I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Hackers on the Frontier of IMMORTAL EXCREMENT

Spring is near, and everyone's a-FEAR'd..

I did a lot of homie-workie, like laundry in the bathtub, (which was a smash hit for The Eglish Beat); making a big batch of turkey gravy; making lotsa popcorn, and variousity. Almost no Nether probs today, except some loud doors, but I know the tension is building. I'm still limitting online time, but the pressure is great. What I fear is that I'll be charged another $100 by my PHONE company. They charge 10 cents a minute now, if they catch me using my dial-up internet, which is via a completely separate company. I've been trying to call different access numbers than the ones they caught in the past. But here's what's weird...

First of all, they apparently gave me a warning several months ago, by blocking my access numbers, making them BUSY signals. Well, this came at a time when I was posting some politically rad stuff, and I thought there might be a connection. By now, I think it is almost a foregone conclusion that a fool such as I is being watched to some degree. It happens to the best of us. In a few days, things returned to normal. I can't remember if I got the extra-$100 bill before this incident, or after. But, to tell you the truth, it feels like I am being singled out. Who knows if they are really putting the screws on OTHER people who dial-up. Maybe this is a kind of selective campaign they pull out when the gov't says to keep a check on certain malcontents. I don't know about that, but looking further, yes, there are other suggestions that I, (like some others), am being singled out. weirdness happens.

Well, after I had been trying to get around their restrictions by calling new access numbers, suddenly all of my in-town access numbers were turned back into BUSY signals - for about 4 days!! Then they returned, but there was a big change. Every time I log on through one of those numbers, I don't acquire the normal IP from my internet company, saying I am near Quincy, Illinois, or such. NOW, I acquire an IP number IN A WHOLE DIFFERENT RANGE, and listed under one of various DIFFERENT INTERNET COMPANIES! And where is my location? "PITTSBURGH"! Or, if I try another of my local access numbers, I end up being in "CANTON, NORTH CAROLINA"!!!

This happened once before, and I came to the conclusion that I had been hacked onto some PROXY IP - that is to say, I was not in control of my internet. I was instead going THROUGH someone else's computer - a hacker's computer. Well, this strong hypothesis was supported by various other evidence, such as changes to my files, etc. And - at the same time this was happening, there was a FALSE LJ FRIEND showing up on my fpage, COMPLETELY UNINVITED - a person who never was a friend. When that person's post is on my fpage, then every time I GO to it, something tries to gain access to important files in my computer. How about that?! This LJ user, who is either a hacker or who is simply being used to carry a virus, is named, "11". I suggest you do NOT go to his LJ, or you MIGHT be infected. At the same time as this false friend, "Agent '11'", showed up - possibly by the permission of the LJ people (?!) even though they are mostly Ruskies - two of my LJ posts were deleted, and two people were re-added after being dropped in the past, with weird notes written to them. Maybe I was drunk, and did this myself. But I don't think so. IF a hacker did do it, then it is someone who has been following my journal for some times, long enough to have been around back when these two LJ users WERE my LJ friends. But, if I was indeed going though a hacker's computer and IP proxy, then he could have done virtually anything he wanted.

Assuming that there is a hacker, which is about 95% certainty, then I don't know if he comes through via Agent 11 - maybe that's where the trojan came through, opening up the door for the hacker. (A number of times, my firewall blocked certain passwords from being stole, which means that someone was already broken-in to my information or my computer). But, I have since come up with a hypothesis that the hacker, with his proxy IP/computer, is actually coming through MY PHONE COMPANY. How? (Read more). And if this is so, then the hacking may be at the behest of 1- a gang of libertarian vampire retards, 2 - Uncle Sam-I-Am. And if this is being allowed to happen via my phone company and phone line, this means it's a pretty significant work-order going on here, and it has to be asked, "Who else is being told to cooperate with the monitoring and the tampering? My dial-up internet company? My Ruskie LiveJournal? My Ruskie firewall people? Why would Ruskies cooperate when they were so frickin nice to Snowden? Come on, Ruskies, give a break to me, my commie comrades! Instead of messing with me why don't you just kidnap me away to a life of ease and respect in the magical port city of Odessa? All I ask in life is Gluten Free bread and beer, l lots of supplements, some spinach, a fish, a gigantic bed with its own toilet, and a refrigerator that flies around to the supermarkets. Plus an audience to read my LJ and watch my hand-puppet performances... Back to reality:

I was calling my bank, and there were these strange interposing noises and busy signals - like going to a conference call and/or fax - and in the very middle, real quick and tiny, was a little tiny hacker-man's voice, saying, "Hi!"

And then he disappeared - real fast.

Or - it was so bizarre, at least this is the most rational interpretation.

OK - so I told you about the first time I ended up inside what appeared to be someone's PROXY IP, and computer. I didn't know how it happened, but I did everything I could to clean things out, block IPs, etc., etc., so it wouldn't happen again. And now, it's happening again - and it seems to be happening THROUGH MY PHONE/LINE. Oh - just so you know, my dear phone company is FRONTIER. Their the ones charging me the extra 10 cents a minute just to use my own dial-up internet company. I just thought you should know. Frontier. My phone company's name is, btw, FRONTIER.

So - as I said at the beginning of this post, I am ending up being assigned weird IP addresses, in Pittsburgh and NC. And this all happened after the very unusual occurrence of my local in-town access numbers being BUSY. (And this followed me making complaints to my phone company for being charged 10 cents a minute to use these numbers. I also called the corporate offices of my dial-up internet company, and told them what was going on. Oh - and I posted about it. Oh - and I kept writing politically rad LJ posts, ha ha). Well - I don't know if this is just some new policy change by someone, even though it looks as weird as folk. But, what I am afraid of, is that - besides getting billed an extra $100 again - I may be locked into being captured by a hacker's PROXY ID and computer, every time I dial through my local in-town access numbers! I may have no choice but to be hacked. Hopefully not. But I am letting you know now, this is possibly happening.

I have had MANY bizarre problems with computer processes, and these seem to indicate hack attempts and viruses. For example - well, there just too much to go into here, so, fi. But, in addition to these problems, and the whole "Agent 11" stuff, I have many other weird LJ probs which I have described before, like a DDOS-like attack over at OCCUPY, and MADISON_FIGHTS; or like strange disappearances of my tags - which I still don't know if they involved an actual deletion of some posts. Maybe these are quirks, but all sides have to be looked at. When someone is fucking with you, which has definitely happened in the past, you need to ask questions, and always keep an eye out. (One way I learnt this is via experience from the creeping-psychopaths, the Nethers). Have I been attacked and hacked in the past? There are too many instances to detail. But I've mentioned them before - 2-3 serious DDOS attacks to my computer, as if I'm special or something. A phishing theft of my password into my Photobucket, where a number of my pics were deleted. A sudden flurry of insane porn sites opening up all of the sudden on my computer - dozens and dozens of them, bam, bam, bam - sex with horses, sex with kids, sex with dead Irish poets- imagine how easy it would have been for THE FERRET then to barge in and accuse me of porn crimes. I virtually never view porn on my computer. And then there was someone who somehow got my computer info so they were making hours of long-distance calls charged to my phone bill, somehow, which amounted to about $1000. So, don't be foolish and call me a fool. After so much of this, you start to take seriously that you may be singled out, by one or more jerkwads or agencies, or what-have-you. In fact, I can't remember right now, but I have reason to believe that one certain person who messed with me back around 2007 may still be messing with me today. Add to all that the paid trolls who are out to spread lies, discredit ideas, cause in-fighting, etc., and add all the jealous boyfriends online, seeking trouble, and so forth. It's really impossible to say who is causing what problems. But, did you know that my phone company is named FRONTIER?

Well, I want to avert a migraine here, so I will describe how the hacker can be working through my phone company or line later. My line is digital, btw, via cellphone towers, even though it is called a "landline". Well, the way I think the hacker does it is by catching me when I start to make a call, and then switching me into conference-call mode, where the hacker then takes over the call. IDK. I'm pretty sure this is possible to initiate, but I'm not sure on how it can end up being so successful, capturing my navigation, although keylogging would be easy. Anyway, I think that if you wait a few years, you might hear on the news that this sort of hacking has been possible, and has been occurring for years - and, em, the gov't somehow was aware of it. I may just be a guinea pig. But I'm a HUMAN BEING, I bet!

Oh - PS - I mentioned that very recently someone got in and tried to take over ADMINSITRATOR'S privileges on my computer. Of that, there is no doubt. But I haven't checked to see if that person succeeded. I did block ceratin moves from being advanced by that hacker, however.

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