched and vast conspiracy of vested interests - who wish to go along with the impending destruction, so as to escape jail and to make off with the loot, and hide away from all the ensuing turmoil. These are those influencial bastards who are invested in the STATUS QUO, which has become currupt, through the LIE of supply-side economics, and its vehement 1980's Yuppie adherents.

I have written all about this ruthless defense, by elites, of the STATUS QUO, and how it is related to entropy, denial, psychopathy and imperialism, and so forth. What once was a field of civil competition has become a relentless "need" by dinosaur monopolies, conspiracies, and CAPITAL, to push consumers, workers and competitors BEYOND virtual scarcity, and into hunger, war and death. All this, via lame-brain narcisstic greed within the iron glove of big government.

So - for what they knew, or what they would say, or what they have said, these individuals were killed - by thugs or gangs in working familiarity with our trust-endowed, "legitimate", powers that be. For, we think ourselves moral.

"In God We Trust."

It was a shell game.

Or - maybe - perhaps these were all true suicides, plain and simple, just like back during the Great Depression. Hmmm? See, back then, supposedly, bankers jumped out of windows because they had lost all their fortune, or such. But, really, I think there was more to it than that. I think a lot off those banker suicides were probably very similar to those of today: They realised the big picture of what huge tragedy was being created, and PROBABLY had insight into how WWII was being planned as a way for the elites to climb out of the mess intact, while all others were made to fight amongst themselves.

And, if they did not commit suicide BECAUSE of this heavy knowledge - (which perhaps would be something a little too courageous and profound for a banker-type to take on, methinks) - then they too, back in 1929, might have been suicided for what they knew. PUSHED out of windows. At least a number of them. I feel that is true today as well.

Thus were are behooved to "conspiracy-theorise". Look at all the signs and conditions. Find the big picture(s). One of the things that many of these suicided bankers may have had inside information on was how a LAND WAR in Ukraine is (hypothetically) being planned by the elite powers that be, so they may escape unscathed, and set us to fighting amongst ourselves, sending millions to fight and die, thus reducing the labour demand in this country, (and so keeping wages low, which is an ultimate aim - mere for-profit capitalism, my friend). That's how they may plan to pay for the flight of millions of American jobs overseas to China in the last decades - via the culling of war. Don't scoff. This is what has happened through history. (I should be posting more about Ukraine later - should).

Its interesting... I was listening to an interview with an Intelligence Community expert, analyzing what MIGHT have happened to that 777 passenger jet. He said that the intelligence community has its method, where it generates as many hypotheses as all available evidence and signs will allow. Then, new info comes in, and new connections are made, and so some of the hypotheses are then rendered impossible - while OTHER hypotheses are boosted to the head of the pack, showing the greater probabilities. Well, that's exactly what I do. This is called INTELLIGENCE.

But, when most others not in positions of sanctioned "authority" do this, they are pushed aside, and lumped together, as, "Conspiracy Theorists!!" Well, it has to be understood that this habit of dismissing everyone who isn't being PAID, to say what they say, (or do what they do), as wearing a, "tinfoil hat," is more often a serious manifestation of rampant denial in a sheepish, egotistical society. What - we would look to Status Quo authorities only - who are paid by MONEY - to give us the true story on something NEW, such as the coming collapse of the economy?! But WAIT! I thought MONEY was the problem!! At least as supporting the corruptive, destructive status quo!

How widespread is our habit of denial, throwing around, and out, vacuous abstractions, by refernece to "authority," as if this somehow makes us bigger, wiser men. I look upon this and see a sad endless horizon of cowards. And the powers that be look upon this and see an endless supply of canon-fodder.

Wasn't it the lame defense so often used during the Nuremberg trials, "I was only following orders"?

People, this is the SAME ILLNESS which turned Germany psychopathic NAZI.

[7:52pm Mon] - I am listening to an NPR interview of some Ambassador, who is toe-ing the line, saying there are no (Euro)NAZIs in Ukraine, since they were elected, and so forth. It makes me want to vomit. He also sounds like a twerp. Then he goes on to warn how terrible it will be if Russia invades Eastern Ukraine, booga booga. Um, wait, the WEST has implemented an invasion, via COUP, of all of Ukraine. And we refuse to accept a 97% popular decision in Crimea to join Russia. WHAT HAVE WE BECOME?!?!?!??!!!!!!!!!! Crimea is, ad has been, RUSSIA.

Oigh - how disgusting. Russia merely accepts that Crimea is a sovereign country - not even a part of Russia - and yet the West is saying that this is enough to call for ridiculous, (anti-world-economy), sanctions against Russia! Russia has been exceedingly conservative, and the West has been nothing but greedy bastards.

Hey - so happy Ireland Day to you.

Sooo,,,,,, let's see about this post... The original idea was to get drunk on beer and this would allow me to write. Unfortunately I am drinking wine, whic makes me sleep. And I am not drunk, am am waylaid by CFS and its pressing migraines, PLUS wine. Did I ever tell you about the time I got arrested for drunk driving, and then was unarrested because I metabolise so fast - I mean because CFS was mostly to blame? OK.........

(Holy cow. That one guy died!)

I think that maybe I shall make this a PART ONE. So, stay tuned for a list of how these banker suicides are backed by many other signs and symptoms which also suggest a looming catastrophic economic collapse. In the mean time, please research GREG PALAST, and all this stuff. I'm calling it a night yo...

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