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I am the person who will destroy China.


I've been sipping wine and wondering how it will all end. My emoticon is: "DEEP DISGUST WITH HUMAN BEINGS." The Nethers have faded into the woodwork, or else she is dragging him around Ye Olde City, shopping away the rest of her disability money. So - there ego's got pumped up over the course of this weekend which means, (don't tell them, but), they will soon be attacking each other again, soon - my one saving grace. I reviewed my relative's voicemail message, and she is confused, and fixated on the... oh, I'll talk about that later - the main thing is that she is fixated on THINGS, which hide her control problem, and so she is incapable of seeing what the problem is. Yeah - I'll write more on this later.

Oh, yee, Alex Jones is having a field day today. He has the right angle on this Ukraine issue. But, of course, he is emphasize FEAR-mongering, overgeneralising, etc., as usual. Why?...

Because RUSSIA DECLARES WAR ON THE UKRAINE. Why? Because the Ukraine wants to take Russian Crimea, (A tiny part of Eastern Ukraine, which has always been contested territory, but which is mainly Russian). So, Russia is defending Russians, and its interests. "We", on the other hand, having been paying taxes which have been going towards destabilising the Ukraine, and bringing in a pro-European, Neo-Nazi revolution. Just like we helped destabilise Egypt and Syria and Libya, etc.

This means war.

Face value: If you were Russia, and the West started pulling your ally, Ukraine, into its money-raping fold, would you not AT THE VERY LEAST step in to defend Pro-Russian Russians and their territory? The last time this crap happened was in Georgia, which got too sloppy to succeed. There, the Russians stepped in with force, hinting that they would not back down and may resort to Nukes. And this made the West fold. Well, if you were Russia, and you were coming up not just against NATO, but against A MILITARY LARGER THAN ALL OTHER MILITARIES ON EARTH COMBINED, who could snuff out almost any elite leader with DRONES, and also has overly-abundant NUKES, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Would you rule out the potential use of NUKES? Of course not. SO, Russia is going to hold on to its threat of nukes, you'd better believe it. Because the USA went way way beyond the whole game of M.A.D. (goggle), and built up a massive incontestable military, which even WE THE PEOPLE COULD NOT OVERTHROW IF WE WANTED TO, then this has in fact ENCOURAGED other nations to hold on to their potential threat of using NUKES. Our strategy has ironically intensified the likelihood of some species-threatening nuclear exchange at some point in the future - maybe soon.

We may be on the brink of a devastating nuclear war. This is all so complex, I don't have the time to flesh it all out - as far as how China is connected, etc. I don't have time to understand it, before more confusion erupts. But, why would Obama and Putin, if they are indeed in cahoots, want to bring on a nuclear war? ... See, it seems that a nuke war is more likely if, contrary to my hypothesis, Obama and Putin are NOT in cahoots. They would probably not conspire for a nuclear war if they are in cahoots, building up this Ukraine problem together, unless they were compelled by almost unearthly forces. I don't see how even a conspiracy of psychopaths could plan on devastating the planet so. But - I must warn you, IT IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE.

But I feel more like a ground war is being mapped out, to satisfy a variety of corrupt forces - banksters, megacorps, etc. What are some other reasons why I think a land war may be in the cards?

Before any of this began to unfold, I noticed a sudden, huge increase of (Obama-backed) PSA commercials on radio stations, especially on Progressive WCPT, (which I know by now is somewhat intimate with Obama). These PSA were for the Marines, the Army, the Navy, etc. At the time I noticed this, I considered it, and thought, "They are gearing up for a major, ACTUAL war!" Seriously - you can sometimes discover things just from listening to radio habits, or to the skies - noting when jets are swarming out of nearby air bases, e.g. (The latter has actually been fairly predictive of war games or wars in the past).

A protracted land war makes more sense, helping deplete both nations war forces, like so many twisted protein molecules dispersed by the purifying hand of SLEEP. Goodnight, sweet world, peasant dreams. (Reducing overall overmodulation in order to hear the main signal again, as opposed to the NOISE. See this week's "Radiolabs").

What benefit would there be to a protracted land war, other than destroying military arms and soldiers? Well, one primary reason for most wars is that they give countries the ability to CONTROL THEIR PEOPLE. That means being able to control what remains of their economies, for the benefit of the banksters, the elites, and the global megacorps, who are sociopaths my friend. War is also big business for certain corporations and industries. In the case of trying to grab the Ukraine, war can secure control of the Ukrainian wheat industry. Now - let me tell you about a very real conspiracy. It's called MONSANTO.

Monsanto, previously a chemical weapons manufacturer, (goggle "Agent Orange"), has been on an insideous and evil strategy to control all food crops on the planet, via control of DNA rights. You have probably read of countless Indian farmers being helplessly stradled with a commitment to buy Monsanto seeds for the rest of their lives - and so they were instead frced into SUICIDE. Then Monsanto and associates went in and bought and consolidated their fields, planting Monsanto GMO seeds - forever. Monsanto sues farmer for copyright infringement even if Monsanto pollen accidentally blows into their fields and turns their crops GMO. That's the corporate versions of, "blaming people for the weather".

SO, quiet certainly, it is the aim of Monsanto and associates to control the wheat breadbasket of the world, the Ukraine, and make it GMO - forever. By controlling food, control is gained of the entire population of the planet. Don't discount that this may not be so, simply because you yourself are not a control freak, and cannot imagine anyone being so fiendish. These people make enough money - and so the only lace their greed addiction has to go is on to CONTROL, POWER and DESTRUCTION. The greater part of the population is THE POOR, in comparison to them, and THE POOR are their enemy, threatening them with the want for all the wealth that they have.

Controlling Monsanto wheat, (like controlling Afghan poppy fields), allows USA Monsanto to control European wheat, and force European policy to accept GMO.

Sometimes it is hard to imagine that conspiracies, mongering for war, can simply arise naturally out of capitalism going to seed. Well, I have discussed this at various times and in various ways, mainly showing the role that natural ENTROPY plays in this process. But, if you think abut it, another way of seeing it is this: We all labour through life, and then give up some of our money, or capital, or freedom, to those centralised corporations and governments which give us food, cellphones, etc. All together, we contribute taxes and capital, which flow upwards into an (ultimate) pyramid (scheme). These pyramids, (or funeral pyres), only run adequately, feeding their elites profit at an adequate rate (of increase), if our money keeps going in, flowing upwards. THAT is the conspiracy. Our contribution of capital. There is no concerted SCHEME on our part, on the consumer's or taxpayer's parts, to move these pyramids into becoming a war economy. But it happens.

It happens when the rate of profit slows or decreases - and that happens when the capital we put in becomes relatively LESS to the overall expenses. And when that happens, PRICES RISE. Inflation. So, those controlling these pyramids see no other choice than to extract more wealth, more capital - and to horde it all the more - refraining from lending out credit freely. So, they raise prices more, they charge fees, they cut corners, they form cartels, they form armies. Once again: It is not the cheated GROWERS, hit by global warming, who conspire to go in and control the Ukraine's wheat. It is the intermediary food megacorps - the pyramids - that seek to do this, out of the mechanical habit of making a profit, and showing well on Wall Street.

So, when our money slows, flowing upwards less, then we are all suddenly galvanised by the vested interests of these powerful, mechanical pyramids, and their controllers, to support their rationalisations for injustice and for war. In this way, our own declining wealth makes us co-conspirators, no longer in production, but in DESTRUCTION. (See also tags, "virtual scarcity"). Thus we slide into a war in Ukraine, simply through the facilitation of our own BLITHE DENIALS, rationalisig our egos, accustomed to a higher life, insisting on preserving at least our STATUS QUO. Wants become "needs". We somehow come to believe that we "NEED" to go to war - cuz, oh, IDK, because Q-Daffy is a tranny, or what have you.

We don't see these things because we take for granted all the mundane things and arrangements in our lives, all brought to us by these corporate conspiracies, against entropy, of PRODUCTION. But look around your room right now - at each and every thing - your TV, your clothes, your tables, etc., etc. Each of these things were made and brought into your room by THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE. We have relationships of control with these people, most of them living in poorer countries, whether we like it or not. So, when we fail putting capital into these relational pyramids, (determining VALUE), these people lose some control, (while we lose living standard), and then COUNTRIES MAKE ALLIANCES AND PREPARE FOR WAR. What was behind the Arab Spring uprisings in Egypt, Tripoli, etc.? Rising prices, especially of rice, and also wheat. Meanhwhile, we are forced to divorce from our living standards, and so the KOCH conspiracies attack our pensions and our teachers, etc. KOCHS suck, but their evil is a natural functionary of the dysfunctionalising capitalism which I have described.

How can this be happening? Russia declares war on Ukraine? The USA shows STRONG support for the Ukraine? Threats are made. Well - the build up towards war is a wonderful thing for companies and countries, almost as much as war itself. It sets the agenda. It commands media news time. It garners money. It CONTROLS people. It can even boost Wall Street - (see what happened a few days ago). It brings a sense of CERTAINTY and CONTROL in a growing CHAOTIC or entropic world. It is like an adrenalin rush. Rising prices become more tolerated by populations. But the move to revolution in Egypt, e.g., following rising prices there, was an ATTEMPT to gain such control - it was not necessarilly a galvanization of the population into the moralism of war.

War is moralisation. It boosts morale. It rationalises action, in response to uncertainty and fear. Remember my words on economies booming by "coming out of an age of moralism"? Well, war is like an economic depression, seeking to turn back to the moralism of the past, which is seen as the BASIS of economic gain. Like austerity trying to turn the clocks back and somehow improve economies, war is always a failure in this - but not for those, like the banksters, who control the wars and the mobilised populations. History is written by the banks. And for eons, the elites have used war to manipulate the masses. No wonder, then, that most wars involve religions and their supposed moralities.

Therefore, of course this is happening.

Instead of us recognising the nature of capitalism and conspiracy, and how we are linked into its control, we identify certain ENEMIES and egos to blame. We gather behind certain LEADERS and bullies to fudge justice. This is a defense mechanism of our FEAR-drive, limbic, PARADOXICAL thinking, ultimately based on each of our selfish EXISTENTIAL BIASES. Further, we fixate on THINGS, behind which we hide the reality of our mind games of control and moral inconsistency. Mostly, the THINGS we focus on are TERRITORY. Well, there is a whole lot more to territoriality and expansion, much of which can be read in my posts on groupism, racism, passive aggression, etc. (But, this is an area for more amalgamisation or rehashing of my thought).

Well. Maybe I'll write about the KOCHS and the Great Lakes later, ha. But it mainly has to do with long-term conspiracies arising to control threatened resources. We would never imagine that the KOCHS would be up to such a thing, controlling the great lakes. But a good look at some thing will show that my raising this possibility was not the wild ramblings of a tinfoil hat kook. Shit happens.

Now, the Nethers are SMOKING and fuming below, getting ready for their next attack. My heart feels like it is going to give out soon. I don't know if I can bear much more of this. At least I have kept the life-threatening dementia at bay this year. All because of my powerful new tinfoil hat from Hasbro.

Well - I want to finish up here. And so I will merely mention a topic which I was hoping to discuss at length: What if Obama and Putin are merely putting on a show, for the benefits of the BUILD-UP TO WAR, and are not really planing on creating a large war, nuclear or land? Looking at Syria and Iran, I'd say this is very possible. But that's just too much politics etc. for me to get into now. I am getting anxious over the possibility of being thrown into PTSD by some sudden N-People BANGS.

This weekend, I wrote about war, and did nothing to improve my life.
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